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Wedge cushions ensure an upright sitting posture thanks to their ergonomic shape and are therefore suitable for people with back or neck problems. Unlike normal cushions, wedge cushions are often made of foam and do not easily yield to body weight. Wedge cushions can often be used in a variety of ways, but should always be adapted to the complaints of the individual person.

With our large wedge pillow test 2022 we want to help you find the perfect wedge pillow for you. We have compared various wedge pillows, whether large or small, for the bed, the sofa or the office chair, and listed their advantages and disadvantages. This article should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • Wedge pillows can be used while sitting or lying down and thus relieve your spine. They are therefore ideal for people who sit for long periods of time and experience pain in their back or neck as a result.
  • Wedge cushions are basically differentiated by their size and the need for which they were manufactured. In addition, the material of the cover as well as the inner material and the washability also play a role.
  • Wedge cushions are very popular with people who work in offices and thus sit in one place for a long time. However, the cushions are also used for orthopaedic diseases and after operations. They are also popular with babies to improve their ability to breathe.

The Best Wedge Pillow in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Wedge cushion: Buying and evaluation criteria

You can distinguish between the large selection of wedge cushions based on a few criteria. These will help you find the ideal cushion for you and your needs. These criteria include:

In the coming paragraphs, we'll explain what each criterion is about.


Wedge cushions are available in different sizes. To find the perfect size for your wedge pillow, you should consider not only your own body size and weight, but also the area of application of the pillow.

Smaller people or children need smaller wedge cushions. There are also specially made pillows for babies. The bigger and heavier the person, the bigger the wedge pillow needs to be.

However, with the large selection of wedge pillows, you should have no problem finding the ideal size for you and your needs.

The area of application of the wedge cushion also plays a role. If you are looking for a cushion for the office chair, it will naturally be smaller than one to lie on or to put your legs up on.


As already mentioned, the needs of the wedge cushion play another decisive role. Basically, a wedge cushion is there to relieve your body. For example, it can help you achieve a better sitting position or relieve the strain on your back when lying down.

Ideally, your wedge cushion should bring your spine into a position that ensures an upright sitting posture.

Depending on your needs, whether for lying or sitting, you should choose your cushion accordingly. There is no such thing as a wedge cushion for different areas of use, because they are always designed specifically for their area. A wedge cushion for sitting should therefore not be used for babies.

So always make sure that the cushion is used correctly, otherwise damage can occur in the worst case. This is the only way to achieve optimal support for the spine.


The material is also a decisive purchase criterion. Here it is not only the cover that is important, but also the filling. Depending on the need and application, different materials make sense.

There are some differences in the cover. If you use your pillow for sleeping, you should make sure it has a breathable cover so that you don't sweat. This is also an important criterion for wedge pillows for babies when they lie with their head on the pillow.

The cover should be made of robust material such as linen or polyester. A hyperallergenic cover is recommended for bed or wedge pillows for babies.

Wedge pillows can be filled with natural materials such as grain, corn or cotton, but also with foam. Some also have a viscose or cold foam core. Different fillings come into question here depending on whether the pillow is intended to provide support or just a higher level of point elasticity.


Especially if a wedge pillow is used frequently or by children, you should make sure it has a removable cover. Only then can you wash it regularly and conveniently.

Today, most wedge cushions have a removable cover and are therefore ideal. However, always pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the optimal washing process.

Wedge cushions: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the next part we will answer all your questions about wedge cushions. We have selected the most important questions and will answer them shortly. After you have read through our guide, you should have no more unanswered questions.

What is a wedge pillow and who is it suitable for?

A wedge pillow is a pillow that is used when sitting or lying down to relieve the spine. They are usually filled with foam or other similar firm materials. The cushions often have a triangular shape and taper to a point at one end.

Its shape, high at the back and flat at the front, favours the posture of the spine by bringing it into an upright shape. Accordingly, a wedge cushion ensures a straight back and prevents a bent sitting posture.


Wedge cushions are versatile - in bed, on the sofa or on the office chair.
(Image source: Andrea Piacquadio. pexels)

In general, a wedge pillow is useful for all people who sit a lot and experience neck or back pain as a result. But the pillows are also popular for ortopaedic diseases or after operations, as they are suitable both for sleeping and as a back support. A wedge pillow can also reduce the discomfort of reflux symptoms.

What types of wedge pillows are there?

Wedge pillows can basically be divided into four different sub-types. Wedge pillows for sitting are placed on chairs, wedge pillows for bed can be placed under the upper body, wedge pillows for relaxing are placed in the back and wedge pillows for babies are placed under the upper body and head of the child. Often, wedge pillows also have versatile uses and are suitable for different needs.

In the following section we have listed all types with their advantages and disadvantages.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Wedge cushion for sitting promotes optimal position of the spine, available in many sizes and shapes, small and handy, ideal for the office or long car journeys must be suitable for chair, must be adapted to the size and weight of the person
Wedge cushion for bed promotes optimal position of the spine, ideal for lying down, flat and handy Cover must be washable, pillow must be suitable for sleeping position, must be adapted to size and weight of person
Wedge pillow for relaxing ideally suited for lying down, promotes optimal position of the spine very large and unwieldy, must be adapted to size and weight of person, use not always intuitive
Wedge pillow for babies small and handy, ideally suited for pram or Maxi Cosi, promotes baby's ability to breathe pillow cover must be washable and breathable

Wedge cushions for sitting are placed on a chair with the flat side facing forward. This can improve your sitting position by straightening your spine. In general, it can be said that a wedge cushion for sitting is a simple and handy way to improve your posture in the office, for example. However, you should make sure that your wedge cushion is adapted to your height and weight.

Reclining wedge pillows are usually used when sleeping. They can keep your upper body in a stable position all night. As before, you should make sure that your wedge pillow is designed for you and your needs. However, when used correctly, the wedge pillow can lead to a quick improvement in your pain.


A wedge pillow under your upper body can relieve pressure on your spine while you sleep.
(Image source: Andrea Piacquadio / pexels)

Large wedge pillows can be placed on the sofa or even on the floor to ensure an optimal position. A distinction is made here between cushions that are placed in the back or under the legs. They are often used for reading, watching TV or relaxing. Due to their large size, these wedge cushions are more unwieldy. However, they are often more flexible in use.

Wedge cushions for babies are primarily intended to promote their ability to breathe, as their upper body is slightly elevated. In addition, the body also adapts better. Mothers often use wedge pillows for their babies. They are small, handy and easy to use. However, you should always make sure you have a washable and breathable cover. Add to that a hyperallergenic cover.

How much does a wedge pillow cost?

There is now a wide range of wedge pillows. Generally, a higher quality wedge pillow prescribed by a doctor will cost more. The following table gives you a small overview:

Type price range
Wedge cushion for sitting approx. 14 - 40 €
Wedge cushion for bed approx. 40 - 80 €
Wedge cushion for relaxing approx. 30 - 90 €
Wedge cushion for babies approx. 10 - 60 €

You can buy simple wedge cushions for sitting at a low price. However, there are also higher quality cushions that are made of better quality materials.

There is also a wide price range for wedge cushions for the bed or for relaxing. Here, too, the materials used and the manufacturer are decisive. In the case of wedge cushions for relaxing, the size of the cushion is also important.

In the case of wedge pillows for babies, there are simple versions for a reasonable price. Higher-quality wedge pillows with extras such as a strap to tie them down cost correspondingly more.

What are the alternatives to a wedge pillow?

In addition to the wedge cushion, there are several other alternative seating options that can relieve pressure on your spine and ensure a straight sitting posture. The following table briefly summarises some of these alternatives for you.

Alternative Description
Gymnastics ball Due to the given balance, you are forced to place your feet on the floor and thus relieve your pelvis and spine. This promotes a constant interplay between your muscles, which can also improve your ability to concentrate. The disadvantage is that the ball does not have a backrest, which is necessary for a normal eight-hour working day. Moreover, a ball is only useful to prevent back problems. If problems already exist, other means should be used.
Ball cushion A ball cushion has similar advantages to an exercise ball. Here, too, your pelvis and upper body are constantly in motion, which avoids a static sitting posture. A ball cushion can also be placed on any chair and is therefore a good alternative to a ball. Again, a ball pillow should be used as a preventative measure, but not when pain is already present.
Physio-Roll A Physio-Roll is two gymnastic balls fused together. They have the same advantages as a normal gymnastics ball, but can find additional uses when used on edge, such as when ironing or at standing tables. A Physio-Roll is particularly advantageous for children, as they cannot fall off so easily.
Back-up belt This belt is particularly suitable for people with acute spinal problems. The back-up belt keeps the lower part of the spine upright. The belt is small and handy and can be taken anywhere. It can also be worn when sitting cross-legged. One disadvantage of the belt is the limited legroom. Therefore, it cannot and should not be used for knee complaints. In general, it is an ideal alternative for travelling but can only be used as a permanent aid to a limited extent.

Before buying a wedge cushion, you should also look at the alternatives mentioned. If you suffer from pain, you should also only do so in consultation with your doctor.

Are wedge cushions allowed in the car?

In principle, it is not forbidden to use a wedge cushion while driving. However, some sources advise against it, as the elevated sitting position could cause you to dive under your seatbelt.

Your insurance could cause you problems in an accident if you used a wedge cushion.

Car manufacturers invest and develop safety systems and belts to ensure a safe ride for drivers and passengers. By using a wedge cushion, you could unknowingly bypass the intended system.

However, some car manufacturers are responsive to their customers' needs and offer wedge cushions for their models. We recommend that you check with your car manufacturer to see if such a service is available.

How do I use a wedge cushion in the Maxi Cosi?

A wedge cushion or a so-called seat reducer or seat wedge is often permanently integrated in the Maxi Cosi.

This is placed under your baby's head and upper body. This raises the baby's head and upper body, promotes the baby's ability to breathe and supports the back.

You should remove the wedge cushion as soon as your baby has outgrown it. This usually happens after a few weeks, but at the latest after 5 months or when your baby weighs 5-6 kilograms.

Can the doctor prescribe a wedge pillow?

Normally, the patient has to pay for a wedge pillow. However, there are also cases where the health insurance company will cover the costs of a wedge pillow after a prescription from the doctor.


A wedge pillow can relieve back pain caused by sitting for a long time.
(Image source: Karolina Grabowska / pexels)

However, you should bear in mind that a wedge cushion can be bought cheaply and can be used for years. It is therefore worth making a sensible investment.

How can I sew a wedge cushion myself?

It is not advisable to make a wedge cushion completely yourself. It is best to buy the right shape for your body type and then sew an individual cover.

If you are talented in needlework and sewing, it should be no problem for you to sew a cover for your wedge pillow.


With the help of a wedge pillow, you can relieve your discomfort, whether it is in your back, neck or reflux. Unlike other conventional pillows, wedge pillows retain their shape even after prolonged use. Your spine is brought into the right position and thus ensures an upright posture.

Wedge pillows are available in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, a particular wedge pillow is suitable. However, some cushions can also be used flexibly. Before you buy, however, you should talk to your doctor and he or she can give you advice on the ideal pillow for you, your body weight and your complaints.

Image source: Yastremska / 123rf