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You don't know what Tierra del Fuego, Mayfair, Magic Chalice and Motor Union have in common? Then you should definitely take a closer look at the Wellensteyn brand. They are all individual functional jackets from the company and can protect you from wind, rain, snow and cold.

Wellensteyn stands for tradition, fashion and high quality. We have collected more facts and answers to all kinds of questions for you and used them to compile this guide and Wellensteyn jacket test 2021.

We hope this will help you make a purchase. We hope this will make your purchase decision easier and provide you with detailed information.


  • Wellensteyn is a traditional German company owned by the Wuttke family that produces sophisticated functional jackets from high-quality materials and with the latest technology.
  • The jackets are available for children, women and men and for different seasons and weather conditions. Generally, however, they are more suitable for cooler seasons.
  • In order to be able to use your jacket for a long time, you need to follow a few care tips. Although the jacket is very robust in the field, the materials are very complex and can only retain their protective properties and membranes if they are properly cleaned,

The Best Wellensteyn Jacket: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Wellensteyn jacket

What types of Wellensteyn jackets are there?

There are also everyday jackets, but Wellensteyn is mainly known for fashionable functional jackets. The company was founded on Adolf Wuttke's need to design professional and dense clothing for shipyard workers and navigators.

Today, the focus is still on high-quality materials and high functionality and protection - in the professional field as well as in everyday life.

Wellensteyn Jacke-1

The first functional jackets designed for sailor and research professions were made of German leather, i.e. waxed sailcloth.
( / skeeze)

This means that more than 500 different jacket models have already been produced. 120 new models are currently being planned, developed and produced. The company is always using new material mixes and functions, both for the inner lining and for the outside.

Even the Moscow secret police is said to buy Wellensteyn jackets.

Since every jacket is different and unique, each one is also given its own name. These vary from romantic fantasy names, such as Snow Magic or Evening Star, city names, titles of natural occurrences to sports or reputation names.

Some of the best-known models are called, for example: Beacon/Lightcraft, Belvedere, Zermatt, Queens, Winter Magic, Stardust, Rescue, Polar, Nitrospeed, Westwind, England, Alpinieri, Hudson, Belvitesse, and many more.

The materials also differ from model to model and are also given their own brand names, such as PolyHiTec, TasAirTec, DoublePUWax or AmYeBuAirTec, all of which have specially developed specific properties. Once you have decided on a jacket, it's best to look it up again on the Wellenstein site and read through the features and functions of your choice once more.

What sizes are Wellensteyn jackets available in?

The jackets are available for both children and adults, although the selection for the latter is much larger. Wellensteyn produces a wide range of sizes, from XS to 5XL, or 3XL for women. If you are wondering which size is right for you, you can consult the following size chart:

Universal Sizes Bust Men (cm) Bust Ladies (cm) Hip Ladies(cm)
XS 80-85 74-81 84-91
S 86-93 82-89 92-98
M 94-101 90-97 99-104
L 102-109 98-105 105-110
XL 110-117 106-113 111-115
XXL 118-125 114-121 116-124
3XL 126-133 122-129 125-131
4XL 134-141
5XL 142-149

If you are still unsure, and since the size of the jackets can never be determined across the board due to the many elements and textures they contain, you should seek advice from a specialist in a Wellensteyn shop.

What distinguishes Wellensteyn jackets from those of other manufacturers?

Since Wellensteyn has been producing functional jackets since the 1940s, they look back on a long tradition and, above all, qualitative development.

Unlike other brands that may have first started with normal jackets and then specialised in certain professional and activity areas, this company was raised in a niche area and then expanded into everyday and sports areas.

Wellensteyn thus stands for high quality, special material mixes and weather resistance.

The brand keeps its promises and even the high price shouldn't put you off, as you are guaranteed a long life for your garment.

How much does a Wellensteyn jacket cost?

Products from Wellensteyn tend to be in the upper price range - but you also get super quality.

Children Adults Summer Adults Winter
99€ - approx. 230€ from 119€ - approx. 299€ from 169€ - approx. 1200€

If you're looking for a cheap Wellensteyn jacket, you'll either have to wait until certain models are on sale at various retailers or hope for a second-hand bargain.

What alternatives are there to Wellensteyn jackets?

Jackets are of course a dime a dozen, as almost every fashion company produces them at some point. However, since alternatives to Wellensteyn models are sought here, light, summer jackets as well as specific jackets such as snowboard jackets tend to fall off the grid. Alternatives would be, for example:

  • Cheaper suppliers: Jack Wolfskin, The North Face, Engelbert Strauss, Patagonia, etc.
  • Equally priced suppliers: Woolrich, Canada Goose, Moncler, Parajumpers, etc.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and rate Wellensteyn jackets


The first selection decision when buying a Wellensteyn jacket is the question for which purpose you will use it most. At what time of year, in what environment, in what weather conditions do you mainly need the jacket?

You can sort out what doesn't make much sense for you and what suits you best and then choose which jacket should hang in your wardrobe in the future based on your taste.


Extras are certain additions that are attached to the jackets. These can either be purely fashionable or functional, for example by providing extra warmth. Extras on Wellensteyn jackets include belts, fur, detachable hoods and waistcoats.

According to the company, the fur is 100% woven fur made from 50% polyester and 50% polyamide. Deceptively real results are achieved from the great progress made in the textile industry in recent years.

Wellensteyn Jacke-2

Animal fur is mostly obtained under undignified conditions and animal cruelty, so one should urgently refrain from buying or using real fur in products.
( / Markus Spiske)

Wellensteyn is clearly in favour of animal welfare and even when looking through the long list of materials, apart from cotton, mainly synthetic fibres are used. If animal welfare is a top priority for you, bear in mind that production takes place in China and the process routes are rather opaque for customers.

If in doubt, write to the company directly with specific questions. There is also a solution for pregnant women, so that they can wear the Wellensteyn jacket even as their pregnancy progresses. Kumla offers special inserts that can be attached to the zip of the jacket.

All you have to do is choose the right zip adapter and you have a comfortable maternity jacket.


This is entirely a matter of your subjective taste.

Unlike brands that cater to all kinds of trends, Wellensteyn has a certain design, a line, so to speak, that runs through almost all models.

This style must appeal to you for such a jacket to be right for you. However, the company tries to find a balance between tradition and diversity through many material mixes, models, colours and extras:

  • Colours: Metallic look, black, white, brown, grey, beige as well as pastel, red, green, yellow, blue, orange or pink shades; however, the jackets are predominantly in darker tones
  • Different cuts: short jackets or long parkas or coats, waisted or straight-lined
  • With or without extras: see previous section

Facts worth knowing about Wellensteyn jackets

Where are Wellensteyn jackets made?

The Wellensteyn company is already owned by the third generation of the founding Wuttke family and has its headquarters in Norderstedt.

The textiles are produced in China and sold in Germany by 1500 retailers. All other processes take place at the head office in Norderstedt, where there is also a large factory outlet. From here they are sold worldwide.

How do you properly wash and waterproof a Wellensteyn jacket?

After buying such an expensive and functional jacket, you should also have something from it for a long time. Therefore, it is important to wash it properly and generally treat the clothes with care so that all the properties are retained.

As a general rule, it is essential to follow the specific washing instructions on the labels! In general, however, Wellensteyn itself provides the following instructions for cleaning:

  1. Washing: Put the jacket in the washing machine inside out at 30°C delicates with liquid delicates detergent. You should always close all fastenings on the garment beforehand and remove extras such as faux fur. Under no circumstances should you use fabric softener or dry clean the jacket!
  2. Drying: Unfortunately, you do not need to use a dryer, but you can hang up your jacket and let it air dry. Shake it out occasionally.
  3. Down jackets: Wash separately with extra down detergent. Do not hang it up afterwards, but dry it lying down and shake it out regularly.
  4. Special instructions: Do not use an iron on Wellensteyn jackets either. In addition, it makes sense to wash them before wearing them for the first time and to always do this separately, as residual colour may be contained in the material, which will then wash out.
  5. Impregnation: You should refrain from doing this. According to the manufacturer, the waterproofing of the first textile layer can decrease due to various factors, but this will not penetrate into the deeper layers due to the nature of the jackets. The impregnation is therefore always guaranteed.

However, if you are not really familiar with the subject or do not trust yourself, refrain from doing so and, if in doubt, pass your clothes on to a professional cleaner.

When should you start wearing your Wellensteyn jacket?

This depends primarily on your individual feeling for warmth or cold and can therefore not be determined as a general rule. With the "summer" jackets, it can generally be said that they are less intended for summer temperatures, but rather for the transitional period, i.e. for a fresh spring or pleasant autumn temperatures.

Winter jackets, on the other hand, can be worn from 10° C or cooler, depending on wind conditions. Women are more likely to reach for a warm jacket than men because of their nature. Depending on the jacket model, they will still keep you warm even in lower double-digit sub-zero temperatures.

What can I do if my Wellensteyn jacket leaks, discolours or clumps?

In principle, according to the manufacturer, it should not happen that the jacket leaks. We have already dealt with this case in the trivia section on cleaning.

However, if you feel that your jacket is leaking when wet, you can decide whether to contact the retailer or the Wellensteyn company directly or whether you want to risk impregnating the garment yourself. In general, the legal warranty applies to Wellensteyn.

This means that you should report any faults or non-existent but promised functions so that a solution can be found if necessary.

Self-inflicted faults are not covered by the warranty, nor is wear and tear caused by regular use.

You can avoid discolouration of the jacket by washing it separately, as advised by Wellensteyn.

What other products does Wellensteyn offer?

The best-known and most sought-after products of the Wellensteyn brand are the jackets, but other textiles are also on offer. For adults, there are T-shirts and waistcoats for summer and trousers, pullovers, waistcoats, hats and scarves for winter.

For men, there are also shoes for both seasons and summer trousers. Accessories include caps, belts, umbrellas, sunglasses, bags and umbrellas.

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