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Welcome to our large Weber charcoal barbecue test 2021. We have compiled detailed background information for you and also added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best Weber charcoal grill for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a Weber charcoal grill.

The most important facts

  • Weber charcoal grills are spherical grills equipped with a lid, which are particularly suitable for indirect grilling in addition to direct grilling.
  • Weber charcoal grills are made for barbecue lovers and are relatively more expensive than the competition.
  • The grilling surface of current Weber charcoal grills has a diameter of 37 cm to 61 cm.

The Best Weber Charcoal Grill: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Weber charcoal grill

What distinguishes a Weber charcoal grill?

The American barbecue manufacturer Weber enjoys a very good reputation in the German barbecue world. The brand stands for barbecue culture and has already achieved a certain cult status among many of its customers, if it is not even considered a status symbol by some.

The trademark of a Weber charcoal grill: the round shape and the lid, which makes indirect grilling possible. Your charcoal grill becomes an oven when you grill indirectly. (Image source: / Taylor Grote)

A charcoal grill is characterised by the fact that you can achieve real barbecue flavour on it. Charcoal, embers and flames give meat the unique aroma that many barbecue fans appreciate. Weber customers appreciate the quality, durability and sophisticated technology of the grills.

Weber is mainly associated with kettle grills. With these, the company once became successful and it still stands out today. The Weber charcoal barbecues are therefore, with exceptions, all kettle barbecues and have a lid.

For whom is a Weber charcoal grill suitable?

A Weber charcoal barbecue is primarily intended for people who love barbecuing. It is suitable for barbecue fans who barbecue a lot in the garden or on the terrace and appreciate the aroma of charcoal.

If you don't have much space or your neighbours might be bothered by the smoke, a charcoal barbecue might not be suitable for you.

There is very little choice if you are looking for an inexpensive entry-level model. Advanced users, professionals and the absolute gourmets, on the other hand, are better served by Weber charcoal grills.

You create true works of art on your barbecue, no culinary feast is too demanding for you? Weber charcoal grills are mostly for professionals, but beginners can also learn to prepare delicious barbecue dishes (Image source: / Christiann Koepke)

Weber grills are therefore not primarily aimed at absolute beginners, but at barbecue enthusiasts for whom barbecuing should be a way of life. If you are a beginner, you can still choose the cheapest model and get started.

What can I prepare with a Weber charcoal barbecue?

On Weber charcoal grills, you can prepare not only the usual grilled dishes such as fish, meat and grilled vegetables, but also pizza, roasts, chicken and much more.

This is made possible by the famous lid of Weber charcoal grills. The heat cannot escape upwards through the lid and collects inside the grill. You can use the grill as an oven and prepare oven dishes.

This type of grilling is called indirect grilling.

What alternatives are there to a Weber charcoal grill?

As an alternative to a Weber charcoal grill, you can choose another brand or buy a gas or electric grill.

Gas and electric barbecues have the advantage that they are quickly ready for use. However, many people appreciate the cosiness of barbecuing and therefore enjoy a charcoal barbecue more.

In addition, gas and electric barbecues do not produce smoke that could disturb your neighbours. The lack of charcoal makes them easier to clean, as there is no ash or soot to remove. Weber also has gas and electric barbecues in its range.

Other barbecue manufacturers are for example

  • Barbecook
  • Outdoorchef
  • Napoleon
  • Tepro
  • El Fuego

Decision: What types of Weber charcoal grills are there and which is the right one for you?

Weber charcoal grills can be divided into three groups:

  • Weber charcoal barbecues for beginners and advanced users
  • Weber charcoal grills for professionals
  • Weber luxury charcoal grills

Which charcoal grill you choose depends primarily on your grilling experience and your plans for your future grilling career.

The grills in these three classes differ mainly in price and functions.

What distinguishes a Weber charcoal grill for beginners and advanced grillers and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The two Kettle series and the Go-Anywhere series from Weber contain the charcoal grills that are best suited for beginners and advanced users.

The Kettle series are, so to speak, the basic versions of the Weber charcoal grills. With the classic you are well prepared for the first steps. These grills save on additional comfort, but a beginner can cope with its absence. Thanks to their wheels, they can be easily moved around the garden.

The Kettle series differ slightly in price and function. For example, not both have the One-Touch cleaning system.

  • Ideal for advanced users and newcomers
  • The most affordable charcoal grills from Weber
  • Transportable and easily adjustable
  • Offers only basic functions
  • Lacks additional comfort
  • Ventilation control not very precise

If you don't want to miss a Weber charcoal grill at the lake or in the park, there is the Go-Anywhere series. This is a portable charcoal grill that is not a kettle grill, but still has a lid for indirect grilling.

In principle, this grill is suitable for anyone who likes to grill a delicious meal away from home. For occasional grillers or those who live alone, it is also suitable for use at home.

What distinguishes a Weber charcoal grill for professionals and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A Weber charcoal grill for professionals offers you more functions for grilling and smocking. You can find professional grills in the Weber Master-Touch and Smokey Mountain Cooker series.

The two Master-Touch series are versatile because they have the Grill Barbecue System (GBS) on board, which has to be purchased with lower-priced grills.

  • Offer more functions
  • Simplify indirect grilling thanks to thermometer and more precise ventilation control
  • Versatile thanks to GBS
  • Door installed in smoker defective
  • Price higher compared to other manufacturers

The integrated lid thermometer and better ventilation control make indirect grilling easier. For barbecue masters, thermometers and precise ventilation are indispensable, as otherwise the heat inside the barbecue cannot be controlled precisely.

The One-Touch cleaning system is included here with both Master-Touch series.

The name of the Smokey Mountain Cooker already reveals what it is made for. It is mainly suitable for smoking. To ensure that this works well, it also has an integrated lid thermometer and three ventilation openings.

What distinguishes a Weber luxury charcoal grill and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The most luxurious charcoal grills from Weber can be found in the Performer series and the Summit Charcoal series. These grills are barbecue trolleys and stand on wheels.

The Performer series has the same functions as the Master-Touch series, but adds a practical shelf. The grill is integrated into a table that can be moved back and forth at will without tilting thanks to its wheels.

  • Extensive functions
  • Luxurious grilling experience
  • Absolute eye-catcher
  • Very high price
  • Large space requirement

The biggest advantage of this is that you have space right next to the grill to store grill utensils and more.

The Summit Charcoal series is the absolute luxury class among Weber grills. It combines all the functions of the Performer, Smoker and Master-Touch series in a single grill or small outdoor kitchen.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Weber charcoal grills

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible Weber charcoal grills.

The most important criteria for comparing Weber charcoal grills are:

  • Grill grate
  • Thermometer
  • Ventilation
  • Ash tray

In the following, we will explain to you what is important in the individual criteria.

Size of the grill

Most Weber charcoal grills are 37 cm, 47 cm, 57 cm or 61 cm in size. These numbers refer to the diameter of the grill grate.

When we talk about the size of a grill, we always mean the diameter of the grill grate. Ultimately, the most important factor is the available grilling surface.

But which size is right for you? Many factors play into the decision. How long do you want it to last? How many people do you want to feed? What do you want to put on the grill?

The factors of food, time and guests theoretically influence the perfect barbecue size every time. That's why you should choose the larger version if in doubt. As time goes by, you may want to try out new dishes or prepare something more sophisticated that requires more space.

We have put together a small overview so that you can better estimate the sizes.

Diameter Classification
37 cm A grill surface with this diameter is only suitable if you are grilling for yourself. The grill surface quickly becomes too small for two people. However, if you only grill a few sausages and a steak now and then, it is also sufficient for two people.
47 cm There is much more space here for two people. For example, you can also prepare side dishes on the grill.
57 cm You can grill well for 4 - 6 people with this size.
61 cm A clear case: You are Mr. or Ms. Garden Party and regularly cater for many guests.

Not all barbecues are available in all the sizes mentioned, so in most cases you only have to choose between 47 cm and 57 cm. This should make your choice a little easier.


If you want to grill indirectly, a thermometer is actually indispensable. This is the only way to control and perfectly adjust the heat inside the grill.

This is exactly why most Weber charcoal grills have a thermometer built into the lid. However, these are not always 100% accurate. But they are sufficient to get a feel for the heat inside. It is by no means the case that indirect grilling is impossible with these thermometers.

The lid thermometer usually gives the temperature 20° C to 30° C too high. This is because the temperature inside the grill, where the temperature is measured, is hotter than on the grill grate. (Image source: / Bru-nO)

If you want to know exactly, you can buy a thermometer from the Weber accessories, with which you can measure the temperature of the meat directly.

You can even get a notification on your mobile phone when the meat has reached the desired temperature.


Ventilation is just as important for indirect grilling as the thermometer. The more precisely you can regulate the air supply, the more precisely you can regulate the temperature inside the grill.

The professional charcoal grills from Weber all have precisely controllable ventilation. Of course, anything with a higher price also offers this.

The entry-level models also have ventilation, but it is not quite as precise as on the higher-priced charcoal grills.

Ash tray

Many Weber charcoal grills have an ash tray that allows you to easily remove the remaining charcoal residue with a one-touch cleaning system. There are two different types.

On the somewhat cheaper charcoal barbecues, this collection tray is located at a slight distance from the actual barbecue between the legs of the barbecue. In windy conditions, the ashes can quickly spread around the garden during cleaning.

This risk does not exist with the second version. The collection tray for the ashes is located directly under the barbecue, so that wind has no chance. The collection tray is also much deeper and has a handle so you don't get your hands dirty.

Things to know about the Weber charcoal barbecue

What accessories are available for Weber charcoal grills?

There are many accessories for Weber charcoal grills. These include utensils that everyone actually uses for grilling, such as grill tongs, charcoal and cleaning agents, but also meat temperature sensors, various grill inserts and charcoal baskets.

We think a cover is particularly useful to protect your Weber charcoal barbecue from the weather if it is not covered. A lighting chimney is also extremely practical, because you can get the charcoal glowing in a short time. Charcoal baskets are a must for indirect grilling.

  • Barbecue: Ignition chimneys, grill baskets, temperature sensors, grill aprons, grill inserts such as pizza stones, skewers and woks and much more3
  • Maintenance: cover, drip tray, cleaning agents, brushes and much more

One-Touch Cleaning System and GBS - What is it?

If you deal with Weber charcoal grills, you will sooner or later come across the terms One-Touch Cleaning System and GBS. We explain what Weber means by this.

The One-Touch cleaning system is a mechanism that allows you to easily remove the remaining ash after grilling. To do this, you press a lever and the ash is swept into a collection container under the grill. After the ash has cooled down completely, you can dispose of it in the ash container.

Despite this mechanism, you should still sweep out the remaining ash dust by hand.

GBS stands for Grill Barbecue System and means nothing more than a modular system for various accessories. The normal grill grate can be extended with other grilling devices such as a pizza stone or wok.

The barbecue grid consists of two parts, a round barbecue grid in the middle and a barbecue grid ring that surrounds the round barbecue grid. The middle part is replaceable.

How can I clean a Weber charcoal grill?

You should always clean your Weber charcoal grill after grilling.

You will save yourself a lot of work if you heat up the grill again at the end with the lid closed. After about 15 minutes, most of the residue should have burnt off. You can then brush them off easily.

You can clean the grill grate and the spaces in between with a wire brush. For all smooth surfaces, a rough sponge, washing-up liquid and hot water is often enough. However, you can also use special grill cleaners for more stubborn dirt.

To make your work easier, you can spray the grill grate with a non-stick spray especially for food. Then food residues won't stick so easily to the grill grate. A drip tray prevents grease from dripping directly into the grill.

Do I have to burn in a Weber charcoal grill before using it?

Before you can really get started with your new charcoal grill from Weber, you should simply heat the grill vigorously for half an hour. This burns off oil and manufacturing residues.

After that, you can simply let the grill cool down and steam out, and nothing will stand in the way of your enjoyment.

Image source: / foodandmore

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