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The entrance area is the first thing your guests see when they enter. The be-all and end-all of an adequate welcome is therefore a hallway with a friendly aura so that your guests feel immediately at ease. How do you achieve this? With a convincingly beautiful wardrobe, of course, which is a real eye-catcher in your entrance hall.

In order to find exactly such a wardrobe that meets all your requirements and wishes and also convinces your guests, we have carried out a wardrobe guide. We want to help you find the best wardrobe. In addition, we give you important tips that you should consider before, after and during the purchase.


  • A coat closet offers you space for your jackets, shoes, scarves and the like and helps you to bring order into your front room. It's also a great place to put your keys, vases and decorations.
  • The classic is a wooden cabinet that creates a warm atmosphere, but modern models made of plastic or concrete and metal in industrial design are also becoming increasingly popular.
  • A closed wardrobe always looks tidy, but can also quickly appear bulky. With an open wardrobe, you always have everything at hand, but all the shelves and compartments must always be tidy.

The Best Wardrobes: Our Selection

Wardrobes: buying and evaluation criteria

There is a wide range of wardrobes to choose from. Although this guarantees that you will find the right one, it makes the search more difficult. That's why we would like to help you with this list of buying and evaluation criteria.

If you follow these criteria, nothing can go wrong and your search will certainly be a success. So stay tuned!


Of course, you can choose a wide variety of materials for your wardrobe. However, the most common are metal, wood and plastic.

Wooden materials can create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Open-pored wood also creates a pleasant room climate and absorbs moisture, allowing wet jackets to air out well.

Popular types of wood include oak, pine and beech. Mango wood and walnut, on the other hand, are a little more unusual.

With children, surfaces that wash off well are recommended.

Metal wardrobes usually have a metal frame or metal struts. They have a very light and airy look due to their open design. They are often combined with fabric curtains to make the room look tidier.

There are also wardrobe units made of fleece or fabric. These are usually very light and foldable and can also be used for camping.

Particularly popular, however, are combinations of the individual fabrics, which bring a breath of fresh air into your hallway.


You can choose between sliding doors and hinged doors.

Hinged doors have the following features:

  • Open all doors at the same time
  • View all contents
  • Needs more space when open

The sliding door, on the other hand, can attract attention with these advantages and disadvantages:

  • Space-saving
  • Only one side accessible
  • Usually wider

Regardless of the type of door, you can embellish your fronts with a mirror.

It's an easy way to check your appearance before you leave the house, and it saves wall space by eliminating the need for a mirror. A mirror also makes your room look bigger and brighter.

If you want, you can cover your whole front with a mirror, or just part of it. You can frame the mirror nicely or use an oval mirror to make your room look more interesting.


When buying your wardrobe, make sure that you can flexibly adjust the interior layout.

Height-adjustable shelves ensure that you are free to choose the space you have on the individual shelves and can apply it flexibly to the contents. You can plan less space for flat shoes and have more room for your high winter shoes.

In addition to shelves, you should also have clothes rails, open compartments and drawers. This ensures that you have the best possible storage for all your clothes.

Furnishing style

There are no limits to the style of your wardrobe. However, make sure that the wardrobe matches and harmonises with the rest of your interior.

Vintage, antique and country house styles are particularly popular. But modern designs or the industrial style with concrete and metal are also real classics.

Simple colours such as white fit into almost any room, but if you want to be a little more daring, you can also set accents with colourful individual pieces.

Wardrobes: frequently asked questions and answers

Now that we have clarified the first details about wardrobes, we will go into more detail. All further questions that may have arisen are answered here in this guide.

What is a wardrobe and who is it suitable for?

A wardrobe, also called a hall cupboard or chiffarobe, is a box that you can place in your wardrobe, hallway or entrance area.


Your wardrobe is one of the first things your guests see when they enter.
(Image source: Victoria Borodinova / pixabay)

You can use it to store coats, jackets, bonnets, shoes, scarves or the like. Most of the time, this space is also used to store keys or other small items when leaving or entering the house.

Some models also offer great opportunities to place decorations or vases.

Wardrobes are usually bought in series with matching chests of drawers, benches or similar. However, if you buy individual pieces, make sure that they match your existing furnishings and create a harmonious overall look.

What types of wardrobe are there?

Of course there are different types of wardrobes so that there is something for everyone. Roughly speaking, a distinction is made between the categories closed, open and semi-open.

Type Description
Closed wardrobe You can choose a closed wardrobe if you have a large entrance hall, otherwise it will look too bulky.

Thanks to the opaque fronts, your entrance hall is always tidy and your garments cannot get dusty.

Open wardrobe If you don't have much space, you should buy an open wardrobe. It looks very light and you have everything at hand quickly.

Inside your wardrobe, however, it must always be tidy, otherwise the mess will be immediately obvious.

Semi-open wardrobe A semi-open wardrobe combines the advantages and disadvantages of the other two.

It also offers you the opportunity to embellish your entrance area with vases or other decorations.

However, wardrobes can also be extended with further features such as additional compartments, hooks or storage options (possibly also at eye level).

Give your wardrobe that certain something with LED lighting.

The feet of the cupboards can also be fitted with castors, making them easier to move.

Mirrors on the front side of the wardrobe are particularly popular. This way, you can check your look one last time before you leave the house and your hallway looks bigger and brighter.

How do I find the right wardrobe for me?

Whether your entrance area is L-shaped, a narrow hallway or a whole room, wardrobe cabinets are available for all rooms.

As long as you don't have space problems, your choice is huge!

The bigger your wardrobe, the more free space you have in your actual wardrobe.

However, before you buy a new wardrobe, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many jackets do I want to have space for?
  • How many people will use the wardrobe?
  • How much space do I have?

Singles should allow for a width of 50 cm, while couples should be fine with 100 cm. However, if a whole family uses this wardrobe, it should not be smaller than 150 cm.

If your room is not that big, choose a wardrobe with a depth of 45 cm. However, if you have more space, your wardrobe can be 60 cm deep.

Note that swinging doors take up extra space compared to sliding doors.

If your entrance hall is very small, dark and angled, stick to these guidelines:

Furnishings Effect
Half-height wardrobes The room does not look so cluttered
Hat rack above the window More light can fall into the room this way
Sliding doors instead of hinged doors No extra space is lost
Wardrobe in white with wardrobe lighting The room looks brighter
Mirror The mirror can reflect the light, the room looks bigger

In terms of colour, anything you like is allowed. However, wardrobe sets are usually chosen in plain colours so as not to overwhelm visitors entering the room. Colourful accents can be set with individual pieces.

How much does a wardrobe cost?

The price of your wardrobe depends on the following factors

  • Size
  • Material
  • Amount of material

Fabric wardrobes, such as those used to keep seasonal clothes out of the attic, are in the lowest price range.

Type Price
Fabric wardrobe From 20 €
Wooden wardrobe 200 - 500 €

Wooden wardrobes tend to be in the upper price range. But even there, a distinction can be made between solid wood wardrobes and wardrobes with wooden details.

Of course, you can also buy your wardrobe second-hand or simply make it yourself and design it according to your ideas.

What are the alternatives to a wardrobe?

If you don't have enough space for a wardrobe or you simply don't like the look of it, you still don't have to do without a beautiful entrance hall. There are plenty of alternatives.

To be stored alternative
Shoes shoe cupboard, shoe rack, shoe tipper
Clothes clothes rack, clothes rail, hooks
Small items shelf, hat rack

You can also easily store your things in an open wall wardrobe, in a bench or on panels.


With open wardrobes, your clothes get dusty very quickly and you always have to keep things tidy.
(Image source: Alyssa Strohmann / unsplash)

If you also don't want to do without a mirror, you can simply mount it on the wall in your front room.

How do I keep my wardrobe tidy?

Who hasn't experienced it: you come home fully packed, push your shoes away from you and drop your bag in the first available corner. And in no time at all, the front room is pure chaos.

To prevent this from happening, we would like to give you a few tips to keep your front room tidy.

  1. Always put everything away immediately: this way you avoid big and tedious tidying up.
  2. Make sure that everything has its own place: this makes tidying up easier and much quicker.
  3. Store small items in boxes: this makes it look much tidier than if everything is lying around separately.
  4. Use drawer inserts: this will help you sort your things in the shop and find them more easily.
  5. Fit cupboard lights: this way you can see the contents of your cupboard much better and the clutter cannot be hidden.
  6. Use uniform hangers: this not only looks much nicer, but also saves space.
  7. Put everything in the first row: this way you have a better overview of what you have and can reach it easily. You can fill the second row with clothes from other seasons.
  8. Roll your garment: this way you can save a lot of space

With these simple tips, nothing will stand in the way of a tidy front room!


Wardrobes are really something great, not only do they beautify your front room and entrance area, they are also really practical. The bigger the wardrobe, the more space you have in your actual closet. You'll also have plenty of space to store bits and bobs or put decorations and vases.

Your wardrobe should be individually adjustable on the inside so that you can use it flexibly. You can also choose whether you want hinged or sliding doors. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can also choose between closed, open or semi-open wardrobes. So as you can see, the choice is huge and there is something for everyone.

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