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Whiteboards in schools, and therefore also whiteboard markers, have been in use since 2008. In Germany, there are already around 26,000 whiteboards, which means that the popularity of whiteboard markers is becoming increasingly apparent. With many different colours, whiteboard markers are attracting a lot of attention and positive feedback because they offer an alternative to chalk. We have therefore compared different products. You can also find out what you should look out for when buying and how you can ultimately find the perfect product for you.


  • Whiteboard markers are specially made pens that can be used on whiteboards, flipcharts or even glass. They are the same way of writing as normal markers, but the whiteboard marker can be wiped off.
  • Whiteboard markers are new utensils that you can use for presentations and in class.
  • In addition to these features, whiteboard markers are available in many different colours, which can be bought in different sets at a reasonable price.

The Best Whiteboard Marker: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for whiteboard markers

To help you decide which whiteboard marker is right for you, we have summarised the most important buying criteria for you. These criteria should make it easier for you to compare the different whiteboard markers so that your choice is easier. The criteria to facilitate the comparison of tile cleaners include:

Furthermore, we have provided you with an explanation/explanation of our chosen buying criteria here.

Wedge or bullet tip

Wedge tip or bullet tip whiteboard markers only tell you what the writing or drawing tip looks like. A wedge tip whiteboard marker has a wider tip and is "bent" again at the top so that it can write or draw a little thinner. A round sharpener whiteboard marker is, as the name suggests, round. You can compare it with a biro in terms of shape and writing style.

Line width (size)

Whiteboard markers are available in different line widths. The sizes vary depending on whether you choose a bullet or wedge tip. You can choose a very fine pen for thin lines or a thick pen for wide lines. You will find a selection from 1.5 mm to 5 mm. Tip: If you would like to have both options, I would recommend a whiteboard marker with a wedge tip. You can write thicker or thinner depending on the position of the pen.


Not all whiteboard markers are refillable, but some are. To do this, you only need the refill bottle, which you can also order in a stationery shop or online. Short instructions: Take your empty whiteboard marker, open it and put the front tip into the refill bottle. The marker must remain in this position for at least one hour. If possible, it is best to leave it overnight.


Everyone loves to write in colour. The colours on the whiteboard marker are strong and intense. You can also fulfil this preference with whiteboard markers. Whether red, purple, yellow or green, you can buy all these colours in sets for a whiteboard or flipchart. These colours are also wipeable and colour-intensive.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about whiteboard markers answered in detail

In the next section, we will answer the most important questions about whiteboard markers. To give you a more detailed and deeper insight.

What are whiteboard markers?

You can think of whiteboard markers as sharpies. They look the same, but are designed for extra surfaces, whiteboards or flipcharts. You can write dry on the surfaces suitable for the pens. Unlike a sharpie or marker you know, you can't wipe it off. In the case of whiteboard markers, however, this feature is feasible and even residue-free.

Whiteboard Marker

Whiteboard markers are always wipeable and available in different colours. (Image source: Mark Rabe/ Unsplash)

In the meantime, whiteboards and markers are also used as a substitute for blackboards and chalkboards in many schools and companies.

What types of whiteboard markers are there?

There is no great variety of types of whiteboard markers. You have the choice between many different colours and brands. In addition, you can choose a bullet or wedge tip. However, it always depends on your personal preference for the pen.

How much do whiteboard markers cost?

Whiteboard markers are not more expensive than normal markers. The price ranges are no higher than 15 € even in a high-priced price category. It only depends on the number of colours/markers you want and the brand you choose. This table should give you a little more information about the costs of whiteboard markers:

Price range Available products
Low-priced 2,30 - 3,50 €) single whiteboard markers or a small set with the standard colours (black,blue,red,green), refillable and recycled casing
Medium-priced 3,50 - 9 €) Whiteboard marker sets with different selection of colours
High-priced 9 - 15 €) Whiteboard markers from well-known brands such as edding, sets with a large selection of colours

As you can see, the price ranges are all within reason and the whiteboard markers are all fairly inexpensive. It is already possible to get refillable and environmentally friendly versions in a low price range.

What are the ingredients of whiteboard markers?

Whiteboard markers have a chemical composition and are therefore chemically characterised. The markers are created with the help of an alcoholic solution of organic pigments, binders and additives. It should be noted that there are two dangerous ingredients.

The first is ethanol, which is classified differently or in addition to the classification of the regulation. The second substance is 1-methoxy-2-propanol. This is also flammable, which is why it is classified as a hazardous substance. The only thing to keep in mind with these two substances, as with a sharpie, is that they do not get too hot.

Are there environmentally friendly whiteboard markers?

We have looked into this and have not yet found a large selection. In the area of environmentally friendly whiteboard markers, we have only discovered the EcoLine from the edding brand.

Tip: When buying whiteboard markers, make sure you choose a refillable version. This would be a step forward and you would not need to buy the markers again.


Because of their different colours, whiteboard markers are more fun to work with or write with than chalk. Presentations can be set up and displayed in a more beautiful and creative way. In addition, they are simply something new. We love innovation and the possibility to try out new things.

The whiteboard markers provide the perfect template for this. They are especially good for teachers and offices. It might even motivate students to participate in class because they will want to use the pens. The only thing to consider when buying is personal preference.

(Cover picture: pixabay / RAEng_Publications)

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