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In today's article, we will tell you more about the travel kit models available in the market.

The travel kit can be what will save your trip, being very practical, taking up little space in your luggage and also has an affordable price. Learn more about it below.


  • The travel kit has several models, and may contain weaknesses and pots to ear protectors and bath sponge.
  • The travel kit has the purpose of saving space, so they are not very big, having a limited amount of items.
  • Its price is quite accessible, costing on average £ 15.

The best Travel Kit: Our Picks

Travel Kit: Shopping Guide

If you have questions about the travel kit, such as what is its function, its options, its value, if it is worth buying it, we bring this guide to answer them. Check out the information below.

Uma pessoa está preenchendo um frasco com gel de banho. Na mesa de vidro estão outros frascos.

The average price of the travel kit is very affordable. (Source: familylifestyle / 123RF)

What is a travel kit?

A travel kit is a set consisting of a package, usually transparent, with a zip and which carries personal care items. It is usually made of plastic and its items of the same material or silicone. It is mainly ideal for travelling, but can also be good for everyday use or if you are just going to spend the weekend at a friend's house.

The travel kit is a great choice because it saves space and does not have the same weight of products whose packaging is made of glass and necessaires whose material is heavier. The travel kit packaging is waterproof and prevents leakage if one of the products inserted in it opens or is poorly closed.

If you intend to take a travel kit on a plane trip, be aware that there are some restrictions. In checked bags, the total net quantity must not exceed 2 kg or 2 litres. In addition, each individual package must not exceed 500 g or 500 ml. In hand baggage, on domestic flights there are no restrictions for products such as alcohol gel, nail polish remover, among others. On international flights, liquid items, including gels, pastes and creams, must be in transparent bottles with a capacity of up to 100 ml each, and cannot exceed 1 litre in total

What can I find in a travel kit?

The travel kit can bring with it several items. The main ones are the weak ones, made for you to carry in your suitcase, purse or backpack products such as shampoo, conditioners, perfumes, creams and soaps. However, the travel kit can be more versatile and offer other options, such as ear plugs, resting mask, soap dish, bath sponge, toothbrush holder, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Uma garota está se olhando no espelho enquanto escova os dentes.

Travel kit models vary and can bring items such as bottles to toothbrush, toothbrush holder and ear plugs. (Source: Phuong Tran / Unsplash)

Is it better to buy one travel kit or the separate items?

Our recommendation is that you buy a travel kit directly rather than purchasing the items separately. Yes, it is possible to purchase part of the items separately. You will find to buy soap dish, toothbrush and bottles, however there are a few reasons why it is more worth buying the travel kit. The items may differ in size, in material, in colour from each other, plus you still need a case or pouch to store them in - with the kit, that packaging comes with it.

Meanwhile, the travel kit has all the standardized items that fit neatly inside the package that holds them. Another important point is the price. While you buy two or three items separately, the sum of the values already exceeds the normal value of the travel kit. Therefore, the cost-benefit of the travel kit is better.

See the advantages of investing in a travel kit:

  • Affordable price
  • Buying it is more cost-effective than buying separate items
  • Compact, it takes up little space in luggage
  • It can be used for travel and also in everyday life
  • It has models for different situations
  • The kit is not as versatile in its models as the necessaires

How much does a travel kit cost?

The travel kit is very accessible to the public. Even though there are variations on the items and their quantity, the prices don't usually exceed £30. The average price is £20, with some items above and below that range.

Quatro frascos preenchidos com cosméticos estão expostos em cima de uma toalha alaranjada.

On international flights, liquid items must be in transparent bottles with a maximum capacity of 100 ml. (Source: Valeriu Surujiu / 123RF)

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying a travel kit

After knowing more details about the travel kit, we now bring you a list of items that should be analyzed before you set out to shop.

  • Type of use
  • Dimensions
  • Quantity of items
  • Colour

In the following lines, we will detail each of the items previously mentioned.

Type of use

What will you use the travel kit for? In this case, what items do you need your kit to contain? This will help you define which model is best for you. You may want a travel kit to carry bath items, oral hygiene items, or items so that you can rest more peacefully during a long trip. There are all these options, among others.


As the travel kit says in its name, its purpose is precisely to be taken on trips. And, many times, it can be a challenge to fit everything you need in your suitcase, so it is necessary to pay attention to the sizes of the travel kit.

The models on the market don't differ so much in size, but a few centimetres can be crucial to close a backpack that's already crammed with other belongings. Some examples of measures of travel kit are in length, width and height, respectively: 23.2 cm x 15.5 cm x 4 cm, 31 cm x 13.5 cm x 2.1 cm, 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 2 cm, 23 cm x 19 cm x 4 cm.

Number of items

The travel kit has models that bring more items than others. You will come across, for example, a kit of oral hygiene that will bring only a toothbrush and a toothpaste. Another kit also of the same theme may bring with it, besides the two essential items, dental floss or mouthwash.

A travel kit that brings a series of bottles also varies a lot, according to the brand. There are models with only three or four, but also those with more than 10 pieces. However, it is more common to see a smaller volume of items.

The travel kit is meant to be something compact, so it does not hold so many items.

Uma mulher está sentada à mesa, manuseando dois frascos. Existe também na imagem um terceiro frasco, um potinho e uma espátula.

The travel kit can also be useful on a daily basis if you spend a lot of time away from home or even for short trips, like visiting a friend on the weekend. (Source: serezniy / 123RF)


It is also possible to choose a travel kit that are visually appealing as well. For this, colours matter a lot. The items present in each kit have a type of colouring like black, pink, blue, red, white, grey, green, and so on. Just choose the one you find the most beautiful or that matches other items in your suitcase, for example.

(Source of the highlighted image: sosiukin / 123RF)