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Nowadays, all fashion and sports brands are using fanny packs as essential elements of any outfit. These accessories are comfortable and relatively large spaces to store our belongings.

We present you everything you need to know about these accessories, and we guide you in your choice process if you are thinking of acquiring one of these products. Whatever your decision, fanny packs are the thing today, and you won't regret it if you decide to go out and buy one.


  • Kangaroos are quite good compared to other bags for several reasons, mainly because they stick to your body and you don't have to carry them with your arm. They are quite secure and they are roomy.
  • When purchasing a fanny pack, your priorities will vary depending on the type of activity you need it for, i.e. whether you want a sports fanny pack or a decorative fanny pack. These fanny packs are similar, but have different ways of fitting to the body.
  • In addition to determining what type of fanny pack you need, there are several things to consider before buying a fanny pack. Some of the most important buying factors are material, size, style, brand and design.

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Buying Guide: what you need to know about waist bag

If you've already made the decision to buy a fanny pack, we can assure you it was a great idea. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about these accessories, and what you need to know before choosing your favourite fanny pack.

Fanny packs are very practical but also quite decorative (Photo: dolgachov /

Is it preferable to carry a waist bag or another type of bag?

Actually, each type of bag has its advantages and disadvantages. Kangaroo bags are one of the most popular bags among users because they have many of the advantages of other bags integrated into one product. One of the most significant advantages is that they are secure, as they are not easy to snatch.

In addition, they are roomier than many small bags, although not as roomy as a laptop bag, notebook bag, or jumper bag. Fanny packs are quite fashionable, so they will enhance your outfit. However, they can be uncomfortable to take off, or if you have to carry them all the time instead of hanging them on a hanger.

  • Safe
  • Spacious
  • Fashionable
  • Not so roomy for work tools
  • Can be cumbersome
  • Must be carried all the time

Sport or decorative slippers - what should you look out for?

As mentioned above, one of the biggest differences between the types of fanny packs is whether they are designed for sport or as a beauty item, as each type of fanny pack will serve different functions.

Sports fanny packs. These fanny packs are mainly lightweight, small, and waterproof. They are used for runners, cyclists, or athletes of all kinds who need a small, unobtrusive space to carry their most important belongings. They are slim and have sturdy straps.

Decorative fanny packs. In these fanny packs, the main accessory is the bag, so they are usually larger than sports fanny packs. The bands or straps are thinner, so they may not be as strong. These fanny packs are made of thicker, flashier and heavier materials.

Sport slings Decorative slings
Weight Lighter than decorative slings Heavier than sport slings
Resistance Water and weather resistant Less resistant than sport slings
Material Thin and waterproof Thicker and more colourful
Size Small to avoid getting in the way Medium or large, depending on the design

How to use a waist bag?

The original idea of a fanny pack is that it is worn in the area just above the hip. However, different types of fanny packs can be worn in different ways because, as mentioned in a previous section, each type serves different functions. Fashion fanny packs, for example, are worn slightly to one side, while travel fanny packs are often worn underneath the clothing.

It all depends on what level of security you need. Sport fanny packs are worn slightly higher than the other types.

There are very creative fanny pack designs that will give your outfit an extra edge (Photo: Artem Beliaikin /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of waist bag

Finally, we recommend that you read the following list of buying criteria that will help you find the fanny pack that best suits your needs and, specifically, the use you are going to make of your accessory.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Style
  • Brand
  • Design


As a first factor, the material your fanny pack is made of is important because it will determine how you can use it, how resistant it will be to different environments, and how you will be able to wear it. Normally, each type of fanny pack is made of different materials.

Fabric. Fabric fanny packs are quite versatile, as they are very durable and you can take them with you to do sports, but also model them as part of a good outfit. Some disadvantages are that they are not waterproof, and they are often less eye-catching than a leather or leather-derived one. They have a very casual style.

Waterproof fabric. This is the material of most sports fanny packs, as it is quite light and good for wearing outdoors. This fabric is quite thin, so it can tear if worn for sports like hiking or mountain biking. However, it is quite practical as it is not heavy and is for small fanny packs.

Leather or leather derivatives. These are the most attractive materials for making fanny packs, and are the materials used by designer or clothing fanny pack brands. They are bigger than sports fanny packs as they are made to show off.

Fabric fanny packs are the most versatile because they can be used in many contexts (Photo: mklrnt/


The size of your fanny pack is another very important purchasing factor, as we cannot use certain sizes for certain activities. In addition, the different types of material are a strong influence on the size of the fanny packs. By size we mean the width of your fanny pack, as the lengths are very variable.

Small (less than 10 cm wide). The smallest fanny packs are definitely the sporty ones, as they only include space to carry essential items such as cards or a mobile phone. This aims to make the fanny pack less heavy and cumbersome for sports.

Medium (10 to 15 cm wide). Medium fanny packs are those that can be used for different activities, such as travel fanny packs. They usually have several compartments where we can store objects such as our wallet or mobile phone, as well as a larger central space.

Large (More than 20 cm wide). Larger fanny packs are ideal as a fashion accessory, or for when you need to carry more than the essentials. An example is a fanny pack that is taken to events such as music festivals, as it can hold things you buy or even a thin jumper.


One of the most important aspects when buying a fanny pack is the style, as fanny packs come in many, many sizes and shapes. We simplify the types of styles into three main ones: casual, travel, and fit.

Casual. Casual fanny packs are made of fabric, leather or leather-based materials, and can be worn with any type of outfit. This style is the one we are going to find the most in fanny packs, as most of them are quite simple and do not contain too many compartments. Traveller.

A travel style fanny pack will have several compartments where we can put, for example, our passport or plane tickets. They are super practical as we don't have to empty our hand luggage every time we go through security, and they are great for keeping our documents safe.

Fit. The fanny packs we call "fit" are the sporty ones that have a modern style as well as being practical. Normally, these fanny packs have few compartments and are quite slim. Many are elongated, which is an ideal style for people who exercise with nice outfits.


Although it is not one of the most important aspects, if you already have in mind to buy a fanny pack of certain types you need to consider some factors that will make your purchase a better choice. There are certain requirements that our fanny packs should contain if we are going to go to a shop or for a specific brand.

The quality of the fabric is always important, you should check how it looks and feels

Sportswear. If you have a particular sports shop in mind, we recommend that you make sure that the quality of the fabric is what you want. Often times, sports shirts sold in commercial shops are delicate and break when customers see them or try them on.

Clothing. In this type of brand we recommend that you make sure that the straps or bands are well baked. One of the ways in which clothing brands that sell cheap accessories save the most is on the stitching of the products. Many times, if you buy a fanny pack from a clothing shop, you will have problems with the straps.

Designer. Designer brands, especially those that focus on the production of bags and accessories, have a certain guarantee of quality, so it is not so necessary to pay attention to this aspect. However, we do recommend that you look at the type of material, that it is certified, and that it is not too delicate or sensitive to wear.


Finally, by design we mean the complexity of your fanny pack, which is actually a combination of all the aspects mentioned above. This can serve as a summary, so that you can make a final decision and find the fanny pack that you like the most.

Simple. Simple fanny packs are good for athletes. They are made of simple and light materials, such as waterproof fabrics. The style of these fanny packs is quite modern, and they can be found in many colours and shapes. They are usually small and without compartments.

Complex. Complex fanny packs are those that are decorative, serve as an accessory or function as a travel item. They are complex because they have compartments and shapes that serve to look good, or to store different types of documents. They can be used casually, and will usually be the larger ones.

Unique. Whatever you're going to use your fanny pack for, there are unique designs that will complement your look with a piece of bling. Look for fanny packs that are unique, as rarely in the history of fashion do we have the opportunity to use such versatile and fun accessories.

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