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The vacuum cleaner hose is one of the main components of a hoover. It is the connection between the vacuum cleaner and the pipe through which dust and dirt are drawn in. With age or heavy use, the hoover hose may break or be damaged in other ways and need to be replaced or repaired.

Our big vacuum cleaner hose test 2021 will help you make the right decision when buying a hoover hose. We explain everything you need to know about the topic and show you the advantages and disadvantages of individual models.

The most important Facts

  • A vacuum cleaner hose can become brittle and broken over time. Then you either have to buy a new one or repair your old one.
  • You are on the safe side with original spare parts, but other spare parts are often cheaper. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner is compatible with the new hoover hose.
  • To prevent your vacuum cleaner from failing prematurely, you can clean it with water occasionally and, above all, make sure it is handled gently. Your hose should then last as long as your vacuum cleaner itself.

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Hose: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Vacuum Cleaner Hose

What is the purpose of the vacuum cleaner hose?

The vacuum cleaner hose connects the hoover to the suction tube, which in turn is connected to the brush to pick up dust and dirt from the floor. The hose is made of fairly thin plastic and is ribbed to make it flexible and pliable. It transfers the vacuumed material into the dust bag.

Most hoovers rely on the hose because it is the connecting piece between the vacuum cleaner and the suction tube. However, other models also work without a hoover hose.


Most hoovers cannot function without the hoover hose - because it connects the hoover to the suction tube. (Picture source: / Michal Jarmoluk)

How much does a hoover hose cost?

How much you pay for a new hoover hose depends largely on whether you choose an original part or a replacement part. Original brand products range in price from 15-20 €, while spare parts are available by the metre from just under 5 €.

How does a hoover hose extension work?

If your hoover hose is too short, but you don't want to buy a new one, or it is only too short for certain areas, you should think about extending the hose. These come in different lengths and are usually attached between the pipe and the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

This is especially good for vacuuming stairs or cars without tugging. Other types of extensions are simply placed over your old hose, which makes it much easier to use.

What are the alternatives to the hoover hose?

Hoovers come in different types. The classic hoover only works with a vacuum hose, but there are also handheld hoovers that do not have a suction hose but only a tube.

However, there is no real alternative to the hoover hose itself.

It is just not necessarily part of every hoover due to different types of construction. Robot vacuum cleaners are also becoming increasingly popular. You set a time and as if by magic the apartment is vacuumed regularly. However, some tests have shown that they are not very effective.

What Types of Vacuum Cleaner Hoses are there and which is the right one for you?

When making your purchase, you should consider beforehand whether you want to buy an original part or whether you trust a replacement part.


If you buy an original part, you will certainly not have any problems with compatibility. However, you will often have to accept a higher price.

  • Compatibility assured
  • High quality
  • High price


Especially with spare parts you have to make sure that the hose is compatible with your vacuum cleaner. For this reason, spare parts are usually marked with a note indicating with which manufacturers the vacuum cleaner hose is compatible.

  • Low price
  • Often several variants
  • Compatibility questionable
  • Quality questionable

Buying Criteria: Use these Factors to compare and evaluate Vacuum Cleaner Hoses

Criteria that you should always consider, regardless of whether you choose an original or a replacement part, can be found here. In general, models often differ in only a few aspects. Branded products are often more expensive, but also of better quality.

In general, however, all hoses are made of the same material and work according to the same principle. The only major differences are in compatibility.


The classic diameters are 32 mm and 35 mm on the hoover tube.

To ensure that you buy the right vacuum cleaner hose for your hoover, you should pay attention to the diameter of the pipe to which the hose is to be attached. The hose should have a diameter of 31 mm or 34 mm.


The length of your new hose is also important. Do you only need a replacement because your old hose is defective? Or do you want a longer hoover hose or an extension?

A long hose is handy if you want to vacuum a car or save yourself the hassle of changing stick cans all the time. On the other hand, a long vacuum cleaner hose is often bulky and loses suction power due to the longer hose.

Facts worth knowing about Vacuum Cleaner Hoses

The hoover hose is broken! What do I do with a broken hoover hose? How do I clean and maintain my vacuum cleaner hose? What should I do if the hose is blocked? And how do I replace the vacuum cleaner hose?


To keep your hoover hose as long-lasting as possible, there are a few things you should keep in mind. (Image source: / Daniel Kirsch)

We will get to the bottom of these questions in the next part. Don't worry - it's not all that complicated.


To avoid clogging your vacuum cleaner hose, you should clean it occasionally. The best way to do this is to unscrew it and run some warm water with detergent through it.

Be sure to wait until the hose is completely dry before putting it back in.

Otherwise, new dust and dirt will settle particularly quickly in the damp hose.


Is your vacuum cleaner hose broken or even torn? Repairing your hose makes little sense. Holes would have to be plugged, which is not always easy due to the ribbed structure of the hose and is often not tight enough. Then the vacuum cleaner loses suction power and achieves insufficient results.

Replacing the hose, on the other hand, is much easier. With our criteria above, you can choose the right hose for you. Then all you have to do is unscrew your hose and screw on the new one - done!

However, if you don't treat your vacuum cleaner hose too roughly, its lifespan should be quite sufficient. So be careful not to pull too hard so as not to overstress the hose! With an occasional cleaning, your hose should last as long as the hoover itself.

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