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Vitamin E is an important component in our body that destroys free radicals and thus prevents diseases. Free radicals are produced as an intermediate product of metabolism in every single cell and increase the probability of falling ill [1].

Vitamin E, on the other hand, belongs to the tocopherol and tocotrienol family [2]. There are a total of eight different forms of the vitamin, with α-tocopherol being the best-known form because it is the only one that can be stored in the body.

Vitamin E not only prevents common diseases, but also improves the general appearance of the body. Vitamin E is often used in the form of oils or capsules to moisturise the skin or make hair grow stronger.

With our big vitamin E oil test 2022 we would like to support you in choosing the right vitamin E oil. We clarify the question of when you should use the oil and what benefits it brings. In addition, we explain which criteria you should look for when buying vitamin E oil.


  • Vitamin E performs many important tasks in the body, which are also visible from the outside. A vitamin E deficiency can be prevented with preparations.
  • Vitamin E oil always comes into play when you want to cover your needs and thus use the positive effects of the vitamin.
  • The positive effects include improved skin, stronger hair and stronger fingernails and toenails.

The best Vitamin E Oil: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying vitamin E oil

What is vitamin E oil useful for?

Vitamin E oil is always useful when you want to protect your body against diseases or improve the appearance of your skin. Vitamin E has a variety of applications, which we would like to explain to you briefly

The oil is used, for example, to strengthen your hair and protect it from falling out. It is often massaged directly or diluted in shampoo. Vitamin E also improves the appearance of your skin. If you have problems with pimples or acne, an application of vitamin E can be useful.

Besides protecting against diseases and improving the appearance of the skin, vitamin E can also speed up the healing of wounds.

After pregnancy, many women have problems with stretch marks on the skin. Through a targeted massage with vitamin E oil, the stretch marks can be weakened or prevented.

If you suffer from brittle fingernails and toenails, this can be an indicator of vitamin E deficiency. In this case, taking vitamin E capsules can strengthen your nails.

How much vitamin E oil should you take?

There are several factors that influence the daily requirement of vitamin E. The good news is that vitamin E deficiency is not a problem. The good news is that vitamin E deficiency is fortunately not common.

A vitamin E deficiency is less common with a balanced diet, but the positive effects can be better promoted through targeted intake.

However, a vitamin E deficiency is noticeable through hair loss, dry skin, headaches or brittle nails. In this case, your daily requirement of vitamin E should of course be significantly higher than is normally the case.

Furthermore, a distinction must be made between women, men and children. Men need a slightly higher amount of vitamin E than women or children. Women only need a slightly higher requirement during pregnancy. Older people generally need slightly less vitamin E per day. The table below shows the daily requirement.

Category Daily requirement
Men 12 to 15 mg
Women 11 to 12 mg
Pregnant women 17 mg
Older people 10 to 12 mg

Now that you know your daily requirement, it is also important to know where the upper limit of vitamin E is. Because of the small amounts and strong doses of oils and capsules, you should find out beforehand what your daily dose will be. An overdose will cause more bleeding, nausea and headaches.

However, overdose is fortunately less likely. You would have to take 300 to 400 mg of vitamin E regularly over a longer period of time before the above symptoms become noticeable [3].

Vitamin E Öl-1

An overdose of vitamin E is less common, but should nevertheless be observed more closely by certain groups of people.
(Image source: Gerasimoski/

Nevertheless, pregnant people or those with blood clotting disorders should observe the maximum dose more closely. Especially for people who take medication to thin their blood, an overdose of vitamin E can have an increased negative effect.

Vitamin E Öl-2

You can find vitamin E oil both online and offline in almost all webshops or shops. However, you will mainly find a good range of varieties and prices on the internet.
(Image source: / Cliff Burtonsen)

When does vitamin E oil make sense in capsule form and when in bottle form?

You generally have the option of purchasing vitamin E oil in capsule form or directly filled in a bottle. Even inside the capsules, the vitamin E oil is usually unprocessed, so that you can break them open when you need them.

If you want to take the vitamin quickly and easily, the capsule form is the better choice for you. The oil in bottle form, on the other hand, can be applied to specific areas.

The advantage of the bottled oil is that you can apply the vitamin directly to the skin or hair. If you plan to do this more often, the bottled version makes more sense because you don't have to break open the capsules first.

The second advantage of the bottle form is that it is usually a little cheaper than the capsules. So if you want to use vitamin E regularly in the long term, the bottled version is better for you.

The capsules, on the other hand, have the advantage that you can take them anywhere and quickly. The bottled oil has to be massaged into the skin over a longer period of time so that you don't leave any stains on your clothes. So if you are often on the go, it makes more sense to take the capsules.

In addition, the dosage in capsule form is often easier. The dosage of capsules is often chosen so that you need exactly one capsule a day. This makes overdosing less likely.

Do I need a high-dose vitamin E oil?

An important factor in your purchase decision is the dose of the oil. You generally have a choice between high-dose oils and those with a lower vitamin E content.

Normal dosed capsules, for example, have 300 I.U. per capsule. I.U. is a measurement and stands for International Unit. With normal-dose capsules, you run less risk of taking an overdose.

An extremely high dose of vitamin E oil, for example, has up to 29,500 I.U. This must be diluted in any case and is used for people who have a vitamin E deficiency or have an increased need. There is a risk of overdosing, so you must always inform yourself about the project-specific dosage and application.

The high-dose version is also suitable if you want to rub the diluted vitamin E oil on large areas of your body or hair. Normally, a vitamin E oil with a normal dosage of between 300 and 600 I.U. per ml or capsule is sufficient.

Buying criteria: You can use these criteria to compare and evaluate vitamin E oil


One of the most important factors in your purchase decision is the dose of vitamin E contained in the oil. This is measured in I.E per capsule or ml.

High-dose oils have a value of about 850 I.U. per ml. You can usually dilute these again with water, as the dose is still sufficiently high afterwards. On average, normal oils contain a value of about 370 I.U., which you can still dilute.

A capsule of vitamin E oil contains an average of 600 I.U. The capsules are usually dosed so that you can take one capsule a day. With vitamin E oil, you should apply 2-3 small drops per day, depending on the dosage.

However, inform yourself again about the exact application of the vitamin E oil that you have bought. This way you do not run the risk of taking an overdose of the vitamin. A strong overdose can lead to headaches or nausea!

The stronger the dose of vitamin E, the longer you can take the oil or capsules. However, make sure you know the exact daily dose of your product so that you do not run the risk of overdosing!


A decisive factor in your purchase decision is the quantity. How big should your bottle of vitamin E oil be? If you only want to use the oil rarely, the small 30 ml versions will probably be enough for you.

If you plan to use the oil regularly on many areas, you should go for the larger version. The bottles are also available with 100 ml (or more), so you will be able to get by for a long time with this variant.

If you decide on the capsule form, the small variants start at 30 pieces per can. If you plan to take the capsules more often, you should go for the version with about 100 capsules.


The right vitamin E oil should contain only a few ingredients, as these are not usually needed. You should avoid dyes or stabilisers in any case, as these have no influence on the effectiveness of the vitamin E.

The active ingredient in your oil should be alpha-tocopherol, which can be stored in the body. In addition, the vitamin E should be plant-based and naturally derived.


Another important point is the application of the oil. If you buy a bottle of oil, read reviews to find out how long the oil should be left on the skin and whether it is easy to rub in.

The bottle should also be suitable for the application. Optimal are bottles that also have a pipette so that you can optimally dose the small drops.

Once you have decided on the capsules, you should find out how large they are. The larger they are, the more uncomfortable they can be to swallow. You should also know beforehand whether they can be easily broken open if you want to take the oil out of the capsules.

You can use these points in brief as a checklist for your purchase decision.

  • Dose: Is the dose high enough and is an overdose unlikely?
  • Quantity: Does the product last long enough for your needs?
  • Ingredients: Does your product contain few ingredients that are also natural?
  • Application: Is the oil easy to rub in? Are the capsules easy to swallow or break open?

Interesting facts about vitamin E oil

Perfume and Vitamin E Oil - A fragrant combination

Often you have the problem that an expensive perfume does not smell as long as expected. Vitamin E oil can also help you in this case. Simply apply a small amount of oil to the area of your skin where you want to spray your perfume.

Ideally, you should use an area with good blood circulation, such as your neck or the underside of your wrist. The vitamin E oil increases the durability of your fragrance, so that it is still noticeable after many hours.

Vitamin E Öl-3

First apply the oil to an area with good blood circulation (in this example, the wrist). After spraying on the perfume, the oil increases its durability.
(Image source: / Rassmus Flemmingen)

Sunflower and almond kernels as perfect additives

If you want to use other natural sources besides oil capsules, sunflower seeds and almond kernels are the best choices. About 28 grams of roasted sunflower seeds cover 78 % of your daily vitamin E requirement [4].

The almond kernels, on the other hand, also contain healthy fats and keep you full for a long time with fibre. Perfect if you are on a diet. The table below gives you a good overview of other natural sources of vitamin E.

Food Vitamin content
Hazelnut 26 mg
Margarine 16 mg
Rapeseed oil 18.9 mg
Linseed 16 mg

Image source: Dolgachov/