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Welcome to our big window grille test 2021. Here we present all the window grilles that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best window grille for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a window grille.

The most important Facts

  • Easily accessible windows on the ground floor and in the cellar should be protected by window grilles.
  • When choosing a window grille, you can decide whether to install it outdoors or indoors, or whether to use stainless steel or galvanised window grilles.
  • Whether you buy a ready-made window grille or a custom-made window grille depends on whether you install the window grille yourself or have it installed by a professional.

The Best Window Grille: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Window Grilles

Why install a window grille at all?

Since the number of burglaries is increasing year by year, you should think about installing window bars.

Window grilles are not only for your own security but also prevent extremely high costs associated with a burglary.

Window bars have been known to give a feeling of being in prison. Today, window grilles are available in a wide variety of designs and materials that are visually appealing.

The indestructible window grilles are made to match the style of the house. The overall aesthetic appearance is therefore not diminished, but additionally supported. (Image source: / Pablo Bustos)

The installation of window grilles is possible on all windows and is therefore particularly recommended on basement windows, light well grilles and ground floor.

Retrofitting is also usually possible without any problems in old buildings and can be done at any time.

In this case, however, the work should be carried out by a professional so that the window grille can be fitted optimally and no damage can be caused during installation.

Thus, it does not matter whether you own a new or older house, as window grilles can be retrofitted at any time.

What do window grilles cost?

The purchase price of window grilles should be worth it to you, especially when you consider how high the costs can be after a break-in.

The price of a window grille varies greatly - as it depends on the actual size of the window.

Small window grilles without fastening are available for as little as EUR 50. While sturdy security window grilles start at a price of EUR 150 and go up to EUR 500 and above.

Why are basement windows particularly important?

The easiest burglary attempt is via the basement window, which is why it is especially important to provide it with a grille.

Since there is often access to the cellar from the outside or objects are transported through the cellar window, a door grille that can be opened is the best solution.

What alternatives are there to window grilles?

Since window grilles are not visually appealing to everyone, there is the option of using scissor-type grilles.

Scissor grilles can be pulled up horizontally and are therefore more inconspicuous when they are not needed.

Roller shutters are another alternative to window grilles. These are roller shutters that can be equipped with comprehensive burglary protection.

oll shutters are primarily built to shade windows. However, every roller shutter also provides a measure of security: every roller shutter is an obstacle for burglars and therefore has a burglar-resistant effect. (Image source: / Nicola Pavan)

Who installs window grilles?

With a little manual dexterity and the help of installation instructions, window grilles can also be installed by you.

However, if you do not have the necessary expertise and manual dexterity, you should contact a professional.

Especially when it comes to custom-made grilles that require correct fastening with safety screws and the correct connection depth.

How are window grilles fixed?

The protection against burglary depends on how the window grilles are fixed. If they are easily detached from the masonry, they will not function.

Therefore, it is particularly important that the installation is done in one of these three ways:

  • Screw the window grille directly to the wall with dowels
  • Fix the window grille to the window frame with safety screws
  • or install the window grille directly in the window reveal

Which screws are needed for fastening?

Just as important as the window grille is the choice of installation screws.

If their heads are accessible or protrude from the façade, they can be loosened with a screwdriver or pliers. There is a choice of two screws here:

Safety screws, which have specially shaped heads with asymmetrical holes. They can only be unscrewed with rare Allen keys.

Breakaway screws, as the name suggests, after they are anchored in the material, the head breaks off. To remove them, a special tool is needed where pliers and conventional screwdrivers are useless.

The right tool and the right security screws offer you various options for theft-preventing fastening. (Image source: / Sneaky Elbow)

What should you look for when buying window bars?

Before buying window bars, you should be clear whether you want to install them yourself or leave the work to a professional.

Since some windows require custom-made grilles, make sure that they comply with VdS guidelines.

You should also pay attention to the various quality features such as high-quality material, resistance and certified fastening technologies.

How robust are stainless steel window grilles?

The stability of stainless steel provides enormous security due to its high corrosion resistance.

To ensure that the grilles nevertheless remain discreet, the bars can be selected and attached in different thicknesses. Another advantage of stainless steel is that it is sustainable and has a long service life.

How robust are galvanised window grilles?

Hot-dip galvanised bars are solid material, which means that no hollow space exists.

Galvanising the window grilles also reduces the need for maintenance and ensures a long-lasting durability.

The advantage of hot-dip galvanised grilles is that they can be coated in a wide range of colours to match the house. In addition, galvanised window grilles can be made to measure and adapted to each individual window.

What Types of Window Grilles are there and which is the right one for you?

Before you decide on a window grille, you should already have researched the different models.

  • Window grilles for outdoors
  • Window grilles for indoor use
  • Window grilles for cellars

In the following sections, we would like to go into more detail about these types and present their advantages and disadvantages.

What are the characteristics of outdoor window grilles and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

If you are looking for more security and less visual impact on the property, you should opt for fixed grilles that are mounted outside.

In this case, the grille is screwed into the window reveal or onto the wall with four or more lateral fastening brackets.

  • Burglar-proof and resistant
  • Daylight available despite grille
  • Higher security through fixed grilles
  • Various installation options
  • Resistance classes influence price
  • Higher protection through alarm system
  • Optimal modification of the property

Basically, outdoor grilles are made of stable and robust materials and therefore have the advantage of being burglar-proof and resistant.

In order for the resistance to be confirmed, the grilles must be checked against any burglary attempts using a wide range of tools.

It should be noted that the grilles are differentiated between six security classes (RC1 to RC6) according to the DIN standard. The disadvantage is that the individual resistance classes clearly increase the grille price.

There are also two installation options: The grille can be screwed into the window reveal as well as on the outside of the masonry. Screwing the grille into the window reveal does not damage the outer masonry.

Although both variants are particularly burglar-proof, we recommend installing an alarm system in addition to a window grille. This doubles the security of your property.

Since the exterior models are not a full-surface barrier, daylight and fresh air can still penetrate into your room despite the window grille.

However, you must be aware that a fixed grille is always visible and thus changes the appearance of your property.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of window grilles for indoor use?

In addition to security, design also plays a major role. Therefore, for all those who do not always want to have the grille in front of the window, there is the option of having them installed indoors.

These are removable and movable models that have the function of a protective flap.

  • Secure protection and a more attractive appearance
  • Robust and rust-resistant material
  • Movable and removable grilles
  • Grilles available in various colours
  • Assembly by a specialist is necessary
  • custom-made grilles are recommended

With movable models, the grille can be easily removed or opened during the day. Grille doors with a padlock are particularly advantageous as they provide a view without a grille and also protect against break-ins.

Models with telescopic scissor-type grilles or a folding mechanism usually have to be made to measure and installed by a specialist.

This is the only way to ensure that the grilles are correctly fitted and burglar-proof.

Window grilles are made of the same material for both indoor and outdoor use. Basically, grilles are made of robust and rust-resistant metals such as steel, wrought iron or stainless steel.

In addition to the movable models, window grilles can be embellished by different colours at the same time and adapted to the interior design of the house.

What distinguishes basement window grilles and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Window grilles belong on every window, especially on low floors such as the ground floor and basement.

Although basement windows are particularly easy to lever out and burglaries thus only take a few seconds, they are most often not sufficiently secured.

To prevent this, you should equip both small and large basement windows with a protective grille.

Cellar windows are offered in various designs and versions. One particular difference is the way they are installed. Here you can decide whether your window grille is mounted in the reveal or on the wall.

Since basement windows are usually small, basement window grilles are made to an exact size. Opening such a window is associated with enormous noise that the burglar does not want to risk being discovered.

In comparison, you should also think about the right material. To ensure ideal protection against burglary, the individual bars should be made of hot-dip galvanised steel.

The bars are elaborately welded into the frame to ensure a stable and robust construction.

Although they are only cellar grille windows, you can choose between different shapes and designs. In addition, because of the hot-dip galvanised bars, your grille can be made with a powder-coated RAL colour.

In general, a window grille is always a good idea if the position or other circumstances of the window make it virtually inviting to break in. Cellar windows, for example, are ideal for entry.

Buying Criteria: You can use these Factors to compare and evaluate Window Grilles

Just as there are different windows, there are of course also different window grilles. But what are the most important buying criteria?

So that you don't make a mistake, we have put together the most important buying criteria for you:

Let's now look at the most important buying criteria in detail.


Window grilles are more than just metal. Here it is a matter of getting steel into shape.

In addition to the basket shape, the "sun" model and French window grilles, you can also opt for window shapes such as round or rhombic windows that are fitted with a window grille.

Window grilles for French balconies are particularly popular. This is not really a balcony, but simply a floor-to-ceiling window with a railing. In addition to burglary protection, they also serve to minimise the risk of falling.

French window grilles can be obtained prefabricated in specialist shops, but this is not recommended as they usually do not match the dimensions.

A grille made by a professional, on the other hand, can be individually designed and fits in perfectly with the visual design of the house.


Depending on the requirements, the grilles can be mounted in the window reveal or on the outer wall.

Basically, the window grille is mounted from the outside, directly on or in the brickwork. This type of installation prevents quick and easy break-ins through the window.

In order to prevent damage to the outer facade, it is possible to install window grilles without drilling. In this case, a special clamping technique is used to anchor the window grille, so that good burglary protection is also provided.

Material and quality

As with the shape of the grille, there is also a choice of different materials. Window grilles are usually made of wrought iron or stainless steel.

Secure, robust and decorative. These are the characteristics of wrought iron. This type of iron grille can be easily installed both in new buildings and as a retrofit. Wrought iron grilles are preferred on basement windows.

Furthermore, wrought iron is particularly malleable due to its material and thus offers a variety of design options.

In comparison, stainless steel is an old material that is resistant to water, water vapour, humidity and acids.

In addition to its advantages as rustproof and durable, the material offers a timeless visual elegance and optimal protection against vandalism and burglary.

In addition to material, quality also plays a particularly important role. A distinction should be made between seven resistance classes for industrially manufactured grilles:

  • RC 1 N
  • RC 2 N
  • RC 2
  • RC 3
  • RC 4
  • RC 5
  • RC 6

Classes RC 1 to RC 3 are significant for the private sector, RC4 to RC 6 are used in commercial buildings.

Class RC 2 is recommended as effective protection against burglary for private households. For all those who keep particularly valuable things in the house, the security grille class RC3 should be chosen.

Security/burglary protection

In principle, all window grilles offer protection against burglary, but certified grilles are extensively tested.

A distinction is made between the classes N, A, B and C, which provide different levels of protection:

Security class protective function
N low basic protection
A basic protection and additional protection against the most common techniques used by professional burglars
B additional protection against non-destructive overcoming of the grilles
C additional protection also against electrically operated tools

Since window grilles with different security classes cost more, you can also use grilles that have not been tested.

These only have to meet the essential requirements of VdS 2537-1. This also gives you good protection, even without a certificate.

Size and width of custom-made grilles

The larger and wider the window, the more you have to pay. The price difference for the material used also plays an important role here.

In the table below, price examples are used for clarification:

Material Window size Price
Stainless steel 130 cm x 130 cm EUR 444,-
Hot-dip galvanised 130 cm x 130 cm EUR 316,-
Round steel 130 cm x 130 cm EUR 555,-
Powder-coated EUR 647,-

As you can see, the prices are significantly higher when it comes to a large window. There is also a huge difference in price for the stainless steel grille, as this is more expensive than hot-dip galvanised steel.

Facts worth knowing about Window Grilles

How can window grilles be cleaned properly without rusting over time?

Who hasn't experienced it: dirt on the window grille. Whether dust, bird droppings, insect remains or dirt from outside.

In the course of time, some unsightly associations accumulate on your window grille. This dirt not only makes your grille look grubby, but can also bring dirt and grime into your home the next time you open the window.

To avoid this, you should follow this procedure:

For light dirt, the grille can be wiped with a damp cloth. If you have removable window grilles, it is advisable to hose them down with a high-pressure or steam cleaner.

For heavier soiling, pH-neutral cleaning agents such as washing-up liquid from the kitchen are recommended. Then rinse with water and wipe dry. Cleaning agents containing chlorine are not suitable.

The surface should then be treated with a suitable stainless steel care product. This should be applied regularly and thinly.

Generally, this application is recommended twice a year, in autumn and spring.

How is the window grille dismantled correctly?

After the window grilles have been installed, they normally serve as effective burglary protection for many years.

However, do you want to keep the option open to remove the window grille at any time? Then you should decide in advance on the clamping technique.

This eliminates the need for drilling and screwing and allows you to install and remove the window grille from the inside at any time.

If you decide to have the grille permanently installed outside, the only solution is to call a specialist.

Since this type of grille is screwed into the window reveal or onto the wall with special safety screws, it is impossible to remove it yourself with average tools.

Image source: / Antranias

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