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Are you looking for a comfortable but stylish and timeless armchair? Then a wicker armchair is the right choice for you. Wicker chairs are made of woven rattan wood, wicker or polyrattan and are known for their flexibility when sitting. The material has been used for many decades. Therefore, a wicker armchair fits almost every home. In our wicker chair test 2022 we took a closer look at the different wicker chairs. Depending on the manufacturer, there are wicker chairs with different features such as armrests, upholstery or rocking feet. So if you are looking for the right wicker chair, it is worth taking a look at a comparison of the different wicker chairs. We hope that the explanation of advantages and disadvantages will make your purchase decision easier.


  • Wicker chairs are furniture made of rattan wood, wicker or polyrattan, which have been in use for a long time. The oldest wicker chairs date back to the 1920s. This shows that wicker chairs are a timeless piece of furniture and never go out of fashion.
  • Due to the woven seat, wicker armchairs offer flexible support. This makes them suitable for people who quickly suffer from pain when sitting. The upholstery can also be easily replaced.
  • With proper care, wicker armchairs are characterised by their long durability. Depending on the material, specific care is recommended. For example, armchairs made of rattan wood or wicker should be regularly maintained with wax or Vaseline.

The Best Wicker Armchair: Our Picks

To give you an overview of the different wicker armchairs on offer, we briefly present what we consider to be the best wicker armchairs.

Wicker Armchair: Buying and Evaluation Criteria

In this section, we take a closer look at the features that distinguish the various wicker chairs from each other. You can use the following criteria to compare the wicker chairs with each other:

We will now explain the individual criteria in more detail and hope to help you with your purchase decision.


Wicker chairs are often made of rattan. The term is derived from the rattan palm, whose wood is particularly porous and flexible. The wood is processed with hot air or steam and thus bent for the use of furniture. This is how the typical wicker armchairs are created, which have been around for several decades. If you are looking for a wicker armchair made of real rattan wood, it is better to store it indoors, as the material is not weatherproof.

For environmentally conscious people, wicker chairs made from wicker canes are recommended. Unlike rattan palm, wicker grows in Europe and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

As an alternative to rattan wood and wicker, there is polyrattan. This is artificial rattan material. Unlike natural materials, polyrattan is weatherproof and can be used well as a material for garden furniture. In addition, polyrattan is particularly light and has a high degree of stability.


Most typical wicker chairs from the past have armrests. This is practical if you want to use the wicker armchairs in the garden or at the dining table. If you choose a wicker chair with armrests, you should note that they take up more space overall.

However, since most wicker chairs are designed for relaxing, it is rather difficult to find a wicker chair without armrests.

Besides the typical wicker armchairs with armrests, there are also swivel, hanging and rocking wicker armchairs. These come without armrests. You can find out more about them below.


As with any piece of furniture, the size of a wicker chair is an important factor in the decision. Before buying, you should think about who will be sitting on the wicker armchair. The wicker armchairs for children are naturally smaller in size.

There are wicker chairs especially for children.

The wicker chairs that can be used as dining chairs are generally somewhat narrower than the wicker chairs for the garden or balcony. The outdoor wicker chairs often have particularly large seats and other features so that they have nothing to complain about in terms of comfort.

Load capacity

When it comes to load-bearing capacity, you should consider the maximum weight that the chair can withstand. Most wicker chairs have a maximum load capacity of 100 kilograms. However, when you sit down, your entire weight does not affect the chair; a full load of your weight only occurs when you lie down on the chair.

The load-bearing capacity of wicker chairs decreases over time.

What you should bear in mind about the load-bearing capacity of your wicker chair is that the chair can lose its load-bearing capacity over time. Especially with outdoor chairs that are exposed to rain and UV radiation, the quality can decrease over time. In the case of polyrattan, which is made of plastic, the individual plastic strands are stressed by exposure to the sun and thus burnt. For this reason, you should treat your wicker chair with care. Due to its characteristic wicker structure, the wicker chair is more flexible, but also more demanding. Especially in the case of wicker armchairs for the garden or balcony, you should not sit too heavily on the armchair.


Most manufacturers offer upholstery with their wicker armchairs, which is included in the purchase price. This consists of one or two cushions that fit directly onto the armchair. Depending on the shape of the armchair, these are either round or square. You should definitely consider upholstering your wicker armchair, as the wickerwork can make the armchair uncomfortable after a while without a cushion. If your wicker chair does not come with a cushion, you can alternatively look for replacement cushions.

Some suppliers offer to supply special cushioning for rattan furniture.

If you have chosen a hanging or rocking wicker chair, special anti-slip cushions are suitable, which do not shift when sitting. You should also make sure that the upholstery of an outdoor wicker chair is weatherproof and made of water-repellent material. Alternatively, you can bring the cushions into the dry when it rains.

Wicker Chair: Frequently asked Questions and Answers

In this section we answer the most important questions about wicker chairs. We have studied the topic and hope to give you a detailed answer to your questions here.

Who is a wicker chair suitable for?

A wicker armchair is suitable for anyone who is looking for a timeless, stylish armchair. Wicker armchairs can be used as chairs for a dining table as well as for relaxing in comfort. Because there are different types of wicker armchairs, a wicker armchair can be used for different functions. There are even wicker loungers on which you can relax and doze or read in the garden.


Wicker chairs get their special look from woven rattan wood or polyrattan. After weaving, the wood is stained and varnished to protect it from weather and wear. (Image source: unsplash / Grant Durr)

Because the typical wicker chair is made of woven rattan wood, wicker or polyrattan, it is extremely flexible. The woven material adapts to the body and therefore feels less hard than other materials.

This makes wicker chairs particularly suitable for people who quickly suffer from pain when sitting.

In addition, wicker chairs are popular for their timeless design. You certainly won't go wrong with a wicker chair in terms of design, because they have been in use for over a hundred years. If you are a fan of antiques, a wicker armchair from the 50s or 60s is a good choice.

What types of wicker armchairs are there?

As already mentioned, there are different types of wicker armchairs. We explain which ones in the following table:
Wicker armchair advantages disadvantages
Standing wicker armchair suitable as a dining chair, higher stability, easy to move around difficult to repair
Swivel wicker armchair suitable for relaxing and reading, outdoor and indoor, high comfort the two frames are not attached to each other
Hanging wicker armchair suitable for outdoors and indoors, fun for children difficult to assemble

Depending on the function you need your wicker chair for, different types of wicker chairs are suitable. In the following section, we will go into more detail about the differences.

Standing wicker chair

The standing wicker chair is the classic wicker chair that has been in use for decades. It comes in different versions; with or without armrests, low or normal set and even as a rocking chair.


Standing wicker chairs are particularly suitable for the dining room. The woven wood creates a pleasant atmosphere. They also offer a high level of seating comfort. (Image source: unsplash / Liana Mikah)

If you are looking for an armchair to relax, read or watch TV, this armchair is the right choice. It offers great comfort thanks to its flexible wooden weave. Even if you sit for a long time, you won't feel any pain in your spine.

Another advantage is the replaceable cushions.

Many manufacturers offer replacement cushions so that you don't have to buy a new chair if the cushions wear out. Because the material of wicker armchairs is extremely porous, the armchairs are not particularly heavy and can be moved easily. This means you don't have to worry about moving heavy pieces of furniture. One disadvantage could be that wicker armchairs are generally difficult to repair. If your wicker chair wears out after a certain time and tears in one place, the repair may be expensive.

Swivel wicker chair

The swivel wicker armchair is suitable for people who are looking for a reading armchair or a relaxation corner. This armchair consists of a base on which the actual armchair is placed. The seat consists of an oval wickerwork, where the entire body is protected from the outside. The swivel wicker armchair thus offers an extremely high level of comfort and the possibility of being shielded from the outside world. The removable cushion also makes it suitable for outdoors.

One disadvantage, however, is that it takes up a lot of space due to its oval basket shape.

Depending on the design, it can look clunky. In addition, the swivel function can weaken after a while, so you have to take care of a repair. If you decide on a swivel wicker chair for the garden or balcony, you should choose a model made of polyrattan, as the wooden version is not weatherproof and wears out quickly.

Hanging wicker chair

Hanging wicker chairs are the most modern version of wicker chairs. The wicker armchair is attached to a hanging frame, with the armchair in the air. This wicker chair often has a round shape.

Hanging wicker chairs are available both with and without a frame.

The version with a frame is easier to assemble because the chair is simply installed on the frame. In the version without a frame, the armchair is attached directly to the wall by a rope or chain. This is a special eye-catcher, but requires more effort and experience during installation.


Hanging chairs are suitable for both outdoors and indoors. The cocoon-shaped armchair invites you to relax and allows you to swing slightly while sitting. (Image source: pixabay / Alexa's photos)

Especially for outdoors, such hanging wicker armchairs are very popular. They invite you to doze or read in the garden. There are also versions that offer space for two people. These wicker chairs are also a popular option for children. A disadvantage is also with this wicker armchair that it rather takes up a lot of space. The cases of the hanging armchairs are spacious, so you should make sure beforehand that the intended space is large enough. As with the other wicker armchairs, the hanging wicker armchair also offers interchangeable seat cushions. These can be purchased in various shops as needed.

How much does a wicker armchair cost?

The price range between the different wicker armchairs on offer is very wide. Depending on the material and quality, the price can vary. The following table provides information on the prices of wicker armchairs:
Type price range
Standing wicker chair approx. 15 - 270€
Swivel wicker chair approx. 40 - 150€
Hanging wicker chair approx. 50 - 370€

As you can see, the cheapest wicker armchairs can be bought at an auction for as little as €15. However, please note that the quality of these chairs is not as long-lasting as that of higher-priced wicker chairs. There is also a difference in the material. Wicker chairs made of original rattan wood are more expensive than those made of polyrattan. However, a wicker chair made of polyrattan is more suitable if you want to use it as garden furniture.

What are the alternatives to a wicker chair?

There are several alternatives to a wicker chair. We will briefly present them in this section:
Type Description
wing chair The characteristic "ear" cushions offer space to lean your head on the side. Also available with a stool for the feet, depending on the range.
Sleeping armchair Sleeping armchairs are unfolded for sleeping and offer a high level of comfort. They offer space for one person.
Garden lounger Garden loungers are often made of similar material to wicker chairs. However, they offer a reclining surface for sleeping and relaxing.

As you can see, there are several alternatives to the wicker chair. Depending on the function for which you want to use a wicker chair, it is worth taking a look at the alternatives.

How do I care for a wicker chair properly?

When caring for your wicker chair, it is important that you first know what material it is made of. Only if you know the material will you know how to care for it properly. In the following section we explain the correct care:

  1. Cleaning: In general, however, it is recommended to clean the wickerwork of all materials with a brush and soapy water. This prevents dirt from settling between the individual pieces of weave. Then clean the chair with a damp cloth. You can then simply leave the wicker chair to air dry.
  2. Care: For wicker chairs made of rattan or wicker, you should rub wax or Vaseline onto the wicker with a cloth after cleaning. This prevents the material from drying out, which could lead to breakage. For armchairs made of polyrattan, there are special sprays that protect your armchair from all weather conditions.
  3. Protect: In the cold and wet months, you should protect the wicker armchair with a tarpaulin or place it inside. Polyrattan and rattan wood can start to mould and disintegrate when wet. You should also be careful if your wicker chair is placed in the blazing sun. This can cause both natural and artificial materials to break.

If you want your wicker chair to be a certain colour, you can paint it. Before doing so, you should clean your wicker chair thoroughly. Then apply the paint with a spray or brush. Depending on the colour, up to three coats are recommended.

How do I repair a wicker chair?

Depending on the type of damage, you can repair your wicker chair yourself. If there are scratches or dents, you can sand them away with sandpaper. However, be careful not to sand too much.
However, if there are holes in the basket weave, self-repair is almost impossible.

Some manufacturers offer the possibility of replacing damaged wicker with a self-repair kit. Alternatively, you can order your wicker online and have the exact number of threads you need delivered to you. As self-repair requires a lot of skill, it is worth having the repair done by the manufacturer. The holes cannot simply be patched, but each damaged part must be replaced individually. Since repairing polyrattan furniture also tends to be more expensive, many prefer to invest in new furniture.


Wicker armchairs are suitable for anyone looking for a timeless, stylish armchair. The woven material always makes a good impression and can also be combined well with other furniture. Depending on taste, a wicker armchair can be freshened up by painting it a different colour. In addition to the classic standing wicker armchair, swivel or hanging wicker armchairs have also been available for some time. When buying a wicker armchair, it is advisable to check beforehand whether the manufacturer offers a guarantee on the armchair. This is advantageous, as repairing the chair yourself can be tedious and costly. Each broken rattan wood thread must be replaced individually. For furniture for the garden or terrace, the recommended material is polyrattan, as it is considered weatherproof and stable. Image source: 123rf / Alena Ozerova