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Hello and welcome to Sweetest Home. Are you in need of a toothpick but don't know where to start to choose the ideal model? This article is for you!

Practical and functional, toothpicks are basic utensils for any kitchen. Available in various models, materials and even in automatic versions, the toothpick holders are the ideal option to store and bring to the table the toothpicks, although not always receive the attention they deserve at the time of purchase.

So, if you want to get rid of that habit of keeping your toothpicks in their original box that soon starts to fall apart, follow us in this reading. Here you will check the best product options, as well as the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of toothpick holder.


  • The toothpick holder is the ideal option not only to store and dispose toothpicks, but also to take to the table or to compose kits with salt and pepper shakers or complete cruet.
  • The ideal material and model of the toothpick holder must be defined based on the intended use and in order to harmonize with the other accessories such as the salt and pepper shakers, to prevent the product from standing out in your kitchen.
  • Cheap and easy to find, the toothpick holders can be purchased for less than $ 5 in the simplest versions, and the ones with more noble material or automatic can cost more than $ 50.

The Best Toothpick Holder: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Did you like our suggestions? We have chosen functional, classic and timeless models so that your toothpick can be used for a long time without becoming outdated or out of fashion.

And now we will go to the Buying Guide, section where we will present all the necessary information for you to choose the ideal model of toothpick holder to retire the box of toothpicks once and for all.

Homem masculina segurando uma tábua com pedaços de pão espetado no palito.

A good toothpick holder is your best ally at the time of preparing and serving snacks and appetizers. (Source: rawpixel / 123rf)

What is a paliteiro?

The toothpick holder is a kitchen utensil used to store and dispose toothpicks. Present in practically every home, bar and restaurant, toothpicks are always at hand to prepare food and snacks, to help in the consumption of portions and snacks or to pick your teeth.

Available in several styles and materials, toothpick holders can be conventional, open or automatic. Most conventional and automatic models store the toothpicks inside, disposing one unit at a time.

On the other hand, the open models leave the toothpicks exposed, allowing the user to take at once as many toothpicks as needed.

Did you know? The origin of the toothpick holder goes back to the XVIII century in Portugal, where the need of a container to dispose toothpicks arose, whose use became very popular after the consumption of Bacalhau, a typical Portuguese dish that leaves many lint between the teeth?

What are the advantages of having a toothpick holder?

Practical and functional, the toothpick holder is the best option to store toothpicks keeping them safe from dirt and humidity, which are subject to in the boxes where they are sold.

It is also the ideal option to be used both in the kitchen and at the table, on daily and special occasions. The models that have only one toothpick at a time have the advantage of avoiding waste and preventing toothpick contamination, since the user only has access to the toothpick that is being used at the moment.

Check out more advantages of acquiring a toothpick maker:

  • Affordable, it is cheap, practical and functional
  • Durable, it can be used at the table and in the kitchen
  • Prevents waste and contamination of toothpicks
  • Open models allow contact with several units, generating contamination risks

What are the different types of toothpick holder?

The models of toothpick holder are basically three:

  • Conventional toothpick maker: With a lid and a small upper hole, which holds one toothpick at a time. Ideal for home use, keeping toothpicks free of dirt and humidity and ensuring that the user only has contact with the toothpick that will be used at that time.
  • Open toothpick holder: Without a lid, leaves toothpicks exposed for use. Ideal for bars and restaurants where individually wrapped toothpicks are used. Not recommended for use with toothpicks without individual packaging, since there is risk of contamination, since to get a toothpick the person ends up touching the others.
  • Automatic toothpick holder: With storage compartment, releases toothpicks one by one with the push of a button. Most models are not compatible with individually wrapped toothpicks. Very hygienic, since it does not allow user contact with stored toothpicks.

Imagem de bandeja repleta de saleiros e paliteiros sobre bancada de bar

Open toothpick holders are more practical for shops that use individually wrapped toothpicks. (Source: MCRonny / Pixabay)

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different models of the paliteiro

Choosing your paliteiro is a task that may seem trivial, but some care is necessary for you to choose well. Some key features should be considered to define if the product is really quality and suitable for your needs. For example:

  • Model
  • Material
  • Design
  • Filling mode

Below we will detail these characteristics so that no doubts remain at the time of choice:


Porcelain, glass, stainless steel, wood, bamboo, plastic or acrylic. There is a wide variety of materials that can be used for the manufacture of toothpicks. The ideal material must have two basic characteristics: washable and waterproof.

The choice can be made purely on the basis of personal preference or to harmonize with other kitchen utensils intended for the table, such as oil and vinegar bottles, salt shakers, etc.

Imagem um porta guardanapo com saleiro, pimenteiro e paliteiro de porcelana.

It is always good to match the material and style of your toothpick with the rest of the accessories that will go to the table. (Source:ÐаÑ'аР"ÑŒÑ ÐžÑанова / 123rf)


That old, basic plastic toothpick with a colourful cone-shaped lid, half-scratched and cracked by time may indeed still be very useful in the kitchen, but it certainly won't look good on a table to receive guests.

Invest in models with a cool design, which can be used both when preparing and serving. A good strategy to choose a useful and beautiful chopping tray is to choose a model that harmonizes with your dining set or kitchen decoration.

How to supply

In general, toothpick holders can be supplied with toothpicks in two ways:

  • Bythe upper opening: which usually presents a division between the lid and the base of the straw through a thread or fitting/pressure system;
  • By a lower opening: which is usually sealed with small plastic lids, made of silicone or similar material.

Palitos de dente dispostos em paliteiro do tipo aberto.

Toothpick holders with larger holes are more convenient for replenishing toothpicks. (Source: HenriVH / Pixabay)

The models with top opening are more suitable for bars, restaurants and homes where there is a large consumption of toothpicks, since the larger orifice makes it faster and more practical the task of filling the toothpick holder.


Give preference to renowned brands, which use first line raw material. Also, make sure that the material of the toothpick holder is waterproof. After all, you need your toothpicks to be free of moisture and dirt inside.

The material also needs to be washable, as the product will be subject to the accumulation of grease and other residues when used at the table or in the kitchen.

(Featured image source: Byamberdesign / Pixabay)