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There are many types of tool trolleys on the market. But all of them are more or less mobile and practical, which makes your work much easier and gives you more flexibility. In addition, a tool trolley gives you more structure and order when working. Especially as a car mechanic, a tool trolley is a must-have.

With our large tool trolley guide, we want to help you find the best tool trolley for you. We have compared classic tool trolleys and tool trolleys as trolleys with each other and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • If you have a lot of tools, a tool trolley is perfect for you. There are also very modern tool trolleys that spice up your workshop.
  • creative hands, toolboxes or a tool wall are possible alternatives that can more or less replace a tool trolley.
  • Tool trolleys are available in many sizes, shapes, colours, materials, types, price ranges and quality classes. Because of the wide choice, you will have no problem finding the right tool trolley for you.

The Best Tool Trolley: Our Picks

Tool trolley: Buying and evaluation criteria

Before you buy a tool trolley, you should pay attention to some criteria so that you are well informed when buying and make the best choice for yourself. In the next sections, we will show you which aspects can be used to determine the different tool trolleys. Then you will be informed in more detail about the important purchase criteria.

You can compare tool trolleys with the following purchase criteria that are relevant for the purchase:


The tool trolley you choose should be suitable for your workshop. Your tool trolley should not be cramped in your workshop or garage. Of course, the trolley should also make a good overall impression.

The size also depends on your workshop. If you have a particularly large workshop with lots of tools, it is worth buying a large tool trolley with large drawers.

You will soon realise that a tool trolley is not just a means to an end. This shows that it can also be very visually striking. Besides classic and monochrome steel models, there are now many bright colours. So it's important to plan generously for size so that your tool trolley fits well into the overall picture.


The number of drawers in a tool trolley depends on the amount of tools you have. If only the most basic tools are used, a tool trolley with two to three drawers is sufficient. However, if you need more storage space, you should get a trolley with six to seven drawers.

There are tool trolleys with drawers that open in both directions.

In addition, make sure that there are compartments and foam inserts in the drawer. This keeps the individual drawers clean and tidy and keeps the trolley in good condition for longer.

This provides more flexibility when working, but is not a must-have. However, it is important that the drawers are opened by drawer rollers. This ensures more lightness and stability.

Material and weight

The load capacity of a tool trolley is determined by its material. Therefore, it is important to choose tool trolleys made of materials that meet the respective load requirements. However, you are on the safe side as many tool trolleys are made of metal, but you should avoid plastic.

There are also big differences between metal models. For example, one tool trolley can carry a weight of up to 100 kg, while another trolley can carry a weight of over 400 kg.

A common toolbox can weigh as much as 40 kg.

Accordingly, you will find that a tool trolley can quickly reach a weight of more than 100 kg. If you want to buy a tool trolley with a shelf, it should be made of metal. If you use wood, the surface will quickly be ruined.

Castor sets

There are different sets of castors. On the one hand there are the trolleys and on the other hand the classic tool trolleys. A trolley has two feet and two wheels. You can tilt the trolley in your direction and pull it behind you like a suitcase. There are also the classic tool trolleys. With this, you can roll the entire trolley, but only with the two swivel castors.

It is also important to know how the castor sets are made. As a rule, the wheels should always be covered with rubber, because this provides the necessary stability. In addition, a tool trolley should always be lockable, for example by means of a brake on the wheels. Without brakes, the trolley can roll away and cause accidents or damage.

Tool trolley: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the next sections, we will answer the most important questions about tool trolleys. We have picked out relevant questions for you and will answer them shortly. After you have read through this part, you will be informed about the most important background of a tool trolley.

Who is a tool trolley suitable for?

Tool trolleys can be found in many handicraft businesses, especially in almost every car workshop, because a lot of tools are needed. If you have your own workshop, a tool trolley is a must for keeping things tidy and clean. In addition, you are much more flexible when working because everything can be found in one trolley.


A tool trolley is suitable for you if you have a lot of tools. This is especially the case for a car mechanic.
(Image source: Andrea Piacquadio / unsplash)

A tool trolley is not only a must in a car workshop. Even if you are a passionate hobby mechanic in your own garage and have a lot of tools, we recommend a tool trolley. However, if you have only a few tools, then a practical tool box will suffice.

What types of tool trolleys are there?

There are many types of tool trolleys, which differ in appearance, function, size, material, etc. In the following, we will introduce you to a tool trolley and a classic tool trolley. These differ mainly in their function and appearance.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Classic tool trolley stable/ robust, large/ many storage spaces, also available equipped not suitable for longer distances, rather less mobile, more expensive
Tool trolley as trolley suitable for longer distances, very mobile, comfortable telescopic handle, much cheaper, available equipped mostly only made of plastic, somewhat smaller/ less storage spaces

Classic tool trolleys are usually more robust than trolleys, as they are often made of metal and quite heavy. Since classic trolleys are usually larger, they have many/large drawers and storage spaces. You can also buy equipped tool trolleys, where the most important tools are included. However, this type of tool trolley is not suitable for longer distances and is therefore less mobile. It is also more expensive due to the material and size.

The special thing about a trolley is that it is compact and practical due to its high mobility and the comfortable telescopic handle. This is because it is suitable for longer distances and can be used like a suitcase. A trolley is also available with tools and is much cheaper than a classic tool trolley. On the other hand, tool trolleys are mostly made of plastic and are not as stable and robust as the classic ones. Furthermore, it has less storage space, as a trolley is also often smaller.

What does a tool trolley cost?

The price range of tool trolleys is enormous, due to the different qualities, materials, functions, etc. The price of a tool trolley can vary greatly. In the following, we would like to give you a rough overview of the prices. We have compared equipped / unloaded trolleys and classic tool trolleys.

Type price range
unloaded classic tool trolley approx. 100€ - over 5000€
loaded classic tool trolley approx. 200€ - over 6000€
unloaded tool trolley approx. 50€ - over 200€
loaded tool trolley approx. 100€ - over 250€

The price ranges quickly show that a classic tool trolley is much more expensive than a tool trolley. This is mainly due to the material and the quality. As mentioned earlier, the classic ones are often made of sturdy metal and the trolleys are only made of plastic. However, there are also cheap products among the classic tool trolleys. These cost around 100 euros if they are not equipped.


You can find tool trolleys not only in online shops but also in many DIY stores, where the selection can also be quite large.
(Image source: FLY:D / unsplash)

What are the alternatives to a tool trolley?

There are a few alternatives to a tool trolley where you need creative hands for one or the other.

Alternatives Description
Toolbox One alternative would be to use a toolbox. Although it is much smaller and offers less storage space, it is also cheaper. In addition, such a case is easier to transport and very practical, even if only the most necessary tools will probably fit in it.
Tool wall You could also get a tool wall. These are also cheaper than a tool trolley. Even if a tool wall is not mobile, it can still be very practical. This is because tool walls with shelves and boxes are available on the market. This provides more order and structure.
Build your own tool trolley If you have a creative hand and enjoy building things, you can assemble your own tool trolley. In addition, the parts you need to build it are available on the market. You will find more information about this in the next sections.

With these alternatives you can more or less do without a tool trolley.


Tool trolleys can look different, have different functions or have been processed differently. Accordingly, it is difficult to name an exact price or to keep the price range small. If you are creative and have certain parts for a tool trolley, you can save a lot of money and assemble your own.

Now you might have noticed that tool trolleys are very advantageous due to their high mobility, compactness and practicality. For this reason, they are indispensable for large piles of tools. You can find interesting products on the web that will make your workshop or garage look very appealing.

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