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Water tanks come in different shapes, colours and for a wide range of functions. Most people think of a water tank as a large rainwater collection tank. However, they are also ideal for the kitchen at home and especially for the camping kitchen. Whether with an integrated tap for drinking water or as a collection container for rinsing water, the tanks and canisters are perfect.

Before buying a water tank, you should familiarise yourself with its features. It is also important to think about exactly what you want to use it for. To help you with this decision, we have summarised the most important information in this article.


  • A water tank can be used to transport and store a larger amount of water or other liquids.
  • When it comes to water tanks, the choice is very diverse, inexpensive and right for every situation that requires the storage of a larger amount of water.
  • The main factors to consider are size, capacity and suitability for indoor or outdoor use.

The Best Water Tank: Our Picks

The following is a list of favourite water tank models for you. The short descriptions should help you find the perfect water tank for your needs.

Buying and evaluation criteria for a water tank

When buying a water tank, some important criteria should be considered. We have listed the decisive purchase criteria below and explained them in more detail. You should check these features before buying a water tank to find the right product for your needs:

Here are a few tips on the individual criteria:


The size of the water tank is a basic feature that should be determined before buying. Often the space for a water tank is limited, so it is advisable to measure the maximum size of the tank in advance. This will help to narrow down the search somewhat.


The capacity of the various water tanks ranges from 2 litres to 20,000 litres. Of course, it only makes sense to choose a capacity that is actually needed. If the water tank is intended for a camping trip, for example, then a water tank with a capacity of ten to 80 litres should be chosen.


The weight of a water tank should not be underestimated. Of course, it depends on how big the water tank is and what its capacity is, but with a full tank there is already a great load on the area under the tank.


When choosing the shape, the available space is also a major criterion. Before buying, you should consider whether the water tank should be flat, round, rectangular or an individual shape. Round and rectangular water tanks are the most common.


The opening depends on the function of the water tank. Furthermore, the water tank should have an opening of at least 15 centimetres in diameter, so that you can clean the tank easily. In addition, a suction device can be inserted through the large opening so that the water can be pumped out again if necessary.

Suitability for indoor / outdoor use

There are a variety of water tanks to choose from, regardless of whether the tank should be for outdoor or indoor use. However, the type of tank should be adapted to the circumstances of each household and thus it is essential to pay attention to whether the desired water tank allows this.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about water tanks answered in detail

In the following section, we list the most frequently asked questions that may arise before you buy a water tank. With the answers, we would like to give you a better overview.

Who is a water tank suitable for?

A water tank is just right for campers, outdoor kitchen owners and storage enthusiasts.

Water tanks are particularly suitable for outdoor kitchens and camping kitchens. However, smaller versions can also be practical in the home kitchen. (Image source: Frank Zhang / Unsplash)

Since several litres of water can be stored in one tank, it is suitable for anyone who finds a use for it. One should have enough space for a tank and have a regular use for it.

What types of water tanks are there?

There are a variety of different water tanks. The selection ranges from smaller models with a capacity of about two litres to tanks with a capacity of 10,000 litres.

Is it difficult to install a water tank?

Installing a water tank is not a difficult task, even for people who are not trained to do so. It depends on the type of water tank, but most tanks can be installed with a few simple steps and good instructions.

What is the best way to clean a water tank?

The best way to clean a water tank is with a cleaning material designed for the purpose. Either the opening is large enough to allow the tank to be cleaned by hand or wash it out with a special cleaner.


A water tank is very useful in everyday life as well as when travelling. Several litres of water or other liquids can be stored in containers with different capacities.

Cleaning and installation are done in a few simple steps and can be done by anyone without any problems. The selection is diverse and you can choose freely as you wish.

However, you should always consider beforehand whether a water tank is needed or whether there is actually no space for it indoors or outdoors. Otherwise, even if it is only a small expense, it is a bad investment.

(Cover photo: 123rf / vesilvio)