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Can you imagine having a 55-inch TV at home? Of course you can! After all, this is the desire of most Brazilians. But as there are many models, brands and configurations, it is not always easy to choose the ideal television.

To help you in this buying process, we will show you which are the main technologies that you will find in a big TV like a 55-inch TV and which are the features that cannot be missing in this device.


  • The 55-inch TV is ideal for those looking for a home cinema experience, with high-quality images and audio.
  • This type of TV usually comes with modern technology and features, which allow for greater interactivity with programmes and streaming services.
  • But a large TV is not suitable to be installed in any room. You need to consider the distance from the device to the sofa.

The best TV 55: Our Picks

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about a 55" TV

How big is a 55" TV? How far should it be from the sofa? What are the technologies of each brand? These are some questions you should ask yourself before buying a big TV like the 55" one. And the answers you find out below, in our Buying Guide.

Mulher deitada, comendo pipoca, com o controle de TV na mão.

A big TV gives you the feeling of being in the cinema, only at home. (Source: JESHOOTS-com/ Pixabay)

Why choose a 55-inch TV?

The 55-inch TV is part of the large TV category, the ones that bring the cinema experience into the home. Therefore, a TV like this is ideal for those who want to watch programs, movies and series with a high quality image, powerful audio and access to various features.

This is because, unlike smaller sets, most 55-inch TVs have 4K resolution and can come with various imaging technologies such as OLED, QLED and NanoCell.

TV grande na sala de reunião.

A 55-inch TV has cutting edge technology and modern features. (Source: cdu445/ Unsplash)

Furthermore, TVs of this size also usually have a high quality audio system, and some TVs even have additional features such as Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos, which ensure immersive sounds like those of movie theatres.

It is also worth highlighting that a 55-inch TV is around 20% bigger than a 50-inch TV.

How tall is a 55-inch TV?

To know exactly the dimensions of a 55-inch TV the most recommended thing to do is to check the technical specifications of the product. This is because variations may occur depending on the manufacturer and the model.

But, generally speaking, a 55" TV measures 70 cm high by 1.23 m wide. As for the depth, it varies depending on the design.

You will find ultra-thin TVs, up to 5 cm deep, and thicker models, which can be up to 10 cm deep.

LED, OLED, QLED or NanoCell: Which is the best 55" TV technology?

Big TVs have technologies that optimize the quality of the image displayed on the screen. Below, we explain the characteristics of each one of them for you

  • LED: The 55 LED TV is the most basic and common. It is composed of an LCD screen, with LED lamp illumination behind it;
  • QLED: The 55-inch QLED TV offers more vibrant colours and protection against screen burn-in;
  • NanoCell: This technology, also available in 55-inch TVs, ensures true-to-life colours, brightness and contrast, plus a wide viewing angle. In other words, you will have a good view even if you are not facing the TV screen;
  • OLED: The 55-inch TV with OLED screen offers images with higher contrast and even more vivid colours, besides being thinner and also having a wide viewing angle.

What is the best distance between a 55" TV and the sofa?

Regardless of the size of your TV, if you want to have a good view of the images, you must install it in the right place. For this, you should measure the distance between the sofa or bed and the place of installation.

Depending on the size of the television, there will be a more appropriate distance to ensure your comfort when watching your favorite programs and movies. Check the table below for the measurements for large televisions:

Screen size Distance between TV and sofa
TV 50 inches between 2.10 and 2.30 meters
TV 55 inches between 2.30 and 2.40 meters
TV 58 inches between 2.4 and 2.65 meters
TV 65 inches between 2.65 and 3 meters
TV 75 inches more than 3 meters

Purchase criteria: What to observe when comparing 55" TV models

So far you've seen that when it comes to buying a 55-inch TV, you'll need to choose the picture technology you like best. In addition, there are other settings that you need to take into account. Check them out:

Operating System

Take into account that the vast majority of 55" TVs are Smart TVs. Therefore, you will need to choose the best operating system for the device. In general, it differs according to the manufacturer brand.

However, the most common TV operating systems are: Tizen, webOS, Android TV, Linux and SAPHI.

The TV operating system can be basic or more complete. (Source: R ARCHITECTURE/ Unsplash)

WebOs and Tizen have an interface that takes up less screen space. But, just like Linux and SAPHI, they offer less app options.

Android is an operating system that allows you to download apps from the Play Store, besides the ones already included in the TV interface.

HDR technology

HDR is a technology that further improves the image quality and has several formats. One of them is Dolby Vision, which offers more contrast and colour depth.

But you'll also find the 55-inch TV with HDR10+, which is able to automatically correct the contrast when scene.

Refresh Rate

If you want to use your 55-inch TV to play video games, it's worth taking into account the refresh rate of the device. Measured in Hertz, the higher the value, the more natural - and with a greater degree of sharpness - will be the transition from one scene to another.

When the refresh rate is low, the faster scenes end up looking blurry, because they exhibit less detail. According to experts, the ideal to avoid this kind of problem is that your TV has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Sound power

If you want an immersive movie experience, in addition to seeking the best quality in the image, you also need to check the audio.

In the various models of 55-inch TVs you will find different sound powers, but the best ones vary between 20 W and 40 W.

Some options also have technologies such as Dolby Audio, which further improves the quality of the dialogues, and the Dolby Atmos feature that reproduces the sound as if it were coming from several directions.

Additional features

In the 55" TVs you can also find several extra features. So, stay tuned to choose the best ones. An interesting feature is the one that allows you to mirror your smartphone screen on TV.

You can also find the multiscreen function, with which you can split the TV screen to watch two programs at the same time. And not to mention the recording and pause feature, which helps you to watch your favourite programmes whenever you want.

See below for other features you will find in the 55-inch TV

  • Ambient mode;
  • Artificialintelligence;
  • Voice control.


Be sure to also check what types and how many inputs are present on your 55-inch TV. The HDMI and USB ports are the most important ones because they are used to make connections between the most varied types of devices with your television.

The HDMI input, for example, is necessary to connect your 55-inch TV to video game consoles and laptops.

The USB port is ideal so that you can, for example, connect a pen drive or external HD to save recordings. In this aspect, you will find 55" TVs with up to 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports. The more, the better.


A 55-inch TV is perfect for creating the feeling of home cinema. Because of its size, this television has cutting edge technology and features that improve the image, audio and interaction possibilities.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best 55" TV model, check the technical configurations and the operating system thoroughly. If possible, prefer the models with higher refresh rate and more connection inputs.

(Featured image source: Marques Kaspbrak/ Unsplash)