Last updated: August 11, 2021

You are a barbecue master but are looking for a low-smoke alternative to charcoal barbecues? But you don't want to compromise on the quality of your barbecue? You also want your meat to be cooked to perfection? Then you should take a closer look at the gas grill and its advantages. Whether you are interested in a gas kettle barbecue, a mobile gas barbecue or a gas barbecue station with several burners, you will find what you are looking for in our gas barbecue test 2022, because we present the latest and most powerful models in each category. In addition, we provide you with interesting tips on the material, operation and cleaning of the gas barbecue, and important tricks for the perfect barbecue temperature of steaks, fish and co. will not be neglected.


  • With a gas barbecue, you can cook your meat very precisely because you always have an overview of the temperature. However, this requires a certain amount of experience.
  • In contrast to charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues produce much less smoke, which makes it possible to barbecue on your balcony without fogging up the whole neighbourhood.
  • The Weber brand is characterised by excellent quality, a very high level of customer satisfaction and very long warranty periods. You may have to pay a little more, but the price-performance ratio is very good.

The best Weber Gas Grill: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before you buy a Weber gas barbecue

Who is Weber and what kind of grills do they make?

Weber is a US manufacturer of gas, charcoal and electric grills based in Palatine, Illinois. The company sells its products in over 30 countries.

Weber gas grills all have the typical, elegant Weber design. The cover with its thermometer is always an eye-catcher. (Image source: / Bruno Glätsch)

In 1952, George Stephen invented the first kettle grill while working for Weber Brothers Metal Works. Since the grill sold extremely well, Stephen founded his own grill department within the company. So the story took more and more its course and over many years Weber established itself as one of the best known and best selling grill manufacturers in the world. In addition, the Weber company also operates several restaurants.

What is special about Weber gas grills compared to other brands?

The Weber company provides an enormously large selection of gas grills. Weber produces barbecues that are perfected down to the last detail, and only high-quality materials are used. All these quality demands, as well as the intensive development, have led to a customer satisfaction rate of almost 100% since the very first kettle grill.

You can be sure that Weber gas grills are designed to work for a long time and to withstand a lot.

Weber always focuses on a balanced combination between beautiful and timeless design and high functionality. Furthermore, the company offers guarantees of different lengths on certain components. These range from 2 to even 10 years.

How does a gas barbecue work?

The gas barbecue is connected to a gas bottle with a hose. When the gas supply is open, you have to turn the knob on your gas barbecue and then press it. The pressure pulse triggers the piezo igniter, which ignites the fire from the gas with a spark. You can now easily control the gas supply with the rotary knob.

What are the advantages of gas barbecues compared to charcoal barbecues and electric barbecues?

Gas barbecues are suitable for barbecue beginners as well as for barbecue professionals. As they produce practically no smoke, these barbecues can be used on the balcony without any problems and without disturbing the neighbours. The biggest advantage over a charcoal barbecue is definitely the much lower smoke emission. No ash, no soot and the removable grease drip tray for easy cleaning, this is what makes grilling with gas really fun. In addition, the Weber gas barbecue is immediately ready for use and you can start barbecuing after just a few minutes. Furthermore, the maintenance costs are lower, as you only have to buy a new gas bottle occasionally. Compared to the electric grill, the gas grill has the big advantage that it is much more mobile. The electric grill must always be near a power socket. In addition, many people complain about the strange taste of the meat on the electric barbecue, as there is no flame and therefore no real aroma can develop. The Weber gas barbecue is definitely the best all-rounder of all barbecue types.

How much do Weber gas grills cost?

The price range of Weber gas barbecues is very wide. You can have everything from 80 euros to 10,000 euros. The size and features of the gas barbecue play a major role in the pricing.

Type Price range
Mobile gas barbecues 80 - 400€
Gas kettle barbecue 100 - 600€
Gas barbecue station 300 - 10,000€

Decision: What types of Weber gas grills are there and which one is right for you?

There is a great variety and accordingly a huge selection of gas barbecues. Depending on the use and location, you have different options:

  • Gas kettle grill
  • Mobile gas barbecue
  • Grill station with several burners

In the following, we will explain the three best-known and most popular types of barbecue in more detail and show you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

How does a gas kettle grill work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Due to its dome-shaped construction, the gas kettle grill can also grill larger steaks. It can also be used for smocking and as a slow cooker. The spherical lid also allows you to grill perfectly by indirect grilling. The spherical lid ensures a very even distribution of heat inside the sphere. This ensures that the food is cooked very evenly. With the help of the gas supply control, you can reach your desired grilling temperature very quickly. With the thermometer attached to the lid, you can always keep an eye on the temperature. The lid also protects against strong winds and rain.

  • Fast heating and even heat distribution
  • Wind-protected
  • Precise temperature control

With a gas kettle grill from Weber, you can succeed in even the most demanding grilling projects. However, the ideal operation and heat supply require a certain amount of practice in the beginning. This grill also requires more space.

  • Heat control needs practice at first
  • Somewhat higher space requirement

How does a mobile gas barbecue work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The main advantage of compact gas barbecues is clearly their high degree of mobility. Whether at the lake or at the campsite, these barbecues are easy to transport. Thanks to the simple construction, you can set up and dismantle these barbecues effortlessly. With a Weber table barbecue, you as the barbecue chef can even keep an eye on the other barbecues during the meal, as it can be placed centrally on a table, for example.

  • Very mobile
  • heats up quickly
  • easy to set up and take down directly at the table

However, with this grill you have a smaller grilling surface. Furthermore, the gas bottle must have a place on the table.

  • Smaller grilling surface
  • gas bottle must find a place on the table

Weber products also have a cover in this version, which is an enormous advantage over many other brand products.

How does a multi-burner grill station work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Weber gas barbecue stations include high-quality professional gas barbecues and gas barbecue trolleys. The biggest advantage is the enormous functionality. Some of these models have up to six gas burners, which can be regulated individually. There are also products that allow the use of additional pans or pots through special side burners. Since the gas barbecues are on wheels, it is possible to move the barbecue at any time despite their very high weight. Due to the large dimensions, you can look forward to a very large grilling surface and additional factors, such as side shelves or mounting options. In addition to a cover, most grills have a height-adjustable grill grate.

  • Very large grilling surface
  • very stable but still movable
  • numerous adjustment options
  • storage space for food and accessories

However, such a grill station is very heavy, takes up a lot of space and is less suitable for transport. With the size also comes a higher price.

  • Heavy and space-consuming
  • Very expensive
  • Not transportable

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate Weber gas barbecues

The following section is intended to help you consider the right features when making your purchase.You should keep an eye out for the following characteristics:

  • Performance & grilling surface
  • Size and weight
  • Number of burners
  • Material
  • Cover

In the following sections, we show you in detail what you should look out for.

Performance & grilling surface

As with many products, power plays a significant role in gas barbecues. For gas barbecues, the power is measured in kilowatts, which indicates the amount of energy your barbecue provides. This data point shows you what temperatures your gas barbecue is capable of. However, the actual heat generated also depends on how your barbecue can convert the provided power into heat. Logically, a gas grill with the same power but a larger volume will be less hot than a grill with a smaller grilling surface. Mobile gas barbecues with a smaller grilling surface therefore need fewer kilowatts to generate a lot of heat. Roughly speaking, you can produce very good grilling results from 1,200 to 3,500 watts. With the large grill stations, you should make sure that they do not go below 8,000 watts, as this enormous size also requires a lot of energy.

Size and weight

The dimensions determine the mobility of your gas barbecue. There are, however, the three types of gas barbecues mentioned earlier in the article, which all have roughly the same dimensions. It is best to test the different size specifications directly at your desired barbecue location and decide on the basis of your area of use.

The smaller the barbecue, the fewer barbecues you can grill at the same time.

If you always want to grill in the same place and have a lot of space, the large grill stations are best suited. But if you want to be flexible and change your location from time to time, the small mobile gas barbecues are best.

Number of burners

With several burners, a gas barbecue has different grilling zones in which you can change the temperature separately. This is particularly useful if you want to grill different types of meat, such as a thick pork steak and small poultry skewers.

A large number of burners allows you to adapt your grilling behaviour to the current situation, regardless of whether you are grilling for yourself or for many guests. (Image source: / Zac Cain)

A larger number of burners also allows you to change your general grilling behaviour. Because if you only have a few guests, you can only use a certain part of the barbecue and, for example, only switch on 2 of the 6 burners. This also saves you a major cleaning operation afterwards. You usually have a choice between two and six burners on your Weber gas barbecue station; on a table barbecue, it is usually just one burner that is distributed over the entire barbecue surface. Many Weber gas barbecues also have a side burner, which you can use to keep food warm or reheat it. These additional burners are located on the left or right side of the grill.


The material used for your Weber gas barbecue has a considerable impact on the weight of the barbecue.

With a Weber gas barbecue, you should not worry about the material, because only high-quality materials are used.

Mobile gas barbecues are often made of lighter materials, as they are supposed to be mobile and should not require a lot of effort to move or even transport. Mobile gas barbecues are usually made of enamelled steel instead of heavy cast iron.


Thanks to the cover, you can also grill your food indirectly. Indirect grilling should be practised, however. But if you master this grilling technique, you will achieve excellent results. Weber gas barbecues always have a thermometer built into the cover so you can easily read the temperature inside. This prevents you from constantly opening the grill, which would result in a loss of heat.

Facts worth knowing about the Weber gas barbecue

How do I light and operate a gas barbecue?

If you are using a gas bottle, turn on the gas tap on the bottle. Now turn the gas control knob on the gas barbecue fully up and press it in. This activates the igniter. If the flame does not ignite the first time, simply press again. Now place the food on the grill and close the lid. With the help of the thermometer attached to the lid, you can read the temperature at any time. The ideal temperature for grilling is between 95 and 280 degrees. To give you a better overview, we have listed the respective grilled food with the recommended temperature in the following list.

Grilled food temperature
Steaks 230 - 280 degrees
Fish 160 - 180 degrees
Poultry 140 - 200 degrees
Game 130 - 180 degrees
Spare ribs 95 - 130 degrees

How do I avoid smoke when grilling with gas?

The cause of unpleasant smoke is usually found on the grill grate, the gas burners or the casing. Grill residues are the main cause of the unpleasant smoke. We therefore recommend that you leave the grill burning for approx. 10 - 20 minutes after each barbecue so that the residues are burnt out. This procedure makes it much easier and more convenient to remove the residues with a steel brush, for example, after the grill has cooled down. You can also make sure that you remove excess fat from the meat before you start grilling. This will save you a lot of cleaning work afterwards and there will be much less fat dripping down from the meat.

What kind of gas is used for gas barbecues?

Basically, you can use commercially available gas from the DIY store. The important thing is simply that it is propane or butane. Which gas is used for gas barbecues also depends on the model. Propane gas has a higher calorific value than butane and produces more heat for the same amount. This means that you can save space. Whether you need to use gas bottles or gas cartridges also depends on the type of model. For example, table-top gas barbecues usually use a gas cartridge, whereas a Weber gas barbecue station is supplied with gas from a large gas cylinder.

How do I clean and maintain a Weber gas barbecue?

To clean your Weber gas barbecue, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Wait until the gas barbecue has cooled down completely
  2. Remove the grease drip tray and clean it thoroughly with water and washing-up liquid
  3. Close the lid of the gas barbecue, turn on the gas and press the igniter
  4. Leave the barbecue to burn for approx. 20 - 30 minutes. During this process, the residues turn into ash. A lot of smoke is produced, make sure that no one is disturbed by it
  5. As soon as there is no more smoke, the gas barbecue has burnt out. Now open the lid again.

The last remains can be removed with a stainless steel brush. Finally, wipe the grill with a cloth and washing-up liquid. You can also use a barbecue cleaner. These allow you to clean your barbecue perfectly without having to invest a lot of time and effort.

Are gas barbecues allowed on the balcony?

In principle, gas barbecues are allowed on the balcony, as they produce much less smoke than charcoal barbecues. Nevertheless, you should be considerate of your neighbours. However, depending on the landlord and the house rules, it may be the case that barbecuing on the balcony is explicitly prohibited. In this case, it is worthwhile for you to take another look at the house rules.

Image source: / Danny Gallegos