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The Vorwerk company has been offering household appliances for over 100 years. The range includes particularly high-quality hoovers. Vorwerk attaches great importance to innovation and sustainability. The company therefore constantly offers new hoover models with improved functions. With this article, we want to help you find the right Vorwerk hoover for you. Therefore, we have compared many products in our large Vorwerk hoover test 2022 to show you the advantages and disadvantages. This way you can find the best Vorwerk hoover for you and your purchase decision will be easier.


  • Vorwerk offers a small product range compared to its competitors. However, this is constantly being further developed through innovations and hoovers from Vorwerk are therefore also of particularly high performance and quality. This is why the company's products are in the higher price segment.
  • The Vorwerk company offers three different types of hoovers. These are regular hoovers, cordless hoovers and vacuum robots. A key differentiator between these product types is the suction power.
  • Vorwerk stands for innovation and sustainability. In order to be able to meet the high quality requirements for its own products, the development and production of most products is carried out directly by the company. In addition, Vorwerk increasingly relies on sustainable energies, recycled material and reduces its CO2 emissions.

The Best Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaner: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Vorwerk hoover

Before you buy a Vorwerk hoover, you should gather some basic information. We have summarised this for you below.

What distinguishes a Vorwerk hoover from other manufacturers?

The Vorwerk company was founded in 1883 in Germany and was a small family business in the field of carpet manufacturing. Today, the company still produces carpets and floor coverings, but this area accounts for the smallest turnover of the group of companies.

Vorwerk has only a small product range. However, it is characterised by special quality and performance.

Today, Vorwerk specialises in household appliances. The company offers a rather small product range compared to other manufacturers of household appliances. However, Vorwerk products are of extremely high quality and offer strong performance. To be able to guarantee this high quality standard, the development and production of most products lies exclusively and directly with Vorwerk. [1] Vorwerk stands for innovation and sustainability. Vorwerk regularly registers patents for innovations in product development. But the sustainability of the products is also important to the company. Vorwerk increasingly relies on renewable energies, reduces its CO2 emissions and uses more recycled materials.

Vorwerk Staubsauger-1

Many people cannot or do not want to afford a Vorwerk hoover. But with alternatives, you have to reckon with less power and additional functions.
(Image source: / NickyPe)

What alternatives are there to Vorwerk hoovers?

Vorwerk products are particularly powerful and often have special additional functions that simplify the household enormously. The company's hoovers also offer some helpful functions. However, the high purchase price deters many potential customers, or the products are simply not affordable or profitable enough for them to use. If you can't afford a new Vorwerk hoover, or don't want one, there are alternatives. In the meantime, there are already many companies that manufacture products similar to those of Vorwerk. Due to lower research costs and slightly lower quality, there are significant price differences compared to an original Vorwerk hoover.

Decision: What types of Vorwerk hoovers are there and which is right for you?

If you want to buy a Vorwerk hoover, you have to make a basic decision about the type. You can distinguish between the following three types of Vorwerk hoovers:

  • Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaner
  • Vorwerk Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Vorwerk Robot Vacuum Cleaner

All three variants offer you both advantages and disadvantages. In the next section we will show you these so that you can choose the right Vorwerk hoover for you.

Vorwerk hoover

A regular Vorwerk hoover is not a simple product, despite its simple design. It has many advantages and disadvantages. A major advantage of the Vorwerk hoover over other products is its suction power. The simple model has a powerful motor that optimises suction with a high wattage. The Vorwerk hoover can also be started at any time with a power supply. It does not need to be recharged and can be used for hours as long as there is a power socket nearby. Nevertheless, the Vorwerk hoover also has disadvantages. Due to the necessary power supply, a cable is needed, which can sometimes interfere with vacuuming. This also makes the hoover less manoeuvrable than, for example, a cordless hoover. The price of the Vorwerk hoover is also somewhat higher compared to other types of products. Due to the high-quality and powerful motor, the price is about 200 € more than for the other devices.
  • Stronger suction power
  • No charging times
  • Unlimited use
  • Not manoeuvrable
  • Price somewhat higher

Vorwerk Battery Vacuum Cleaner

The Vorwerk cordless hoover works wirelessly with an integrated rechargeable battery. The battery must be charged before use. This mode of operation also has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of a cordless hoover is its manoeuvrability. Due to the narrow concept without a cable, vacuuming even in more difficult places is possible. Vacuuming over several floors is also easier with the Vorwerk cordless hoover. In principle, the device is also much lighter in weight due to the smaller motor. This also makes it easier to guide the hoover. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages to the Vorwerk cordless hoover. The battery must always be charged. This can take from a few minutes to hours. If you also want to vacuum a large house, you may have to charge it again between vacuuming because the battery life is not sufficient.
  • Particularly manoeuvrable
  • Easier handling
  • Lighter weight
  • Charging times
  • Not unlimited use

Vorwerk Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Vorwerk Robot Vacuum Cleaner automatically vacuums the house after scanning the floor plan. It can be operated with its own app. This has advantages and disadvantages. A clear advantage of the Vorwerk Robot Vacuum Cleaner is that it is automatic. You can vacuum your house without being at home yourself. This is particularly time-efficient. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner can easily reach all corners of the house and otherwise difficult-to-reach places on the floor. Otherwise, you would have to clean them manually with effort and perhaps even bent over. A disadvantage, however, is that the robot vacuum cleaner is only suitable for the floor. If you want to vacuum the sofa, for example, you also need another device. There is also no possibility to get additional attachments for the Robot Vacuum Cleaner, as is often the case with other Vorwerk devices. Simultaneous vacuuming and cleaning is therefore not possible with the Vorwerk Robot Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Vacuums automatically
  • Time-efficient
  • Good accessibility
  • Only suitable for floors
  • No additional attachments possible

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Vorwerk hoovers

If you have decided on a type of Vorwerk hoover, you should still consider a few factors before buying. These are:

The following sections will show you what these criteria are.

Power and suction power in watts

On all Vorwerk hoovers you will find two different specifications in watts. One defines the general wattage, which has a significant influence on the power consumption. The second indicates the actual suction power in watts.

Robert GoslingSenior Design Ingenieur bei Dyson

One should not underestimate the role that vacuum cleaning plays for the environment and climate protection. After all, there are about 39 million hoovers in households in Germany today. These hoovers consume about 2.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. If the limitation of wattage is effectively implemented, considerable savings are possible. Therefore, the competition now focuses more on efficiency and tries to increase the suction power instead of the general power. Vorwerk also offers hoovers with high suction power at only 500 watts.

Did you know that you can save a lot of money with a good hoover? Today, the most economical hoovers have about 400 watts. Therefore, for 52 hours of operation per year (1 hour per week), they consume about 21 kilowatt hours. This is roughly equivalent to 6 euros in electricity costs per year. Less efficient vacuum cleaners with a wattage of the permitted 900 watts can consume 43 kWh per year and thus cause electricity costs of over 11 euros. If you vacuum much more than one hour a week, you should definitely choose an energy-efficient appliance.

The actual suction power is influenced not only by the motor, but also by the filter system, various seals and, of course, the suction pipe. [3] Therefore, even energy-saving appliances can provide good suction power.

Size and weight

The size and weight of a hoover can be very important for you as a purchase criterion. This is true both if you have a large house and if you only have a small flat.

Especially if your living space extends over several floors, you need to be able to carry your hoover up and down the stairs. In smaller flats, on the other hand, there is often little free space and you need to be able to reach everywhere with the hoover. In these cases, a smaller hoover is more suitable.

In many cases, however, a smaller hoover also means a smaller dust bag volume. Therefore, if you have a large house with only one floor, you might choose a larger model.

Cable length

Especially for regular Vorwerk hoovers with a power cord, the cord length is also important. Only with a sufficiently long cable can you save yourself constant and tedious plugging in and searching for sockets. All Vorwerk hoovers with a power cable have an average cable length of 7 to 10 metres. If you have problems finding free sockets in your living space, you should opt for a model with a larger operating range or a cordless Vorwerk hoover.

Battery life

Vorwerk cordless hoovers are particularly light and manoeuvrable, but they need to be charged regularly at the station. Therefore, the battery life is an important purchase criterion when vacuuming.

Vorwerk Staubsauger-2

With cordless hoovers, the battery life and charging time should also be taken into account. Vorwerk cordless hoovers are particularly good at both. This also makes it possible to clean large areas and dirt.
(Image source: / The Creative Exchange)

Vorwerk hoovers are particularly efficient here. With a fully charged battery, you can vacuum for up to 80 minutes with a Vorwerk model. The recharging time is also only short, at 3 hours.


Vorwerk hoovers are of average volume. This lies at approx. 65 decibels

The volume of a hoover is often perceived as very loud and annoying. However, there are sometimes significant differences in noise emission between the individual types and models of Vorwerk hoovers. Due to a special sound encapsulation of the hoover housing, some models manage to work particularly quietly. However, most Vorwerk hoovers are in the range of around 60 to 70 decibels. Nevertheless, the particularly powerful units are somewhat louder and reach a volume of up to 79 decibels. The higher values are due to the large and powerful motor. In order to better assess the decibel rating, the following table shows objects or activities and their volume in decibels:

Type Volume in decibels
Normal conversation 60
Traffic noise 70
Loud crying baby 80
Hair dryer 90

Additional functions

Vorwerk offers its customers many additional functions in the form of attachable brushes for its appliances. The appliance can thus be easily configured and given useful additional functions. These are:

  • Automatic Electric Brush: The attachment of an Automatic Electric Brush makes it possible to remove even heavy dirt. This enables thorough cleaning of carpets down to the deepest layers.
  • Hard floor nozzle: The hard floor nozzle facilitates vacuuming on hard floors through separate suction channels. These enable it to pick up even the finest dust particles on smooth surfaces.
  • Upholstery brush with mattress cleaning set: The upholstery brush cleans upholstered furniture particularly well with the help of a narrow design. It also gets into all the crevices and the mattress cleaning kit helps to loosen and remove dust and allergens with the help of rotations.
  • Suction wiper: The suction wiper attachment makes it possible to vacuum and wash up in just one step. In addition, the air dries the floor faster during vacuuming.
  • Carpet freshener: The carpet freshener massages some cleaning powder into the carpet. This keeps the carpet looking good and smelling fresh for longer.

Interesting facts about Vorwerk hoovers

Where are Vorwerk hoovers manufactured?

The Vorwerk company has three production sites. In addition to the company headquarters in Germany, there is one factory each in France and China.

In order to guarantee the high quality standards of its products, the company wants to continue producing in Germany. However, this no longer applies to all appliances.

Vorwerk hoovers, however, are still largely manufactured and processed in Germany. For products such as the Thermomix, on the other hand, production has been outsourced to China, as the market growth there is said to be greater.

If your Vorwerk hoover or parts of it break, Vorwerk will repair them free of charge within two years from the date of purchase. The company will also send you packaging on request.
(Image source: / jarmoluk)In the event of a product defect within the warranty period, the customer has the option of sending the defective appliance directly to the repair centre in Germany or dropping it off at a Vorwerk Service Centre. Vorwerk will even provide shipping packaging for the appliance on request.

What other products does Vorwerk offer?

Vorwerk offers other products besides hoovers. These are:

  • Akf Group: The Akf Group is a bank founded by Vorwerk, which today is one of the largest leasing and financing companies in Germany. It is regarded as a high-performance specialist financier for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Flooring: The Vorwerk company was originally a carpet factory. Today, carpets and floor coverings are still offered under this name.
  • JAFRA Cosmetics: This cosmetics line also belongs to Vorwerk. The main markets for this product are concentrated in Mexico, the USA and Brazil. Similar to other Vorwerk products, JAFRA Cosmetics is offered through direct sales.
  • Thermomix: The Thermomix is a kitchen appliance that mixes and cooks at the same time. With many recipes and functions stored in the appliance, this product currently accounts for the majority of Vorwerk's sales.
  • Temial: The Temial product is a household appliance for preparing tea. Its innovative technology, such as a touch screen and terminal codes, clearly sets it apart from the competition of simple tea makers.
  • Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures: Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures GmbH is an investment company. In order to remain an innovation leader, Vorwerk invests in young innovative companies for a mutually beneficial partnership.