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In today's article we are going to talk about the vacuum bag, a multi-purpose accessory that can be your ally in preserving food, organising clothes, optimising the use of space in wardrobes and wardrobes and even to gain more space in your travel bag.

Follow us in this reading and check out the best product options, as well as the features that you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of vacuum bag to store the most diverse items in your home.


  • The market offers several versions of vacuum bag. To choose the ideal one, start by defining the main use, and choose according to the desired style and size needed.
  • Size, material, model, form of sealing and type of compatible pump are some of the features to be evaluated when buying.
  • Prices vary according to the brand, model and size chosen. The bigger and more sophisticated versions can cost more.

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Whether it's for storing pillows and duvets, making space in your travel bag, storing winter clothes when they're not in use, or even separating portions or organising your food before storing, the vacuum bag is a hand in the wheel.

With versions in various sizes and for all purposes, they are practical and durable. Stay with us to learn all about this product that can make your home and kitchen organisation routine much more practical, optimising the storage capacity of even the smallest spaces.

Rapaz empilha sacos a vácuo com roupa de cama.

Vacuum bags reduce up to 3x the volume of bed linen and bath linen. (Source: snkuk / Pixabay)

What is a vacuum bag?

The vacuum bag is a packaging made of strong plastic, equipped with a valve for air removal and a sealing closure. Available in food and general purpose versions, it comes in various sizes and brands.

Its design allows unnecessary spaces to be eliminated by removing the air inside. Depending on what is stored in the vacuum bag, it can compress the initial volume of the pack by up to 3 times with total removal of the air from the pack.

To use the vacuum bag you do not always need special pumps. You can remove the air from the bag quickly and efficiently using any model of hoover

What are the advantages of using a vacuum bag?

Practical, durable and affordable, the vacuum bag is already a loved item by most of its supporters. Available in many different models, they can store, compact and preserve various types of items. There are specific versions on the market for food items, and others for general use.
Vacuum bags are great for optimising space.

Clothes, shoes, pillows, cushions, plush toys, bed, table and bath items are among the diverse items that can be stored in the vacuum bag. The packaging ensures that the items stay clean for longer, free of moisture, avoiding mold and bad smell. The bags also help to optimise space and organisation, as they can reduce the volume of vacuum stored items by up to three times.

  • Available in several brands, models and sizes
  • There are specific versions for food and other objects
  • Vacuum protects and compacts items, saving space
  • Allows better organization and use of space
  • Some models demand the use of specific pumps
  • Without the availability of pumps or hoovers the compression is not very efficient

Vacuum bags for kitchen or for clothes and objects: what is the difference?

There are excellent versions of vacuum bags both for food and for items in general such as clothes and objects. Therefore, the definition of the best version of the vacuum bag will vary according to the profile of the consumer and the intended uses for the product. Both versions are available in the market in various sizes and shapes.

For kitchen For clothes and objects
Features Can be disposable or reusable, increase up to 5x durability of products Reusable, reduce up to 3x the volume of compacted items
Air withdrawal With manual or electronic pumps, depending on the model With manual, electronic, or vacuum pumps, depending on the model
Uses Store, preserve, freeze, or refrigerate food Store and compact clothes and objects

What uses can the vacuum bag have?

As we have already mentioned, vacuum bags can have a variety of uses depending on their size and model. Here are some ideas to make the most of the product:

In the kitchen

  • Separate portions
  • Freeze ready-made dishes
  • Store canned food
  • Increase the durability of cold cuts and fresh vegetables
  • Enhance marinades
  • Pack leftovers and snacks
  • Organise the freezer and refrigerator

In the organisation

  • Use vacuum bags with hanger fittings to store dress shirts, coats and dresses
  • Reduce the volume of pillows, blankets, duvets
  • Store clean cold-weather clothing so it stays clean until next winter
  • Put away toys and plush items
  • Avoid humidity and mold

On trips and outings

  • Save space in the suitcase by compacting clothes and coats
  • Prevent spills of shampoo and other cosmetics
  • Pack snacks and snack foods
  • Have an extra unit on hand to protect mobile phones and electronics from rain and excessive humidity

How to use a vacuum bag?

Using the vacuum bag to pack clothes and other items is very simple. Check the step by step:

  • Place the items folded and organized inside the bag, without overfilling it
  • Close the bag by dragging the seal firmly twice across the opening
  • Open the valve and fit the hoover pump or hose, sucking in as much air as possible
  • If one of the two accessories is missing, squeeze the bag until the maximum amount of air is eliminated by the valve
  • Finally, close the valve cap to keep air out

With food bags, the method is basically the same. The only difference is that the use of the hoover is not indicated in these cases.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare vacuum bag models

To finish this article, we will help you make the right vacuum bag choice for your needs. Check out the list of the features you should pay attention to when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Size
  • Valve type
  • Form of seal
  • Compatible vacuum pumps

We will detail each of these items so you can make the best choice.


Before buying your vacuum bag, try to define the main uses for the product. If it is to be used with large and bulky items, or stored in specific locations, take steps to ensure that the product is sized and capacity compatible with the use. As the bag is available in a wide range of sizes, finding the ideal version for your needs should be no problem.

Valve type

Vacuum bags, in general, have a circular valve, the top of which can be either screw-on or snap-on. The type and shape of the valve will directly affect the type of pump and/or accessory that can be used to remove the air from your vacuum bag. For this reason, seeking standardisation between your vacuum bags is fundamental to gain practicality and functionality.

Imagem de mala de viagem com roupas em saco a vácuo.

Vacuum bags are an excellent option to optimize space in travel bags. (Source: Myibean / 123rf)

Form of seal

The majority of vacuum bags have as form of sealing the ZipLock type closures, which are airtight closures with sliding fit. They can count with sections of two, three or four fittings, depending on the model. This type of closure is very secure, even though it is easy to open and close. This feature ensures that the vacuum bag can be reused several times.

Compatible vacuum pumps

Some vacuum bag brands have the valve compatible only with the pump of the brand itself, while others adopt more universal models. Although most valves are compatible with hoover nozzles, it is worth checking out the pumps that are compatible with the model of bag chosen. The more versatile the product, the better!

(Featured image source: Jaruwan Jiamwong / 123RF)

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