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Welcome once again to ReviewBox! We are glad to have you back, because this time we are going to talk about a super necessary product for those who have permanently dyed their hair with blonde tones and also for those who would like to bring out the natural shine of their grey hair.

Yes, today we are going to tell you about the mattifying shampoo. This product, despite being in common use nowadays, can raise doubts about how to choose it or apply it to the hair. Perhaps the fear stems from the fact that it is composed of dye and other cleansing chemicals. Don't worry, today we'll dispel all those myths. Let's get started!


  • This is a special shampoo to neutralise unwanted tones in your natural or coloured hair. It can be used by anyone with grey hair that has turned yellowish, to those who have bleached and dyed their hair blonde, ashy or light brown. Its application is very common nowadays, so you will find it in many shops.
  • Although there are many brands, there are two main variables: blue and violet shades. No, your hair won't be that colour; they'll just help you get rid of oranges, yellows and warm tones that you don't want to look horrified at in the mirror.
  • We always advise you to evaluate a few factors before making any product selection. In this case it is essential to consider the amount you need, the colour you want to keep in your hair, the brands you could buy, among other things that we will tell you so you can find your ideal shampoo.

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We know you may still have doubts about which colour shampoo will be ideal for your hair. No one wants to be disappointed in something that is so important: aesthetics and grooming. To be clear about what a mattifying shampoo is, how it works, and how to choose it, stay with us because we will explain it step by step.

It is recommended to leave the mattifying shampoo in the hair for 3 to 5 minutes during shampooing. (Photo: Fabiana Ponzi /

What is a mattifying shampoo for?

It is a chemical product that cleanses your hair like any other shampoo but also contains specific pigments. These will help you neutralise unwanted tones after permanent colouring or bleaching. It is also ideal for brightening grey hair.

It basically works according to the colour scale. It is very simple. For example, if the shampoo is blue, it will remove yellow tones; if it is purple, it will remove the annoying copper and orange tones. So to choose it, all you have to do is identify the shade you want to remove and look for the opposite in a shampoo.

  • Removes annoying tones
  • Adds shine
  • Lengthens the life of the hair colour. Lengthens the life of permanent hair dye
  • Non-toxic. Generates more volume.
  • Expensive
  • Dries out if not used properly
  • Can cause allergies.

Blue or violet tintingshampoo. What should you pay attention to?

Tinting shampoos are classified by their pigment. And although there are five: blue, violet, brown, red and yellow; we have decided to focus on the most sought-after ones on the market, such as blue and violet shampoo. These have incredible characteristics that we will explain immediately.

Blue. This shampoo neutralises yellowish tones in blonde, ash, light brown and medium hair. In fact, it's ideal when you have Californian or balayage highlights. If you were to wash your colour-treated hair with any shampoo it would gradually distort the colour; with a blue tinting shampoo the opposite happens: it will enhance and add shine.

Violet. Violet shampoo will be perfect for removing orange tones and giving a cool look to warm tones. In other words, if you want your grey hair to look radiant, you need to tone it down with this shampoo. At the same time, if you need to achieve an almost white or grey tone in your bleached hair, the violet pigment will work its magic.

Azu Violet
Hair Dyed and natural Dyed and natural
Neutralises Yellow and reddish tones Warm tones.
Ideal Blonde, light brown, medium brown Grey hair, white, grey.
Application After using neutral shampoo Depends on the brand.

What is the best colour shampoo for grey and white hair?

You may remember the traditional methods of colouring white or grey hair with the help of the stalwart gentian violet. Well, that's a thing of the past, at least for the beauty industry. Why is that? It's simple, you'll never get the results you could get using a colouring shampoo.

You may wonder if any of them will help you bring your grey or white hair back to life. Grey hair tends to take on an oily yellow tone; blue shampoo is recommended. Now, if your hair is white but still has warm features, you can neutralise it with purple shampoo - just don't leave it in for more than five minutes!

When is it ideal to use mattifying shampoo?

You can start using mattifying shampoo whenever you want - there's no need to prepare your hair beforehand or anything like that. In fact, its use will depend on your own perception of the colour imperfections in your hair. Now, if you have any doubts, you could ask an expert to give you a neutral opinion on the matter.

2 or 3 times a week is perfect for colouring

What we can tell you for sure is that it cannot be used daily. Between 2 or 3 times a week will be enough. The time you should leave it on your hair for it to work is between 2 and 20 minutes, and this will depend directly on the instructions on the packaging.

Purchasing criteria

Now that you know all about the mattifying shampoo, you may already have in mind which one you need. However, it is ideal that you know a few last factors that will ensure the success of your purchase. Pay close attention to each of these, remember that you are looking for a beauty ally, not a headache.

Frequency of use

When buying something, one of the first things to consider is quantity. Yes, it's not very viable to buy a litre of mattifying shampoo for personal use and when you have a pixie cut; it would last you more than a year, literally. So let's evaluate what might be the right amount for your needs.

Hair length. If you have short hair or have just had a balayage, you could opt to buy a mattifying shampoo that is no more than 300ml. Also, by buying one of that amount, you can evaluate it and see what results it produces on your hair. Now, if your hair is long, we advise you to buy more than 300ml.

Salon. When you own a beauty salon, you want to offer the best products to your customers. Therefore we suggest you to buy several litres of colouring agents in different presentations: blue, violet, brown, red and yellow. You could also buy the same amount of conditioners for reinforcement.

Family use. If you have family members with grey hair, white hair and blonde highlights, you could opt to buy more than 500ml of blue or violet shampoo, depending on their needs. It's a good investment as it could be used by everyone.

Base colour

The hair that needs the most shading is white, grey or blonde. Yes, we all leave the salon looking radiant and are often disappointed after a few weeks when we notice that the colour has lost its shine and even changes. We don't want that to happen to you, so we're going to give you some tips.

White and grey. If you've bleached your hair to a white or grey shade, it's a must that you use a colour toner, otherwise it will turn yellow or greenish. In fact, many youtubers who follow this trend recommend mixing a bit of violet or blue colour toner in your neutral or moisturising shampoo.

Blondes. If you want ashy blonde hair, you'll want to use a blue shampoo to reduce the yellowness. Now, if your natural hair was dark, you will probably see some red highlights that damage that ideal colour, so we advise you to use violet shampoo.

We don't want you to neglect the health of your hair, that's why we've done a search for high and low.


shampoo brands. If you're just starting to use them, you could opt for a drugstore brand, and if you notice you're not getting the results you were hoping for, there's the option of switching to a professional one

Drugstore Professional
Blue L'Oreal, Red Head, Matrix Fanola No Yellow, Tec Italy.
Violet OGX, Red Head, Shiny Silver Fanola No Orange, Braé, Philip Kingsley.
Conditioners OGX, Jhon Frieda, Royal Albert Tec Italy, Biotin.

Other colour enhancers

As well as the blue and violet colour enhancers we've already looked at in depth, there are other options. Yes, we can always bring out the tone of our coloured hair to give it more shine and eliminate any traces of dyes we've had in the past. Take note!

Red Mattifier. Dyeing your hair red is a brave decision, and we're referring to the fact that it's one of the shades that fades the quickest with washing, creating highlights ranging from purple to orange. In this case, we recommend using a red toner, to keep the colour looking bright and shiny.

Yellow Toner. Let's say you've dyed your hair blonde and the problem isn't that it looks chicken yellow, but that it has variations of blonde tones, either because you had lighter parts of your hair before dyeing or grey hair. If you want to even it out, we recommend buying some yellow mattifying shampoo.

Brown Mattifying Shampoo. There are also options for brunettes, and they are the wonderful brown mattifiers. These will add shine and warmth to dark brown to medium blonde hair. We know that dark hair can look a little dull, so if that's your case, this will be your ideal choice.

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