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The wall bars are a universal piece of gymnastics equipment. A wall bars allows a variety of exercises. Whether professional training or beginners, the wall bars are suitable for children, adults and seniors. Wall bars can be set up indoors and outdoors.

Did you know that a wall bars is also a modern furnishing element? It can be used as vintage decoration, as a room divider, as a desk and as a changing unit. What is particularly interesting is that a wall bar can find its place in almost every home; soft walls, e.g. made of Rigips®, are no longer an obstacle. We have compared and summarised the most important features and application possibilities for you.


  • The wall bars are available in many versions for your individual needs. They come in different sizes and materials, with a different number of rungs, with round and oval rungs, with and without empty space, for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The wall bars should be an integral part of every home gym. It is ideal for calisthenics, exercises where you train with your own body weight.
  • The wall bars can be extended quickly and easily. Accessories such as a bench, pull-up bar and dip station are classics. However, it is also important to find the right mat.

The Best Wall Bar: Our Choices

Here you will find a selection for every taste. A colourful wall bars for children but also a great model for power. Of course, there are also classics.

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Wall Bars

The wall bars are popular both in the professional sector and at home. It can be a lifelong companion. Here you will find the most important criteria for your wall bars:

These criteria are briefly explained for you so that you can find the right model for you.

Area of use

A wall bars in the living room is fitness equipment for the whole family. Many wall bars are suitable for both children and adults. There is one difference. Round rungs are easier for children to grip. Oval rungs fit better in large hands. With accessories, a wall bars can also be transformed into a multifunctional piece of furniture.

Place of use

A basic distinction is made between a wall bars for indoor and outdoor use. Wall bars can be free-standing or wall-mounted. You do not need a special wall bar for ceiling mounting. There are special accessories. Models for the door frame and narrow versions for limited space are a speciality.

Load capacity

A wall bar for adults should be able to bear a load of at least 100 kg, preferably 130 kg or even 250 kg. Firm anchoring is also important; swinging exercises are a dynamic strain on the material.


Outdoors, the posts are screwed to the ground or set in concrete. For the terrace, wall mounting is suitable.

Indoors, the wall bars should never be mounted directly on the wall, but always at a distance. It is advisable to attach the stringers of the wall bars with an angle bracket. The wall should be solid and load-bearing. Alternatively, ceiling mounting is possible. The wall bars for the door frame can be clamped without drilling.


Special wall bars for children have only 6-8 rungs. Wall bars for adults have about 10-15 rungs. The distance between the rungs can vary greatly. It usually ranges from 13 to 16 cm. Regular wall bars for the home are usually between 2.00 m and 2.20 m high.


A wall bar is usually made of wood or metal. The advantage of wood is that it feels better. There are many types of wood with wall bars according to DIN standards. Oak, spruce, ash, beech, cherry and walnut are possible variants.

Soft wood such as spruce has the disadvantage that signs of use appear more quickly. Metal wall bars are particularly popular in the fitness sector. A pure metal wall bar is very suitable for outdoors. Ultimately, the material is a matter of taste.

Guide: Frequently asked Questions about Wall Bars answered in Detail

Who is a wall bar suitable for?

There are models for children from the age of 3. If you start right away with a large model, it is a perfect companion with the appropriate accessories, first as a changing table, then as a children's desk as well as a climbing wall.


As you can see in the picture, oval rungs are easy to grasp, especially for large hands. (Image source: Vera Plachetka)

For adults, the load-bearing capacity is important. A wall bar is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. Even seniors can train their balance here, for example.

What do I have to keep in mind when using a wall bars?

Most models have a rung in front, for example, for pull-ups. The material should be wiped gently with a damp or dry cloth. When using the wall bars for sports, make sure there is enough space for the drop area.

Wall bars with an empty space allow climbing through. Models without an empty space are popular because you have more rungs to grab onto. The anchoring in the wall should be checked regularly. The safety mat is important!

What does a wall bar cost?

The price depends primarily on the materials and the place of production. An important aspect is the load capacity. Even in the medium price segment, you can get solid quality for young and old.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (85 - 160 €) For beginners. The maximum load here is around 100 kg.
Medium-priced (160 - 300 €) All-rounder. Various designs, higher quality wood. Often good design.
High-priced (from 300 €) rather something for practices, schools and gyms. Most outdoor models are also more expensive.

What exercises are there for a wall bars?

There is a wide range of exercises that can be done with and without accessories. Children have great fun climbing and sliding down a bench. It is more difficult to hang on with only one hand and one foot. It is rarely considered that the leg muscles can also be trained with the wall bars.

For the calf raise, stand on a rung facing the wall, hold on and raise your calves. Hold briefly, release and repeat. A wall bar is perfect for a hard total body workout.

Use their own weight to train their maximum strength. Mobility-impaired seniors can stretch and straighten up slowly on the wall bars. The wall bars allow you to slowly increase the level of difficulty.

What extensions/accessories are available for a wall bars?

Wall bars can be converted quickly and easily. Classics are a long bench or inclined bed and a pull-up bar. Ropes and elastic gymnastic bands are inexpensive.

A tricep bar is useful for adults. A dumbbell rack or ceiling mount is practical. Rings, for example, can be easily stowed away after use with a rope hoist. If you want to use your wall bars as an interior, you can hang boards as shelves or even a bench.


A wall bars is multifunctional. It is an investment that you can enjoy for a long time. Climbing, sliding, lifting, hanging, swinging, pulling, hardly any other training device can train so many different muscle groups. The whole family, from children to grandparents, can exercise on the wall bars.

Training with your own weight is the latest trend. The wall bars are ideal for this. All manufacturers attach great importance to safety. It is important to ensure that the wall bars are mounted correctly and that the fall space is large enough. The maximum load capacity should always be observed.

Image source: Vera Plachetka/ Unsplash

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