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The time for black is over, at least when it comes to office chairs. White office chairs are the latest trend to give a different touch to any office or study room.

But that does not mean that the quality of the product is reduced, so you should opt for models that are comfortable, resistant and that take care of your health when you spend long hours in them. With our tips we will help you to find the best white office chair for your preferences.

The Best White Office Chair: Our Picks

White Office Chair: Shopping guide

While it is true that a black office chair is elegant, it is also something we are used to seeing. That's why a white office chair is an elegant yet different touch that allows us to break away from the classic sobriety of black.

With our white office chair comparison you will find selected quality products with which you can make a difference in your office or in your own home. And with our tips we will help you know what you should consider to find the best white office chair for your preferences.

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White office chairs are the latest trend to add a different touch to any office or study room. (Source: lightfieldstudios:

As a fundamental key, it is important to keep in mind that a white office chair will always be dirtier than a black chair, as any stain or scratch is immediately noticeable. This is why you should choose high-quality materials that are wear-resistant and easy to clean. In some cases these upholstery can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth, which saves time and effort to keep your white office chair spotless, while extending its life span by not having to use chemicals and abrasives for cleaning.

The second important aspect is the construction of the chair. We have already talked about the quality of the materials when referring to the fabrics, but we should also take it into consideration when talking about the rest of the chair. From the internal structure to the rest of the chair elements, such as the upholstery, they should always be of the highest quality to have a strong and durable product. It is always better to choose metal elements over plastic and aluminium over other metals.

We conclude by mentioning another fundamental aspect, such as comfort. There is no point in choosing a chair because it has a beautiful design if you are not able to use it because it is uncomfortable. Therefore, look for models that are adaptable in every possible aspect, such as height, frame shape, depth of the backrest or arm height, so that you are always comfortable in it and can enjoy working and using it, as well as the decorative point it gives to the room.

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This is why you should choose high-quality materials that are resistant to use and easy to clean. (Source: Ismagilov:

How to use a white office chair

Whenever you decide to furnish or redecorate your office you should always think about the possibility of getting a good chair, ideal for being comfortable and being able to do a much more efficient job while sitting in it.

In this way, it is important that you can carry out an easy, quick and safe assembly process so that you can make use of the chair as soon as possible. Therefore, paying attention to our list of pointers will help you a lot in achieving this action as well as giving it a proper use.


Once you have received the office chair at home, you will have to unpack it carefully to have at hand each of the parts designed for its assembly. Then, after opening the box you will have to remove one by one the parts that make up the chair, bearing in mind that it would be much more comfortable if you put them in a place that is easily accessible and where you can then carry out the assembly of it.

Assembling your chair

The assembly of office chairs is usually well illustrated in the instruction manual, so having it handy will be a great help. You will also need to locate all the tools and implements included in the package that are required for assembly. In this regard, it would be appropriate to start first by attaching the castors to the base of the chair.

To do this, you should place each wheel on the ends of the wheelchair right at the opening where it belongs, and then press them together until they click into place. This way, when you hear a clicking sound when you do this, you can be sure that the wheels are properly secured. Now, you should place the piston that will join the base with the seat of the chair snugly into the corresponding and visible hole of the wheeled base.

Now you just need to insert the seat into the seat, but not before removing the piston lock so that your wheelchair can be adjusted in height, otherwise you will not be able to perform this action.

Adjusting the Height of the Wheelchair

If you wish to adjust the height of your wheelchair, you can easily do this by using the lever located just below the seat. To do this, simply lift the lever if you prefer the seat to be raised or, conversely, press the lever down to lower the height of the chair. It is important to note that to lower the chair you will need to be seated in the chair so that the gas in the piston can be released comfortably.

Use your chair properly

Proper use of your new office chair is essential to keep it looking like new for a long time. This way, considering the fact that it has wheels on the base, you will even be able to move freely in short spaces to reach any work materials you don't have on hand.

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