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Weed burners are universally applicable and are often used for weed burning. It is an environmentally friendly alternative and is also quite quick to apply. However, you have to go over the weeds more often because the roots are not destroyed as with chemical weed killers.

In addition, you should always think about safety when using weed burners, as they work with fire or very high temperatures. There are also different types, which we would like to introduce to you. So before you buy, be aware of what you want and what you want to use the weed burner for.

The most important facts

  • There are electric and gas-powered weed burners. Both have advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different types of work.
  • The weed burner is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical weedkillers. So you don't have to worry about pets or small children.
  • You must always be aware of your safety, as you are working with an open flame and very high temperatures.

The Best Weed Burners: Our Picks

Buying criteria for weed burner

In order to be able to buy the best weed burner, you should have thought about a few things beforehand. We have compiled the most important criteria that you should consider when making your purchase:

In the following, the criteria are described in more detail so that you know exactly what a good product should contain.

Pressure regulator

A pressure regulator is used with every torch and is inserted between the gas cylinder and the gas burner. This ensures that the pressure is reduced to what is needed. The normal average pressure is 2.5 bar. This should be replaced every 8 to 10 years to ensure safety.

Piezo ignition

The piezo ignition offers more safety because instead of using a lighter, you can simply start the appliance with the piezo ignition. At the touch of a button, an electric shock is triggered, this then ignites an electric spark which ignites the gas. So it is not only safer, but also much more convenient.

Piezo ignition is quite simple to operate by pressing a button.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to repair once it is broken. The ignition consists of a piezoelectric crystal, metal and plastic. This piezoelectric crystal can break after a while, this always depends on the quality, which in turn depends on the price / performance ratio.


Since you hold the weed burner with your hands all the time, it is important that it is not too heavy. Otherwise it can become very heavy in the long run, which can only weigh down the work unnecessarily. So always pay attention to how heavy the tool is. Also take into account that the cartridge with your fuel is also included.

Type of firing / fuel

A distinction is made between compressed gas and electric, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. The other different types of weed burners are listed below. The electric flame treatment units work with hot air, whereas the others can be operated with different fuels. Gas-fuelled units often use either a butane-propane mix or pure propane.


Very important and at the top of the list is, of course, clothing. It is best to wear safety goggles, long trousers, sturdy and closed shoes and a long-sleeved top. The clothes should be fireproof. Also, all flaming devices that are not electric should not be used in windy conditions.

Leaves should always be swept up beforehand. The piezo ignition offers great safety in any case, as you do not have to hold a lighter or a match to light it. The piezo ignition can simply be activated with a button.

Laydown aid

This simply offers convenience and is more comfortable to use. This is not a must with your flamer but can of course be a good plus. Be aware beforehand of what you want and what is best for you. If you have back problems or have to put it down often because you have many small sections to flame, it is worth investing in.

Shopping Guide

Here we have compiled the burning questions on the subject of flame treatment equipment so that you can get a clear picture of the subject.

What is a flame treatment unit?

A flame torch is a device that you can use to flame things down. They are often used by roofers. Otherwise, they are often used to burn weeds because they work without chemicals and are much more environmentally friendly. Weed burners have a long neck that opens at the end, which is where the fire comes from. Most devices are connected to a gas cartridge with a long hose from which the gas is drawn.

What is a flame treatment unit used for?

The torch can be used for different purposes. It is often used by roofers or in agriculture. From time to time it is also used for heating or lighting.


Weeds are very annoying, especially in summer when you want your patio to look clean. A flamer is very environmentally friendly and is also safe for pets and small children. (Image source: distelAPPArath/ pixabay)

However, it is most commonly used for burning weeds as it is a very eco-friendly alternative. No chemicals are used, which is what makes it so attractive.

What types of weed burners are there?

There are different types of weed whackers, which one is best always depends on what you need it for. Here we have listed the types:

  • Gas cartridge weed whacker: This uses an open flame and is only suitable for small areas as it can be very precise. This type is particularly suitable for small jobs, but not for large areas or long periods of work. This is because the pressure can drop, which means that it takes longer to flame down.
  • Propane burner: This works in a similar way to a weed burner with a gas cartridge, but has a larger volume and is therefore suitable for larger areas. As the cylinders are heavy, you should get a trolley so that you can use the device with the cylinders more comfortably.
  • Infrared flamer: This type is especially recommended for work under hedges or bushes. This device does not damage other plants and is very easy to use. They do not work with an open flame, like the other two types, but here a ceramic plate is heated.
  • Electric flamer: This type also works without an open flame and no gas bottle or cartridge is needed, which makes it much easier to use. Since no open flame is used here, it can also be used in windy conditions. The big disadvantage is, of course, that you need a long cable and a power socket nearby.

What is the difference between an electric and a gas-powered flame treatment unit?

The difference between an electric and a gas-powered flame treatment unit is the fuel. A clear advantage of electric flame treatment equipment is that you don't have to keep buying more gas cartridges. In addition, you can also use it in windy conditions, as it does not use an open flame. A big disadvantage is that they are usually more expensive to buy and, of course, you need a long cable and a power source. The advantage of gas-powered burners is that they are much more flexible and you can use them further away from the house. You can also work very precisely with them. The disadvantage is that you can't use it in windy conditions because it uses an open flame. In addition, the costs of constantly buying more gas cartridges can add up quickly.


Weed burners can be used in many different ways and are an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical weed killers. It is also much more relaxing than plucking out weeds with your knees on the ground. There are different types of weed whackers and they all have advantages and disadvantages.

So think in advance about what you need the device for so that you can buy the right one for your needs. It is also very important that you pay attention to your safety and take all precautions and read up on them thoroughly.

Image source: manfredrichter / pixabay

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