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Hoovers effectively keep your household free of dust, dirt and hair. Vacuuming also saves you a lot of time because you don't have to sweep up afterwards. In addition, using a hoover raises far less dust than using a broom. Overall, there are a large number of hoovers available today with many different features.

With my hoover test 2021 I would like to help you find the hoover that suits you best. To do this, I have compared classic floor hoovers, hand hoovers and vacuum robots with each other and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • Hoovers are household appliances that can be used to remove dust, dirt, crumbs and even small hairs from various floors or furniture. There are different types, each of which can be used for different materials.
  • On the market you will find, among other things, the classic floor hoover, the hand hoover or the vacuum robot. For the first two variants, you can also choose between vacuum cleaners with or without a bag and vacuum cleaners with a cord or rechargeable battery.
  • For the different alternatives, there are additional filters such as the HEPA filter, which is suitable for allergy sufferers or pet owners, as well as brushes and nozzles for cleaning different materials.

The Best Vacuum Cleaner: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for hoovers

Since there is a wide range of hoovers, here are some aspects that should help you decide between the different hoovers. The criteria you can use to compare hoovers include:

In the following paragraphs, I will explain in more detail what the individual criteria are.


One of the most frequently asked questions when buying a hoover is: hoover with or without a bag? You should be aware that both options have their advantages and disadvantages. A hoover with a bag makes it easier for you to empty the collected dirt. In addition, you have to empty your vacuum cleaner less often if the dust collects in the bag and not in the vacuum cleaner itself.

One disadvantage, however, is that buying hoover bags is very expensive in the long run. Bagless hoovers have the advantage of eliminating the extra cost of the bags. The disadvantage, however, is that you should clean them more often than a bagged vacuum cleaner.

So with or without a bag is a matter of personal preference.

In general, the general capacity of the dust container and the compatibility for different attachments should also be considered.


The handling of hoovers can vary greatly. For example, the operating radius can be affected by the length of the cord. If you live in a large flat or house, you will have to constantly change sockets to clean all rooms if the cord is short.

Corded hoovers can be a nuisance. An alternative is a battery-operated hoover.

In this case, a cordless hoover is suitable. With this you can avoid the "tangle of cables" and easily move from room to room without having to unplug your vacuum cleaner. Another relevant aspect of handling your vacuum cleaner is that it should be ergonomic.

This means that the telescopic suction tube is individually adjustable so that you can adjust it to your size. Your hoover should also have controls on the handle to make it more portable and smooth-running wheels so it doesn't stall when rolling. The weight should also not be too heavy, as you may have to carry it up stairs or lift it sometimes.

Suction power

To remove dirt effectively, your hoover should have a high suction power. However, this does not depend on the wattage, as many people believe, but on several other aspects.


The suction power plays a major role, especially on different surfaces.
(Image source: Guzhva/

For ideal suction power, the motor power should be high and the pipe and nozzle design should harmonise with each other. In addition, you should make sure that the suction power is adjustable so that you can vacuum not only hard floors but also carpets or upholstery without any problems.

Filter system

Filter systems prevent the vacuumed dust from being reintroduced into the room through the exhaust air. For this purpose, every hoover basically needs a main filter that filters dust and dirt particles.

For optimal filtering, you should make sure that it has a double wall. In addition to the main filter, there are other filters such as the motor protection filter and the exhaust air filter. If you suffer from allergies, you should also purchase a HEPA filter, as this removes even the smallest dirt particles, as well as suspended matter and minute particles from the exhaust air.

The active carbon filter is suitable as a supplement for smokers or pet owners. This reduces bad odours so that your household is not only dust-free after vacuuming, but also smells better.

Power consumption

How much electricity your hoover consumes during use is relevant both for the environment and for your annual electricity costs. That's why you should look for a relatively low power consumption when buying a vacuum cleaner.

To determine the power consumption, you should look at how many watts your hoover has. Since 2017, a hoover may not consume more than 900 watts. In general, the wattage can vary between 400-900 watts. The lowest power consumption is currently around 400 watts.


Since you certainly don't want your hoover to damage your hearing or to have an unpleasant volume in general, you should look at how many decibels (dB) it has before buying a hoover. The volume of hoovers can vary between 60-85 dB. 85 dB is the legal upper limit.

Decision: What types of hoovers are there and which one is right for me?

If you want to buy a hoover, there are three types of products you can choose between:

Type advantages disadvantages
Classic floor hoover suitable for every household, various attachments, brushes and nozzles, powerful large and heavy, limited action radius
Hand-held hoover small and light, portable, space-saving, action radius usually unlimited less powerful, may need extension
Robot hoover space-saving, programmable, time-saving less powerful, not suitable for all floors

The different types of hoovers each have some advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you prefer and for what use you need the vacuum cleaner, a different type is suitable for you. The following section will help you decide.

Classic vacuum cleaner

The classic hoover is basically suitable for every household, as it is versatile. In addition, there are a variety of different attachments for the classic hoover, so that it can be used on different floor coverings and other materials.

The floor hoover usually contains a motor, dust catcher, hose and a height-adjustable tube. You can also decide whether the hoover should have a bag or no bag. The suction power is usually individually adjustable so that carpets or upholstered furniture can also be cleaned. In addition, the classic vacuum cleaners have a narrow plastic nozzle to attach so that even narrow corners can be reached.

  • very powerful
  • suitable for all floors
  • various attachments, brushes and nozzles
  • clunky and heavy
  • action radius limited by cable

Most hoovers have a long cord that is not suitable for cleaning an entire house without having to move it from room to room. If this is undesirable, buying a cordless vacuum cleaner is an option.

Handheld hoover

Handheld hoovers are more flexible for smaller areas compared to the typical floor hoover. With the various handheld vacuums, you can choose between cordless vacuums or vacuums with cables. It contains a lot of electronics, a dust container and a suction tube, which are built together.

The hand vacuum cleaner is basically smaller and handier than the classic hoover, so it serves as an alternative to the latter. With the help of the hand hoover, crumbs, dust and fluff can be easily removed from carpets or parquet floors.

  • compact and lightweight
  • space-saving
  • easy to store
  • conversion with extension tube necessary
  • less powerful

As with the classic hoover, a choice can be made with the hand vacuum between a cordless and corded model.

Robot vacuum cleaner

While other hoovers have to be operated manually in order to clean the house or flat, robotic hoovers do this work by themselves. This saves a lot of time that is lost when vacuuming and your household is automatically permanently freed from crumbs, dirt and dust.

Compared to other vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners are not suitable for use on carpets with a high pile. You should be aware of this when buying.

The robot vacuum cleaner is usually battery or rechargeable battery powered. To use it, it only needs to be programmed so that it is activated at certain times. The older models, however, have to be activated by pressing a button before the robot starts vacuuming and therefore do not run according to programming. When it is finished, it usually returns to its charging station by itself. It also recognises obstacles such as table legs or other furniture with the help of built-in sensors. It can also differentiate between different floors based on certain sensors, so that it automatically adjusts its cleaning brushes to the corresponding surface.

  • powerful
  • programmable
  • less suitable for carpets with high pile

It is important to note, however, that vacuum robots cannot yet match the suction power of a classic floor hoover. However, it saves a lot of work because larger amounts of dust or dirt do not accumulate in the first place.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about hoovers answered in detail

If you're thinking of buying a hoover, you'll probably have a few more questions that you'd like to have answered. Here, in my hoover guide, I have selected the most important and most frequently asked questions from customers and answered them clearly. The guide should help you to find the most suitable hoover on the market and to clarify open questions.

How many watts should a hoover have?

Basically, the wattage does not say anything about the performance of the vacuum cleaner, as many people believe, but only provides information about the power consumption from the socket. Accordingly, low wattage means low power consumption and high wattage means high power consumption.

The most economical vacuums have around 400 watts and thus consume a maximum of 21 kilowatt hours (kWh) for 52 hours of running time per year. Since 2007, the Federal Environment Ministry's "Electricity Saving Initiative" has set a maximum wattage limit of 900 watts for hoovers.

How many decibels should a quiet hoover have?

To ensure that your hoover is not too loud, you should find out how many decibels it has before you buy it. The limit of the volume level is 85 decibels (dB). However, since this is still quite loud, your hoover should have a maximum of 70-72 dB. Currently, the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market are even below 60 dB.

Which hoover is suitable for a household with pet hair?

Pet hair in the home is often a problem because it is attracted to many materials such as carpeting, plastic upholstery, but also parquet and laminate flooring. Often, no ordinary hoover is enough to remove them.


Pet owners need special filters and brushes for their vacuum cleaner to remove long pet hairs.
(Image source: Prat Kitchatorn /

In this case, it makes sense to buy a special pet hair vacuum cleaner. This should have a particularly high suction power and a rotating brush. For this purpose, a turbo nozzle and, as a supplement for upholstered furniture, an appropriate upholstery nozzle are recommended. Furthermore, suitable filter systems such as a HEPA filter and a carbon filter, which removes bad odours, are recommended.

Which hoover is suitable for allergy sufferers?

If you are allergic, you should consider some additional criteria when buying a hoover. Your hoover should:

  • a HEPA filter
  • and a high dust retention capacity


What is a HEPA filter?

A HEPA filter is a special fine dust filter that removes even the smallest dirt particles from the exhaust air of the vacuum cleaner so that they are not reintroduced into the air.

You need a high dust retention capacity because otherwise too much dust is swirled into the exhaust air by the suction process. To give you a better idea of the whole process, I have put together a video that explains in more detail what allergy sufferers should look out for when buying a hoover:

How do I clean my hoover?

A clogged hoover loses suction power and should be cleaned urgently. But even without a blockage, a hoover should be cleaned regularly. Clean a clogged hoover:

  1. Clean the floor nozzle: First you have to turn the floor nozzle. Then you can see what exactly has clogged your vacuum. This is usually hair or larger lint. Simply pull them out and go over the small residues with a comb. Then wipe the floor nozzle with a damp cloth.
  2. Clean the hoover tube: The next step is to check the hoover pipe for blockages. If you find something in the pipe that is blocking it, you can try to get it out with the help of a stick or another long object. Then soak the pipe in water. After soaking, rinse the pipe with running water. Caution! Do not reattach the wet elements until they are completely dry.

Here you can find a supplementary video with step-by-step instructions for cleaning hoovers

Who is a cordless vacuum cleaner suitable for?

Cordless hoovers are especially suitable for people who live in a large house or flat, as they have an unlimited operating range. Accordingly, there is no need to keep changing sockets and there are no more cables flying around the room.

Image source: dolgachov/

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