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Especially when it comes to items that will not only make us look amazing, but will give a touch of practicality and comfort to our day to day. In this opportunity we welcome you and we invite you to know everything about turbans.

These accessories that were known in the world thanks to their origin in Arab cultures have crossed borders. Today we can easily find different models, colours, designs, textures and more that will adapt to each user and each personality. Here we show you incredible models and how to choose the perfect option for you.


  • Turbans are accessories made of different types of fabrics that are used to cover all or part of the head. They can be used for religious, health, aesthetic and fashion reasons.
  • Among all the types of turbans you will find, there are 2 that are the most common: those that have a predetermined cap shape and those that are formed from an elongated scarf. Each will give you a different experience.
  • Before you buy your turban, consider the type and amount of hair you have, the season you want to wear it, the style you are looking to project and the type of wearer who will be using it. This information will help you arrive at the ideal model.

The Best Turban: Our Picks

Buying Guide

There are many reasons to buy a turban in its different models, but it is important to clarify, as a first point, everything about this accessory. Here we tell you everything you need to know about it.

Turbans can help to keep your hair in place or to hide the lack of it (Photo: David Tiberio /

What is a turban and what are its advantages?

Turbans are headdresses that originated in Asia and Africa. It is a fabric accessory that partially or completely covers the head of both women and men, and even children. They can be used for religious, aesthetic, recreational and other reasons.

Regardless of the reason, these items help us to keep control over the state of our hair and, in case we don't have it, it allows us to own a fashionable garment that complements our style. Here are some of their advantages.

  • Women's, men's and children's models
  • Various designs and structures
  • Variety of lengths
  • Widely used by cancer patients
  • Unique style
  • Inexpensive
  • Some materials may cause heat
  • Some require prior knowledge to fit

Scarf or cap turban - what to look out for?

We know that they are intended to be positioned completely or partially on your head, but there are 2 basic models into which we can divide them: those that come in the form of scarves and those that take on a more beanie-like shape.

Scarf. Scarves don't usually take the shape of a turban until you create it, so they can be a bit tricky to put on, depending on what the wearer wants to achieve. They can be medium or long in length.

Since they are a fragment of fabric and will adapt to what the wearer wants, it is up to the wearer to decide whether the head covering will be partial (showing a bit of skin or hair) or complete (covering the whole head). For the same reason, they do not usually have elastic.

Cap. Turbans in the form of a cap already have a specific or semi-fabricated shape, so you don't have to put anything together and it will be much easier to put it on. This is perfect for those people who do not have previous knowledge to make shapes with them.

These can cover a partial shape of your head or cover it completely, but it will depend directly on the model you choose and it is something that will remain the same. Some models include elastic for better fixation and to avoid slipping.

Head scarf Hat
Length Medium or long, goes around the head two or more times Short, just to cover the head
Complexity of use Can be complicated, depending on the desired result Very simple
Coverage Full or partial, depending on the user Full or partial, depending on the model
Inclusion of elastic No Some models

How much does a turban cost?

Although the prices of turbans tend to vary depending on the model you choose, we could say that most of them are quite affordable for everyone. The cheapest ones can be found from 5 GBP or 10 GBP.

However, the most outstanding models, which contain creative designs, different types of fabrics, decorative elements and the like, can cost between 20 GBP and 30 GBP. Of course, other more distinguished options may exceed 40 GBP, it all depends on your taste and preferences.

Did you know that, although many people think that a turban can cause heat, it is actually a piece created for hot climates? It protects your head from the sun and exposure to its rays

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of turbans

Turbans are fashion pieces that should not be missing in our wardrobe, as they can give us a casual, elegant, comfortable, practical touch and much more, depending on how we use them. Here are some tips on how to choose the best turban of all.

  • Hair type
  • Season
  • Style
  • Wearer

Hair type

Turbans will interact directly with your head, so the model you choose depends on the amount and type of hair you have. Here we recommend which type of turban to use in each case.

Very short or no hair. When we have little or no hair due to health treatments or our own choice, we may prefer full coverage. In this case, we recommend cotton cap-type options, to keep your head totally warm and to make it easy to put on.

Short hair. If our hair is above our shoulders, it will be easy to cover it either partially or completely. We suggest using beanie styles when you want full and warm coverage, and scarf styles if you prefer to create fun shapes with a lighter texture.

Medium or long hair. In this case, you can use any type of turban, keeping in mind that partial coverage will be easier to achieve. There are open, banded cap styles that will be ideal in these cases, and you can also create amazing options with scarves, either with loose hair or tied up.


We know that the weather may not be the same every day, and we will need different types of head coverings, especially when we have little or no hair that can protect our scalp.

Warm. During warm seasons, it is important to wear a turban that is made of thin fabric, but allows the skin to breathe naturally. For this reason, light cotton (some very thick ones can make the situation worse), silk, fine linen, eyelet, chambray and similar options are recommended.

Cold. At this time, options made of materials that can provide warmth and comfort are recommended, such as turbans woven with wool, thick linen, thick cotton, jute, rayon and similar.


There are turbans for every occasion, you can choose from many models

Depending on what you want to reflect, you can find different types of turbans that will allow you to stand out in every occasion. We briefly mention the models you can choose from, depending on the context in which you find yourself.

Daytime casual. If you want to enjoy the sun, fresh air and good company, a silk scarf turban as full coverage will be ideal for these moments, as well as a fine cotton band that you can wear with your hair up or loose. Choose bright colours, flowery and cheerful patterns.

Evening casual. If you want to look casual, but protect your head from the cold at the same time, you can use scarf or hat turbans with fabrics that provide more coverage, such as thick cotton, wool and similar. And since it's an evening event, you can use more sober or solid colours.

Stylish. Turbans are increasingly used for elegant events, and not only for religious reasons. There are more and more models, especially for women, that include pearls, glitter, lace and extravagant designs that will allow you to be the life of the party. Choose mainly eye-catching fabrics such as silk, linen and corduroy.

Domestic. If you want a turban that makes your routine more practical, we recommend models that cover your head completely and give it a proper respite, for this you can use cotton and breathable fabrics. You can also use scarf-type ones to keep your hair in place while you go about your activities.

There are turbans created especially for children, men and women, so you can find one for each type of user (Photo: pressfoto /


Remember we told you that turbans are designed for every type of person? That includes women, men and even small children. Here we talk about the options you'll find in each case.

Men. Although most men who wear turbans do so for cultural or religious purposes, there are others who have managed to make the most of this fashionable garment. There are long scarves and scarf-like scarves that will protect your scalp from the sun and add a unique touch of style.

Women. Women have the largest number of models and designs available. They can choose from square scarves, elongated scarves, hats, bands and much more. And vary each of them according to the occasion, reason for use and tastes.

Kids. Children are not left out in this case, especially girls, who can enjoy a wide variety of comfortable, cool and soft designs that, besides not causing any discomfort, will give them a unique touch. Plus, they can be combined with their parents' style.

(Featured image photo: Andrey Kiselev / 123rf)