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When it comes to cleanliness in the house, a broom is indispensable. Vileda brooms have been convincing with their quality for years. Maybe you suffer from allergies? Here, too, it is important to buy the right broom so that the dust is not whirled around unnecessarily. But which broom is the right one? Vileda offers a wide range of rubber brooms, brooms made of synthetic or natural bristles and brooms made of foam.

In our big Vileda broom test 2021 we want to introduce you to the selection of Vileda brooms. We give you important information about the different types, as well as criteria that you should consider before buying. This will help you to find the right Vileda broom for you based on our article.

The most important Facts

  • With Vileda brooms, you can distinguish between brooms with handles, hand brooms and a battery broom. They vary in price, size and performance.
  • Vileda offers brooms made of rubber, foam and synthetic bristles. These are each suitable for different floors, and almost all are allergy-friendly.
  • Some Vileda brooms are suitable for sweeping indoors as well as outdoors and can even clean carpets.

The Best Vileda Broom: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Vileda Broom

Which Vileda brooms are there and what makes them so special?

Most Vileda brooms have rubber or foam bristles. There is also a mixed version and normal bristles, but these consist of at least 2 different bristles. This is what makes them so special. We have summarised all Vileda brooms with their characteristics in a table for a better overview.

Broom Bristles Use
Vileda Superfeger Classic Microfoam throughout For smooth floors, especially parquet and laminate. Removes fine dust, crumbs and hair - without whirling
Vileda Multibroom Rubber bristles Inside broom - ideal for sweeping up hair
Vileda 3 Action Broom 3 different bristles For thorough sweeping without whirling - angled bristles reach into corners
Vileda 2in1 Dustpan Set 2 different bristles Sweeps dirt out of corners and gaps, dustpan has a transitional rubber lip
Vileda 2in1 Classica broom 2 in 1 bristles and rubber corners For removing dust and picking up hair, the rubber corners protect furniture
Vileda DuActiva broom Bristles and foam Room broom without whirling up - ideal for allergy sufferers. Rounded rubber corners protect walls and furniture
Vileda 2in1 Garden Broom 2 in 1 bristles For garden and patio - picks up both fine and coarse dirt
Vileda Quick and Clean Rechargeable Broom 2 counter-rotating rollers with V-shaped blades The movement moves the dirt inside the machine and has a flexible joint to reach into corners.

Unlike conventional brooms, rubber brooms can be used in different areas and are suitable for sweeping indoors as well as outdoors.

The rubber material provides an electrostatic charge to pick up dust particles and hair without whirling them up. Vileda rubber brooms can also be used on short and long pile carpets to remove hair.

Vileda Besen-1

Many Vileda brooms are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. (Image source: / danielkirsch)

The microfoam that Vileda uses is also designed to sweep up fine dust, crumbs and hair without stirring them up. This makes most Vileda brooms suitable for allergy sufferers. Vileda brooms are also easy to clean.

The Vileda brooms that have normal bristles have them in different thicknesses and strengths, or pointing in different directions. Like the 3 Action broom, which has 3 different bristles. The black, thin bristles form a barrier close to the floor that optimally picks up dust. Thick grey bristles pick up crumbs and coarse dirt and the red, angled bristles reach into the corners.

The Vileda brand has already won numerous prizes and awards such as the "Red Dot Design Awards" and the "iF Product Design Awards". These speak for the ingenuity in product development and the design of Vileda. Thus, Vileda stands for quality and distinguishes itself from other manufacturers.

How long can I use a Vileda broom?

Vileda brooms are particularly durable. Especially the brooms with rubber bristles last an extremely long time without losing quality. With Vileda brooms made of foam or with synthetic hair bristles, the bristles or foam can deform over time.

However, depending on use, this should happen after 2 - 3 years at the earliest. Vileda gives a 2-year guarantee on the brooms, so you can use Vileda brooms for at least 2 years. However, most brooms are much more durable and last almost forever.

Vileda Besen-2

Vileda's high quality guarantees that the bristles do not become matted or lose their shape quickly. The rubber brooms are particularly durable. (Image source: / karim_manjra)

How expensive is a Vileda broom?

Depending on which Vileda broom you buy, they will vary in price. It also matters where you buy a Vileda broom, as department stores sometimes have deals. So do certain online shops. So it's worth keeping your eyes open.

We have summarised a rough guide to how much the various Vileda brooms cost in a table.

Type Price
Vileda broom with handle 12 - 25€
Vileda hand broom 7 - 12€
Electric Vileda broom 35 - 45€

What are the alternatives to a Vileda broom?

There are also alternatives to Vileda brooms. There are some no-name products that have copied the Vileda concept and may offer their brooms for a little less. However, the quality is often not as good and you should pay attention to the guarantee.

Vileda also offers steam cleaners and mops. However, these should be seen as a supplement to a Vileda broom and not as an alternative.

What Types of Vileda Brooms are there and which one is right for you?

Vileda brooms are available in different designs and can therefore be divided into three variants.

  • Vileda broom with handle
  • Vileda hand broom
  • Vileda electric broom

In the following section, we will give you an overview of the respective advantages and disadvantages of the different Vileda brooms. This will give you a better overview of which broom is best for you.

Vileda broom with handle

If you want a Vileda broom with a handle, you have the widest choice here. They are available with rubber bristles, synthetic bristles, micro foam or a mix of both. Almost all Vileda brooms have a telescopic handle, which makes sweeping easy on the back. Vileda brooms with handles are especially suitable for larger areas.

The disadvantage is that they are very bulky and you need space to store them. In addition, they do not fit under all furniture due to their size, which is why it makes sense to supplement a large Vileda broom with a hand broom.

  • Wide range of options
  • Many have telescopic handles and are therefore adjustable in size
  • Suitable for large areas
  • Bulky
  • do not fit under all furniture

Vileda Hand Broom

A Vileda hand brush is particularly suitable for corners and joints. It also fits under furniture for which a Vileda broom with handle is too bulky. The Vileda hand brush is suitable as a supplement to the broom. It is available with synthetic bristles or foam bristles.

The disadvantage is that a hand broom is only suitable for small areas. Long-term sweeping with this broom would lead to back pain due to the unhealthy posture.

  • Suitable for corners, joints and under furniture
  • as a supplement to the broom
  • Only suitable for small areas

Electronic Vileda broom

The electronic Vileda broom is powered by a rechargeable battery. The advantage is that this broom is very thorough and does not raise dust. It is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. It also has an integrated dust mop and is suitable for smooth floors and short pile carpets.

The disadvantage is the high purchase price of the battery-powered brush. In addition, charging the battery consumes electricity, which again leads to higher costs than a conventional broom. Due to its size, it is also more difficult to store and requires space.

  • Very thorough
  • With integrated dust wiper
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Suitable for smooth floors and short-pile carpets
  • High price
  • Power consumption due to battery charging
  • More difficult to store due to size

Buying Criteria: Use these Criteria to compare and rate Vileda Brooms


The bristles play an important role in finding the right Vileda broom for you. You should pay attention to the floor for which you need the broom.

  • Microfoam is particularly suitable for smooth floors such as parquet or laminate.
  • Synthetic or natural bristles are particularly suitable for outdoor areas or tiles.
  • Rubber br istles are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers or for removing pet hair from a carpet.


The size of the working width depends on the area you want to sweep regularly.

Wide brooms are particularly suitable for large areas or hallways. They make sweeping easier and, above all, faster.

However, if you have a small or winding flat, a narrower broom will probably suffice. This can even be an advantage if you want to sweep under furniture or in certain corners. You should also consider the length of the handle. The shorter you are, the shorter the handle can be.

Size also plays a role in storage options. You can quickly stow a hand brush anywhere, while you have to look at where you can store a large brush. The battery broom is especially large, and you need to have room to store it.

Special features

Some brooms have special features that distinguish them from other brooms. Besides the bristles and size, they may have a telescopic handle, which is handy when several people use the broom. This way you can always adjust the handle to the size of the user.

A special feature is the battery broom, which is charged with electricity and is therefore very thorough. In addition, a hand broom is no longer necessary, as it has a collection container where the dirt is caught.

Facts worth knowing about Vileda Brooms

Are there Vileda brooms for children?

Vileda has also brought out a broom wagon for children. The recommended age is 3 to 5 years.

The Vileda broom trolley offers children lots of accessories and fun for many hours. There is a mop for mopping, a bucket, a broom for sweeping, and a hand brush with dustpan. Everything is ready to hand on the trolley and can be transported easily. The children's broom trolley from Vileda is easy to assemble and has a height of approx. 59cm. The broom length is 55cm incl. handle.

There is also a Vileda broom trolley that includes a play hoover. In its viewing window, you can watch the included styrofoam balls as they move around. This is to make the play experience more real.

Where are Vileda brooms made?

Vileda GmbH is the German sales company of Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions. They have their headquarters in Weihnheim. The Freudenberg Group produces in its own factories in Great Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and other European countries.

What else does Vileda make apart from brooms?

The brand name "Vileda" is a variation of "like leather".

The name "Vileda" refers to the non-woven cloth produced and soaked in rubber, which feels "like leather". According to this, Vileda also produces other mechanical and electrical cleaning products besides brooms.

Apart from the classic fleece cleaning cloth, there are also pot cleaners, mops, steam cleaners, clothes drying racks, irons, etc. The products can all be found on the homepage. The products can all be found on the homepage, but are also available in other online shops.

Vileda Besen-3

The Vileda brand specialises in cleaning products. In addition to Vileda cloths, these also include cleaning sponges and pot cleaners. (Image source: / RitaE)

How do I clean a Vileda broom?

Another advantage of Vileda brooms is that they are very easy to clean. For brooms with foam or rubber bristles, you can simply separate them from the broom and wash them with water. To do this, simply hold them under warm running water and clean them.

Brooms with natural or synthetic bristles can be cleaned in a mixture of lukewarm water and soft soap. It is important to let them dry completely before reusing them. To dry, Vileda brooms should be hung up with the bristles facing downwards.

Regardless of the material of the broom, it should always dry completely before being used again.

Where can I find spare parts for the Vileda broom?

You can find spare parts for the Vileda broom on the Vileda homepage. But you can also find spare broom heads or individual broom handles on other sites such as Amazon. You can also find spare parts for other Vileda products, such as a new mop head and more.

How much guarantee is there on the Vileda broom?

Vileda's warranty guarantees that Vileda brooms are free from defects in material or workmanship at the time of purchase. The Vileda company provides a guarantee for a period of two years.

Should a Vileda broom prove to be defective during the warranty period due to defects in material or workmanship, Vileda will repair or replace the product or its defective parts. In doing so, Vileda may replace defective products or parts with new or like-new products or parts, in which case the replaced products or parts will become the property of Vileda.

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