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When it comes to bras, men and women go head over heels, some for the sensuality they represent and others for the comfort, design, flirtation and need they meet. It is a product that has cause and effect, because if it is crooked, big, tight or simply does not fit the cup well, it will be noticed.

We have given ourselves the difficult and entertaining task of evaluating the most suitable bras because we want you to feel and look great and we know that the bust, boobs, breasts, lolas or whatever you call them are a fundamental part of what gives you security, if they are comfortably and in place.

So now that you know, join us on this feminine tour. We will delve into this great world but focusing on underwire bras, we will talk about all the aspects around this type of bra, so that you can give or get the best one from a wide range of options.

The Most Important Facts

  • The underwire bra, also known as a bra, is an intimate garment for the bust whose cup design is soft and without rigid elements that support it, giving a more natural, light, with freedom of movement and comfort to the breasts.
  • Manufacturers and designers of intimate apparel, have been given the task of extending the comfort in their garments and leave aside the old rods, its evolution has been extended to various types of bras such as: bralettes, sports, preformed cup, seamless, or strapless, among others.
  • To choose the bra without underwire that best suits your figure, we recommend you to follow a couple of points on which the manufacture of this type of garment is based: cup size, size of the contour, type of bust, extra details.

The Best Underwire Bra: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Underwire Bras

When we visit the lingerie area of a shop, we all seem to feel like fish in water, but little by little we realise that we go round and round without getting what we had in mind and without knowing what other option to buy. Clearly if we had enough information we would be swimming like sharks on the hunt.

Behind every woman, there should be an appropriate and comfortable bra. (Photo: khosrork/

What is an underwire bra?

An underwire bra is an intimate garment designed to emphasise comfort and support without the pressure of uncomfortable underwires. They give greater freedom of movement and even a more natural look.
This kind of bra can be worn under any other outerwear, in many cases unnoticed and with the confidence to maintain the contour and shape the bust needs.

What are the advantages?

There are bras without underwire for different occasions or activities, there are many options on the market that seek to fit every body and every taste, its main advantages are the convenience of not carrying rods and forget about injuries or fit when they come out.

For those who don't like to wear a bra or even for those who think that this garment is not only a flirtation but also a repressor, a bra without underwire will allow them to move with such ease that -depending on the model- they may believe that they are not wearing anything at all.

  • Options suitable for different moments
  • Variety of styles, models and colours
  • They provide support without hurting
  • They give greater freedom of movement
  • They are comfortable
  • Some do not simulate the nipple
  • Not all give the necessary support to large cups
  • There are options that are transparent
  • High price

Underwire bras, bralettes, sports bras, padded bras, seamless bras, strapless bras - what should you look out for?

When we decide to buy a bra, we usually have one in mind, but are we aware of the variety of options we have without underwire? Dare I say no, we know some bras in isolation because their popularity is higher than others, but we don't align them to a category as such. Let's see what they are.

  • Bralettes: It is a fashionable garment. They are bras that give total naturalness and freedom of movement to the body with designs of flirty fabrics, styles with lace, transparencies, etc. Their design means that they can be used as traditional bras or they can be worn as an outer garment or even showing a little bit of them.
  • Sports bras: This is a bra that guarantees its use while doing a sporting activity with the confidence that everything will remain in place and without losing any support. They are made of breathable materials and do not have underwires.
  • Preformed cup: These are those that do not have underwires but their cups are preformed, i.e., slightly padded. They are very similar to traditional bras but with the benefit of comfort. They give shape, support and do not allow the nipple to show.
  • Seamless: These are mostly options with slightly more stretchy fabric, with no seams to show, underwires to hurt or cups to enhance. They have a more natural, simple and comfortable style even when they have adjustable straps.
  • Strapless: These bras are ideal for a party or dress that has a part of the back uncovered. Some are preformed and can help to give volume to the bust, others look like tops. They need to have a good anti-slip or spring to keep the peace of mind that it will not move from its original place.
Bralettes Sporty Preformed cup Seamless Strapless
Main Feature Flirty designs for internal or external use Provide support while doing sport Have a little padding and each cup is defined Very comfortable, not tight Top type, preformed or not
Use Everyday High performance activities Daily Everyday, some for sleeping For clothes with half open back

Are there more underwire bra options?

The first bras we reviewed are the most popular, but there are still other options that we can find on the market that have more specific functions for special moments in life.

  • Push up: These are the type of bra you look for when you want to look bigger. They are available up to 2 sizes up. This kind of lingerie has options with and without underwire, with or without straps and some that can be adjusted in the front of the bra to delimit the enhancement.
  • Sleeping bras: These bras should be the most comfortable of all, with an almost invisible feel, no seams, no snaps and no padding. Ideally, they should be breathable to keep you cool and prevent moisture from being stored.
  • Nursing bras: After having given birth and after the increase in size that this represents in the bust, what is most desired is to have something practical and comfortable. Supporting, not hurting, not squeezing, etc. In addition, they are designed to easily feed the new member of the household.

Buying Criteria

Buying a bra seems like an easy thing to do, until you find yourself in the fitting room trying on several garments because none of them convince you or because you've found so many amazing models that you can't decide which one to choose. Here we will give you a guide to help you make some decisions.

Cup size

According to their size, cups are defined by a letter that specifies the volume and we can help you find the one that fits you. It is a universal measurement used by all brands. In theory the cup that fits us in one brand should be the same in others, but sometimes it doesn't happen and we have to go one up or one down.

The cups are calculated by measuring the contour of the breast at the nipple, subtracting the measurement of the chest below the breast (contour). If this seems a bit complex, we leave you a size guide that can serve as a reference:

Size Cup A Cup B Cup C
30 79 - 81 84 - 86 89 - 91
32 84 - 86 89- 91 94 - 96
34 89 - 91 94 - 97 99 - 102
36 94 - 101 100 - 103 104 - 107
38 104 - 106 106 - 109 110 - 113

Contour size

Also known as the band size, this is the other number that defines the size of a bra. To measure it, simply place the tape measure under the base of the bust. This result will allow us to know if our size corresponds to size 32, 34, 36, 38 or 40. Here is the reference.

Measurements cm Sizes
63 - 67 30
68 - 72 32
73 - 77 34
78 - 82 36
83 - 87 38
88 - 92 40

Bust type

The experts in the field have dedicated themselves to knowing a woman's bust, in order to create and define trends that fit the different types that exist. Once you know yourself and what size you are, it's time to find out what suits you.

  • Small busts: This is a practical size that doesn't require a lot of support. Almost any bra without underwire will suit you, as they will fit more easily. Triangle-shaped silhouettes will suit them, and if they want to increase volume, any bra with a pre-shaped cup will be useful. Bralettes look good on you.
  • Regular or medium busts: Another size that does not have many problems, bras with silhouettes, straight cut (balconet) and preformed bras fit you very well. Wearing an underwire bra will be comfortable and it will be easy to get one that suits your needs.
  • Large busts: These are probably the ones that require the most support, some get it with underwire bras, but there are non-wired alternatives that can give you the same confidence by choosing bras that have wide contours, wide bases and deeper cups.

Extra details

Having figured out the model, the size (cup and contour), as well as what suits us according to the type of bust, we can also pay attention to other details that make the bra a beautiful and/or functional garment, such as clasps and straps.


Some bras have the usual clasps at the back, others have a small front clasp and others have a line of clasps at the front or back, this will depend on the degree of support that the rest of the garment is giving to the contour. It is recommended that the clasp does not hurt, fits snugly and can be easily unfastened.


They are as important as the rest of the bra. If they are not well chosen, the bra will not hold properly. We recommend that you look for straps that fit in the front and if you plan to show them, don't choose transparent ones, because they will still show. If you have a heavy bust, this element is a basic one, which should not be made of lycra or too thin.

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