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Today we will talk about a very useful but also super decorative piece of furniture: the transparent chair. Increasingly present in Brazilian homes, they have their own style and attract attention. When we buy a chair, we usually focus on its practical aspect, but in the case of the transparent chair, it is essential to take into account the decor, since it by itself gives a special charm to the environment. The transparent chairs are usually beautiful, modern and resistant. Here we are going to speak everything on the best models, its advantages and in what you must pay attention before making your purchase. It comes with us!

First of all, the most important things

  • There are several models of transparent chair, one more beautiful and charming than the other. The main ones are the Ghost Louis XV, the Charles Eames Eiffel and the Tramontina chair.
  • The transparent chairs are a decorative item by themselves. Combined with certain furniture or even with colourful cushions and blankets on top, they are a totally unique charm to the environment.
  • This type of chair is a little expensive, but it is worth it for its beauty, strength and high durability.

Best Transparent Chair: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Why buy one transparent chair and not another? How can I use mine in my decoration? What are the different models? With arm or without? These are some of the questions we will answer so that you can buy the best model for you!

cadeira transparente

Learn how to choose your transparent chair. (Source:
Dillon Mangum / Unsplash)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the transparent chair?

The transparent chair is increasingly gaining the admiration of architects and interior designers. This is because it offers a touch of modernity, as well as giving the impression of open space. They are available in several versions and many of them refer to old styles as the chairs Ghost Louis XV. There are, still, the models Charles Eames Eiffel. Pure sophistication even in the name of the chair, right? The transparent chairs are a great alternative to the glass, therefore they provide bigger resistance, lightness and durability. In other words, buying one of these chairs is a guarantee of a long life. To give a touch of colour in the environment, you can opt for transparent colored chairs. If you prefer, you can also decorate with cushions of different prints and colours. "The use of furniture with transparency has always been common in decoration, especially when the goal is to maintain the amplitude of a space or the feeling that the place is larger" Laurimar Coelho, architect. Pure luxury, right? If you are wondering if this type of chair has any disadvantages, we tell you: the price. They usually have a value well above other models and can be expensive if you want to mount an entire dining room with transparent chairs. However, think of them as an investment!

  • They provide sophistication to the environment
  • They help to compose the decoration
  • They are made of resistant material
  • They last a long time
  • They are available in several models
  • High cost

How to use the transparent chair in decoration?

Transparent furniture usually gives the sensation that the room is bigger. Visually, they do not weigh down the decoration and make it more sophisticated. They are great to combine with patterned furniture. They look good in all rooms of the house.

Living room

The living room is the most sociable room of the house. In this space, the transparent chairs can be beside the sofa, so that visitors can sit down. Another option, especially for those who have a large living room, is to place a table with some chairs around it.


Many people have already adopted the transparent chairs as officers at the dining table. They bring a touch of sophistication to every meal.


Either the one with wheels or the normal one with a cushion in the back, the transparent chair is an ace that can be used even in the office. Home office has to have our home, right?


In the bedroom, the transparent chairs are great in front of the mirror or dressing table. Thus, you do your make-up and hairstyles with delicacy and modernity.

Purchase criteria: How to evaluate a transparent chair

Although they all have transparency in common, they differ in several other characteristics. These are the main ones:

Continue with us to learn more about each of the items.


There is a wide variety of types of transparent chair, one more beautiful and elegant than the other. These are the main ones:

Ghost Louis XV Chair

Named after the royal family, this model is based on Baroque art and its round backrest resembles the famous old medallions. This is one of the most common types of acrylic chair.

Charles Eames Eiffel

As the name suggests, the Charles Eames Eiffel chair is inspired by the Eiffel tower itself. Its metallic structure is very similar to the monument. This type of chair does not have arms.

Tramontina Chairs

One of the most charming and sophisticated types of transparent chair, the Tramontina models are inspired by classic upholstered chair designs.

Transparent Acrylic Colored

It is nothing more than a transparent chair with a little colour that helps to compose the decoration of the environment. They are available in the most diverse colours, from calm and clear colours to black.


It is possible to find transparent chairs with arms and without arms. The ones that do not have arms are more indicated for sporadic use, that is, ideal for dining tables, for example. The ones with arms are better for frequent use. In the living room, they are a good choice, so that you, your family and guests are more comfortable. They are also great options for the office, where you spend many hours and comfort is essential.


Generally the transparent chairs are made of polycarbonate, a resistant, durable and light material. There are, however, models that are hybrids between other types of materials. It is not uncommon to find transparent chairs of the Charles Eames Eiffel model with legs made of wood. The wood gives a rustic charm to the furniture, however, it is a little less durable than polycarbonate. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the correct cleaning of the furniture. If you search a model to last long and not to give trouble in the hour of the cleaning, prefer the transparent chairs all made of polycarbonate.


There are three main options of feet in the transparent chairs: The common feet, the Charles Eames Eiffel style feet and those with wheels. The question of decoration is a determining factor in the choice, but the practicality of use can also help you to choose which is the best type of foot for your needs. In offices, for example, it is ideal to choose a chair with wheels, to make mobility more practical. In environments such as dining and living rooms, traditional feet may be a good choice. (Source of the image highlighted: Katarzyna BiaÅ'asiewicz/ 123rf)

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