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A wet hoover is a real all-rounder and helper in the household. Unlike conventional hoovers, it helps to remove dust, dirt and animal hair. In addition, it is also suitable for vacuuming away liquid impurities. A wet vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning floors as well as textiles and upholstered furniture.

Here we show you why a wet vacuum cleaner is suitable for your household and what you need to consider before buying one. In our big wet hoover test 2021 we looked at various models for you. We present our favourites in this article. We also explain the advantages and disadvantages of a wet vacuum cleaner and answer the most frequently asked questions about wet vacuum cleaners.


  • In addition to dry dirt and dust, mites or pet hair, the wet vacuum cleaner can also thoroughly clean liquid contaminants. This makes it particularly suitable for households with children and pets as well as for allergy sufferers.
  • Wet vacuum cleaners are an ideal complement to conventional hoovers in many different areas. This way, indoor and outdoor floor surfaces can shine sparkling clean. The wet vacuum cleaner is also suitable for carpet or upholstery cleaning.
  • Wet vacuums are available in different sizes and many models. You should be clear about what you expect from the hoover before you buy it. Various additional functions and accessories can be easily adapted to your own needs.

Wet Vacuum Cleaner: Our Selection

Buying and evaluation criteria for wet hoovers

If you are looking for a wet vacuum cleaner, you will quickly come across a wide variety of models in your search. The perfect wet hoover should meet your individual needs. That's why you should think about what you want to use the device for before you buy it. We have therefore selected the most important criteria for you so that you are guaranteed to find the right wet vacuum cleaner for you.

You should consider the following criteria before buying a wet hoover:

Suction power

Many wet vacuum cleaners have an output of between 1000 and 1800 watts. However, hoovers as low as 800 watts can be quite sufficient for household use. When it comes to suction power, it is not advisable to look only at the number of watts. The wattage indicates how much power is consumed from the socket.

Even appliances with a lower wattage can have good suction power. Other and more important indicators are the air volume and the vacuum. Here, the normal air volume is in the range of 30 to 60 litres/second and the vacuum between 160 and 230 millibars. So if you are looking for an energy-efficient wet vacuum cleaner, it is worth looking at these sizes.

Size and weight

This point is primarily about ease of handling. The bigger and heavier a wet hoover is, the more unwieldy it is. Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention to an ergonomic handle and easy-rolling wheels so that a heavy model can be used well. In addition, the size should also be matched to the room in which the wet vacuum cleaner is to be stored.

When choosing the size, you need to think about how large the area to be cleaned is.

In addition to the classic wet vacuum cleaners, there are also handy cordless vacuum cleaners.

Thanks to their handy size, these can also be used to clean confined spaces such as cars. However, the amount of liquid that a vacuum cleaner can absorb is small.

The size is also a decisive factor:

  • Hopper size: For everyday household chores, a hopper that holds between 10 and 20 litres is sufficient. Large containers can hold well over 30 litres. A larger bin means you have to empty the contents less. It is up to you to decide how big the container of your hoover should be. A larger container is worthwhile for work in the workshop, garden or garage, while a smaller one can be used in the household.
  • Length of the suction hose and the cable: The longer the two components are, the greater the operating radius of the vacuum cleaner. There are wet vacuum cleaners that have a small cable, but this can be up to 7 metres long. So if you want to clean a particularly large area, it is worth taking a close look at the length of the cable. A long hose is practical for cleaning areas that are high up or far away.

The larger a wet vacuum cleaner is, the heavier it is. However, the weight is also determined by the material of the container. This is usually made of stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel is the more stable variant and also makes a wet vacuum cleaner look elegant, but these models are more expensive and also heavier. Plastic is usually the cheaper option and its lighter weight makes a wet hoover easier to handle. Basically, the lighter the vacuum cleaner, the easier it is to handle.


Generally, wet hoovers have a higher noise level than conventional hoovers. The average value is 80 dB.

The infinitely variable suction power reduction provides a remedy. This makes it possible to work energy-efficiently, because the highest suction power does not have to be selected for all types of dirt. For smooth floors, for example, a lower suction power can be selected. This minimises the noise level.

Range of functions and features

The main function of a wet/dry vacuum cleaner is to easily vacuum away liquid dirt. Nevertheless, the vacuum cleaners can also have certain additional functions. These can prove to be practical depending on the need and area of application of the vacuum cleaner:

Additional function Description
Blow function For this, the suction hose is inserted into an opening on the back of the vacuum cleaner. The suction tube is used as a blowpipe. Particularly practical in places where you cannot vacuum because they are simply too small or narrow.
Drain valve This is located in the lower part of the vacuum cleaner. This makes it easy to empty the liquid in a full container via a drain. This way you don't have to pick up the heavy unit to empty it.

Most wet hoovers come with accessories. You should pay particular attention to the various nozzles that allow you to clean a wide variety of surfaces:

Accessories Description
All-purpose nozzle / universal brush The universal brush is usually already included in the delivery. It has retractable bristles. With the bristles you can clean smooth floors, without the bristles you can clean carpets.
Upholstery nozzle Is intended for use on smaller surfaces. It is especially practical for upholstered furniture or car seats.
Cleaning brush This is a small round attachment with bristles. It can be used especially well for vacuuming smaller smooth surfaces such as a radiator.
crevice nozzle This is an elongated narrow nozzle. It is particularly handy in inaccessible places and the narrowest crevices

When buying, look for the corresponding additional functions or accessories that are suitable for you.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a wet hoover

Now you know what criteria to look for when buying a wet vacuum cleaner. However, there are other questions you should ask yourself before buying a wet vacuum cleaner. We have compiled the most important and interesting questions in the following section.

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Unlike conventional hoovers, a wet hoover is also suitable for vacuuming up liquid dirt. But it is also a useful helper against house dust, mites and animal hair. In contrast to a conventional hoover, it does not swirl them up in the air and binds them more efficiently. The cleaning performance is therefore greater. This makes it particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.
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What is special about a wet vacuum cleaner and how does it work?

A wet vacuum cleaner sucks up dry as well as wet dirt. The latter distinguishes it from its relative, the hoover. In contrast to the vacuum cleaner, the wet vacuum cleaner usually provides a more pleasant room climate because it does not stir up the dust but binds it with the water. Wet-dry vacuum cleaners thus work more thoroughly. They are also more stable and long-lasting. On the other hand, they consume a lot of energy and have a high noise level.

How does a wet vacuum cleaner work? Everything that a wet vacuum cleaner sucks up ends up in a container, the so-called collection container. In particularly large models, this can hold up to 50 litres or more.

After the cleaning cycle, the collection container is emptied by turning it upside down or allowing the liquid to run out through a drain valve.

However, the wet hoover cannot be regarded as a substitute for a conventional hoover. Due to its size and function, the wet vacuum cleaner is more unwieldy and not suitable for a quick clean here and there. Nevertheless, wet vacuums are extremely useful in the household. If used regularly, they are always worth buying as a supplement to a conventional hoover.

What types of wet vacuum cleaners are there?

In the following, we will introduce you to the types of wet vacuum cleaners. Among them are devices that are very similar to the wet vacuum cleaner.

The wet cordless vacuum cleaner

A wet cordless hoover is usually sold as a hand-held hoover. The vacuum cleaner is compact and has a low weight. This makes it easy to hold. A cordless wet vacuum cleaner is often used for smaller jobs. It is very popular for cleaning cars, for example.

  • Small and handy
  • Cordless
  • Easy to use
  • Cannot be used for larger areas
  • Limited range of use

However, there are also large cordless vacuum cleaners. The difference between this and conventional wet vacuums is that it has no cord. Therefore, it can be used for wide and large areas without being limited by the length of the cable.
The robot wet hoover

A robot wet vacuum cleaner specialises in damp mopping your floor. And it does it automatically. So you can put your feet up while the robot cleans your home. These small devices are therefore practical helpers in the household.

  • Very practical
  • Time-saving
  • Devices are easy to operate, Quiet, Can even clean under furniture
  • Water-saving
  • Only suitable for damp cleaning of hard floors (not very flexible)
  • Acquisition costs
  • Lower suction power
  • Obstacles in rooms can be problematic

Although a robot wet vacuum is very practical for cleaning hard floors, it can only be used for a specific area in the household. However, robotic vacuums are still in their infancy. It is worth pursuing the development of automatic wet vacuums.

How much does a wet hoover cost?

The price range for wet vacuum cleaners is wide. Depending on the manufacturer, the price can also be an indicator of quality. In addition, the cost of a wet hoover is also determined by the equipment, accessories and size.

The higher the price, the higher quality and more stable a wet hoover is. It also comes with more equipment as the cost increases.

Thus, the prices for good wet vacuum cleaners range from 40 to 250 euros and upwards.

Such a device can be significantly more expensive than a normal hoover. However, this is because a wet vacuum cleaner has more functions and can be used in many areas.Very expensive wet vacuum cleaners are mostly used in professional and industrial areas.

How do I use a wet hoover?

The wet vacuum cleaner is a real all-rounder and can be used for many different cleaning operations. For example, wet vacuum cleaners can be used in the following areas:

  • Floor surfaces: Both indoors after wet cleaning (this prevents unsightly water stains) and outdoors in the garage, workshop or garden. This means that the wet-dry vacuum cleaner can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as stone or tiled floors.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning: A wet vacuum cleaner is very well suited for this. Because it manages to make materials that are otherwise difficult to get clean shine again.

In general, the following applies: The soiled surface is first treated with water and an appropriate cleaning agent. Then the excess and dirty liquid can simply be sucked up with the wet hoover.

What cleaning agents can I use for the wet hoover?

Adding cleaning agents is usually not a problem. Some manufacturers also offer appropriate cleaning agents. It is advisable to pay attention to which cleaning agents are recommended by the manufacturer.

In general, you should not use cleaning agents that are too harsh. This can damage your health, but also your wet vacuum cleaner.

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The wet vacuum cleaner can be used both indoors and outdoors. On the one hand, it makes it easy to clean hard floors. But carpets, upholstery and mattresses can also be cleaned hygienically with a wet vacuum cleaner. To do this, you simply work the appropriate cleaning agent into the water and then vacuum up the dirty water.
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