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A tripod is generally a frame consisting of three legs. It is known for its high stability and sturdiness. For this reason, the tripod is often used in camera technology. Here, tripods are used to stabilise cameras and spotlights. In the meantime, the tripod design is also very popular in the furnishing sector. The tripod floor lamp in particular is very much in vogue.

It is the tripod frame that makes the tripod floor lamp unique and distinguishes it from normal models. In addition to the high stability that the tripod frame guarantees, the tripod floor lamp is also popular because of its modern and unusual appearance. Do you now want to know whether a tripod floor lamp is suitable for you and your living space, and how to find a floor lamp that meets your expectations? Then read this guide on the subject of three-legged floor lamps.

The most important facts

  • Tripod floor lamps are also known as tripod or three-leg floor lamps. They are characterised by their three-legged frame. This guarantees high stability and looks visually modern.
  • Important purchase criteria are lighting, dimmability, power consumption, style, weight and height adjustability.
  • The price of tripod floor lamps varies. You will find a stable and high-quality lamp in the middle price range. But there are also good models in the lower price range.

The Best Tripod Floor Lamp: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for tripod floor lamps

Are you looking for the perfect tripod floor lamp for your home? To make it as easy as possible for you to compare several lamps and to make your final choice easier, we have put together some criteria. You can go through these before making your purchase decision to find the right tripod floor lamp for you.

With the help of the following criteria, you can compare the different floor lamps with each other:

Go through the individual evaluation criteria point by point to be able to make an informed purchase decision.


Anyone looking for a floor lamp primarily wants to bring more light into their rooms. But LED lamps, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps and others differ significantly when it comes to luminous intensity and light colour. You should know how bright you want your floor lamp to shine and what colour temperature the light should have.

The power of the lamp is given in watts, the light brightness in lumens.

The more watts are specified, the brighter the respective illuminant shines. With an LED light bulb, you should also be aware of the light colour. Warm white, universal white or daylight? The colour temperature makes a clear difference in the effect. It is measured in Kelvin.

Thus, 2,000 Kelvin describes a warmer light colour, 7,000 Kelvin a more white-bluish one. Before buying a floor lamp, consider what kind of light you prefer in your room. Many floor lamps also offer the option of using your own light bulbs. This way, you can decide for yourself what kind of light you prefer.


With a dimmable floor lamp, you can adjust the light intensity individually depending on the situation and time of day. Large-area bright lighting for the home office, or cosy reading light? A dimmable lamp allows both, as well as all brightness levels in between. This is definitely a practical function that can save you from buying more lamps, among other things.

Power consumption

Your future floor lamp will certainly be used a lot - after all, it will be responsible for the entire lighting of your living room. Therefore, before you buy, make sure you know how much electricity the bulb that will go into your lamp will consume.

This can be easily recognised by the so-called energy efficiency class. It indicates the energy consumption of electronic devices, with G being the worst and A the best class. So try to save energy and electricity costs - for the sake of the environment and your wallet!


Whether modern or romantic, in vintage look, retro style or spotlight design: tripod floor lamps come in many different styles and shapes. Therefore, first consider your own interior. Then decide on a tripod floor lamp that visually matches it. After all, it will make up a large part of your interior design. There is a wide range of shapes, colours and styles to choose from.


A tripod floor lamp is practical. You don't have to mount it permanently and can simply move it from one location to another as it suits you best - provided it's not too heavy. Therefore, consider the weight of the floor lamp and the material of its frame. A metal frame is often heavier than wooden tripods. However, you should make sure that the frame of the floor lamp is robust enough to ensure stability.

Height adjustability

While a large, tall floor lamp may be most appropriate in the living room, it can quickly look inappropriate in the bedroom. Do you want your tripod floor lamp to be as versatile as possible? Then you should probably choose a lamp that is adjustable in height.

Similar to dimmability, height adjustability offers you flexible, individual adaptation options for every living situation. This makes the purchase of other lamps in other sizes superfluous.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about tripod floor lamps answered in detail

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about tripod floor lamps. This will give you a comprehensive overview of the topic.

Who is a tripod floor lamp suitable for?

A tripod floor lamp is suitable for anyone who wants more light in their living rooms - without the hassle of assembly. With a three-legged floor lamp, you don't need to set up a fixed location or lay cumbersome cables. Therefore, the tripod floor lamp is suitable for every living situation. Moreover, it makes your home look more homely and creates a cosy atmosphere.

A three-legged floor lamp is suitable for all living rooms. However, they are especially often found in living rooms. (Image source: 123rf / Katarzyna Bialasiewicz)

You can always use a tripod floor lamp flexibly. Because it is height-adjustable and dimmable, it can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can reposition your tripod floor lamp at any time and use it as you wish in any room. In addition, a tripod floor lamp is very stable thanks to its three-legged frame.

The tripod frame also looks modern and stylish. So if you want a floor lamp that combines practical advantages with a beautiful look, you should think about buying a tripod floor lamp.

What types of tripod floor lamps are there?

The basic structure: a tripod floor lamp is divided into the eponymous three-legged frame and the lampshade or spotlight-like spot supported on it. Tripod floor lamps appear in all kinds of materials, colours and styles. Both the frame and the lampshade are available in different designs and shapes.

While a classic combination of wooden frame and fabric shade radiates naturalness and warmth, a metal floor lamp looks more modern and fancy. For example, there is the classic among the three-legged floor lamps: a light wooden frame with a white shade. This is a beautiful combination that provides more cosiness and light in your rooms, even when switched off.

Black metal shades with a golden interior are also popular. These look rather dark, although a lot more elegant.

Thanks to the golden lampshade, these three-legged floor lamps give off an even cosier light. Tripod floor lamps are always stylish - and the selection is large. By the way, the tripod design has its origins in camera tripods and studio lighting. That's why there are also many tripod floor lamps in the technical spotlight design.

Not an ordinary floor lamp perhaps - but definitely an extraordinary accessory to put special living areas in the spotlight. Tripod floor lamps are most often found as ceiling floodlights. They distribute their light throughout the room.

There are also umbrella lamps that illuminate individual areas more like a spotlight. A practical feature of spotlights is that they can be rotated 360 degrees. This allows you to direct the lamp to any spot or use it as a ceiling floodlight when facing the ceiling.

Why 3 legs and not 4?

The tripod, also known as tripod or tripod foot, generally refers to a shape. Tripod constructions are considered particularly stable. That is why the high stability of tripods is not only used in the furnishing sector: The tripod is also a household name in the laboratory, in the kitchen or on the construction site. Thanks to their high stability, tripods have long been used in camera technology as stabilising tripods. In the garden, too, one or the other tripod can be found as a practical barbecue stand.

Tripods are often used in photo studios as camera tripods or holders for spotlights. Many tripod floor lamp designs are based on these. (Image source: Tyler Hendy / Pexels)

Tripods stand securely and do not tip over. Four-legged frames, in comparison, are much more wobbly and thus more unstable. This characteristic functionally sets the tripod apart from other shapes. Visually, the tripod impresses with its minimalist, unobtrusive nature, which makes it appear all the more modern and unusual. Tripod floor lamps are therefore not only extremely stable and practical, but also a real eye-catcher thanks to their timeless aesthetics.


A tripod floor lamp brings cosy light into your rooms. What distinguishes it from other lamps is its three-legged frame. On the one hand, the frame convinces with high stability, which ensures a stable stand of the lamp. On the other hand, the tripod looks extraordinary and minimalistic. Thanks to the large selection of models, the right design can be found for every interior.

Since floor lamps are not tied to a specific location, they can be moved from one room to another at will. Before buying a floor lamp, you should consider what you want to use it for and what requirements you have for your lamp. The price of a tripod floor lamp depends not only on the material and workmanship but also on its additional functions.

Image source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

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