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Welcome to our big VPN router test 2021. Here we present all VPN routers that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best VPN router for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a VPN router.


  • VPN routers have become increasingly important and popular in the era of data leaks and government surveillance, as they allow their users to surf the internet anonymously and securely.
  • A distinction is made between the classic VPN router, which already has a built-in VPN module, and the VPN-compatible router, which does not have a built-in VPN module but can be upgraded through software.
  • A VPN router is mainly used for anonymous and secure surfing on the internet. In addition, you can use it to overcome cross-border country barriers and still access a wide range of websites.

The Best VPN Router: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a VPN router

What is a "VPN router" anyway?

A VPN router gives you the possibility to surf the internet comfortably and securely from home. The VPN router allows you to connect to the internet in a virtual private network (VPN).

A VPN router offers many possibilities and freedoms, such as anonymous and secure surfing on the Internet. (Image source: / Misha Feshchak)

With it, you can surf and download content from the internet safely and anonymously. Often, certain websites are unavailable due to country barriers. You can bypass such barriers with the help of your private network, which you can access through your VPN router.

All of your internet-enabled devices, from your smartphone to your gaming console, can connect to your VPN router and access your private network.

Is a VPN router suitable for you?

In principle, the VPN router is suitable for anyone who wants to surf the Internet anonymously and securely.

It should be emphasised that it is particularly suitable for you if you intend to access the internet with different devices.

With an ordinary simple VPN connection, it is often only one device that is in your virtual private network. You solve this problem with the help of the VPN router.

This way, you can still access content from your home country that may not be accessible due to geo-blocking.

What does a VPN router cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, as the price is strongly influenced by your personal preferences. In the table below, we have assigned prices to the different segments.

Now you can make up your own mind about the different services and the corresponding prices.

Product category price in €
VPN router with VPN client 50-100
VPN router without VPN client 150-300

What can you use your VPN router for?

As mentioned above, you can use your VPN router to surf the Internet anonymously and securely with all your Internet-enabled devices. This is ensured by your virtual private network connection.

This is done in such a way that your data is not encrypted, as is the case with normal internet connections, making it virtually impossible for your identity to be recognised and your activities to be tracked.

Furthermore, you can bypass country barriers, so-called geo-blocking, and enjoy your favourite content abroad without any problems. Of course, it is crucial that you get yourself a mobile VPN router.

What alternatives are there to VPN routers?

Alternatively, you can use a normal router without the VPN function. You can then add the VPN function to it with the help of an additional product. The advantage here could be that you might not realise until after the purchase that you would like a VPN-capable router.

Of course, you then have the option of buying a VPN router directly, but this proves to be costly if you have just bought a new router.

In this case, we recommend that you buy an additional product that adds the VPN function to your router. However, you must make sure that your original router is compatible with such extensions.

Decision: What types of VPN routers are there and which is the right one for you?

Most VPN routers differ in their encryption and transmission methods. However, this has no significant relevance for you in contrast to the different function types of VPN routers.

There are the following two options:

  • VPN routers that have an integrated VPN client and can thus establish a VPN connection on their own
  • Routers that need to be extended with software so that they can establish a VPN connection

In the following we have compiled the different possibilities with their advantages and disadvantages.

What distinguishes a router with VPN client and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This type of router has an integrated VPN client and can thus establish a VPN connection on its own. It does this by using the required data from a VPN server. You don't have to do practically anything yourself.

Now all you have to do is connect your Internet-enabled devices to the router and you can access the Internet via your virtual private network connection.

  • fast
  • compact
  • ergonomic
  • no torrent
  • few additional functions

What are the features of a router with VPN support and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A router with VPN support does not have an integrated VPN client and therefore needs an extension that takes over this task. In this case, it is usually sufficient to carry out a simple software installation.

In some cases, however, an additional hardware device may be required. In this case, the price can quickly go up.

  • Flexibility
  • more features
  • often more expensive
  • less compatible
  • larger

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate VPN routers

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate VPN routers. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain router is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Speed
  • Ergonomics
  • Features
  • Size


Speed is a very crucial point, especially when it comes to the Internet. With a VPN router, speed means download speed on the one hand and upload speed on the other.

These two factors form the basic foundation when it comes to being satisfied with your VPN router.

Basically, one can say that the speed of a VPN router depends on the memory capacity and the computing power of the chip that is installed inside the VPN router.

Another factor that determines the speed of your VPN router is the data transmission. These indicate how much data can flow through your router per second.


The purchase criterion ergonomics revolves around the ease of use of your new VPN router. This includes factors such as:

  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Repair

All these factors can significantly influence your handling of a VPN router. It is therefore crucial to get information about the following factors before buying.

A good VPN router should be quick to install, easy to use and quick to repair or replace.

The easiest way to find out this is to ask your supervising employee in a specialist shop. If necessary, ask for an illustration of how to use the router or ask if it is possible to request help with installation problems.


The features distinguish the moderately good from the good and the good from the very good VPN routers. These include the following aspects:

  • Video streaming
  • Connections
  • Compatibility

All these aspects can increase your satisfaction and thus be decisive for which VPN router you should choose.

Customers of a VPN router often want to use various streaming sites such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, even if they are in a country where these sites are not available or where they would have to take out a different subscription.

The number of connections a VPN router has can be decisive for the purchase. (Image source: / Web Hosting)

This is where the VPN router comes into play. Some models already have pre-installed streaming sites and thus offer you considerable added value.


The size of your VPN router is also a crucial factor, as the router often doesn't necessarily fit seamlessly into the home décor in terms of design, it is all the more important that you can store the router well in suitable places due to its compactness.

If the VPN router is too heavy, it loses an important advantage and is inferior to lighter and smaller routers. Of course, this depends entirely on your own preference.

If you travel a lot and the appearance of your home is of great importance to you, the size and weight of your VPN router plays an important role.

You can often find weight and size information online or perhaps you can convince yourself of the product directly on site.

Facts worth knowing about VPN routers

How do you set up your VPN router?

This is of course one of the most important points after buying your VPN router. But don't worry too much about this. We'll show you how you can easily help yourself or how you can best get advice from experts.

Attention: Let the experts help you set up your VPN router!

Which VPN router can you buy for your business?

So far in our article, we have only told you about the private use of a VPN router. However, as you might have guessed, it is also possible to use a VPN router within a company.

Here, the security component is certainly paramount, so that competitors don't get the chance to extract secret and valuable information.

Security and speed are crucial in the business world. So make sure you design your router with these criteria in mind!

If you decide to install a VPN router within your company, it is best to ask an expert how secure the various routers really are and then decide on the most suitable router from your point of view based on your preferences.

Image source: / Geoff Powell