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No car should be without them: Windscreen wipers. The practical wiper blades glide over your windscreen and free it from annoying raindrops. This helps you to keep an overview in traffic. But what should windscreen wipers do and which wipers are suitable for your car?

In our windscreen wiper test 2022 we show you the best and latest models from the respective categories. We also give you important tips and tricks on the subject of windscreen wipers. Whether you're looking for curved wipers, flat bar wipers or hybrid wipers, you'll find the best windscreen wipers on the market here.


  • Windscreen wipers belong to the category of car accessories and are designed to provide a clear view in the rain.
  • Which windscreen wipers are right for you depends on your car.
  • The price of windscreen wipers is between 10 and 40 euros and they usually last between 1 and 2 years.

The best  Windscreen Wiper: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask before buying a windscreen wiper

What is the service life of a windscreen wiper?

Basically, there is no generally valid and guaranteed answer to this question. The service life of wiper blades depends heavily on wear and tear, and this is influenced by many factors.

If you are unsure, seek professional advice on choosing a suitable windscreen wiper. (Image source: / Foundry)

First of all, it simply depends on how often they are switched on. Another factor is whether your car is parked outdoors and thus exposed to constant UV radiation or whether you park your car in a garage. In addition to sunlight, frost and cold can also have a negative effect on durability.

Furthermore, aggressive antifreeze can contribute to faster wear. To prevent this, make sure you use antifreeze that is gentle on the car. Regular maintenance also plays a role.

If you delay replacement for too long, you run a high risk. Residual water can severely impair your vision. It can cause you to be blinded and be unable to see for a short time.

We therefore recommend that you change your wiper blades once a year. The best time is in spring after the winter cold.

Where can I find out which windscreen wiper is suitable for my car?

You can find information in your car owner's manual, on the product packaging, on type lists in specialist shops and by measuring yourself.

It is usually sufficient if you know the designation of your car. Most windscreen wiper packaging indicates which car brands they are compatible with.

In addition, most specialist dealers and DIY stores have type lists with which you can easily find out which wiper blades you need.

As with all questions about your car, it is usually worth taking a look at your car's owner's manual. Since this is often a little time-consuming, we recommend that you simply remove your current windscreen blades and take them with you to the DIY store as a sample.

The staff will be happy to dispose of them and help you to fit them if necessary.

How much do windscreen wipers cost?

As a rule, commercially available windscreen wipers cost between 5 and 60 euros. Original parts, however, can be more expensive and can cost up to 150 euros. Often, however, the purchase of original parts is not absolutely necessary and a cheaper variant is worthwhile.

Windscreen wipers are available online and offline from numerous markets and specialist retailers. The price varies between 5 and 150 euros. (Image source: nastogadka /

Decision: What types of windscreen wipers are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between three types of windscreen wipers:

  • Bow wiper
  • Flat bar wipers
  • Hybrid wiper

Windscreen wipers are one of the parts on the car that should be replaced regularly and cannot be repaired easily. They are one of the most important components for road safety.

Dirty windscreens or impaired visibility due to malfunctioning windscreen wipers increase the risk of accidents. However, most people forget that in addition to a cleaned windscreen, an equally clean rear window is also crucial for safety.

One of the most important criteria when selecting windscreen wipers is the vehicle type and model. Not every type of windscreen wiper is suitable for every car. Therefore, you should find out beforehand how flexible your car is when choosing a windscreen wiper.

Other criteria could be, for example, the desire for aerodynamic properties and spoilers on both sides, the difficulty of installation and the service life.

The following section briefly explains the differences between the various types so that you can decide for yourself which windscreen wiper is right for you. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of wiper are also described.

How does a curved wiper work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The bow wiper is characterised by its simple mode of operation. It is very easy to install and remove and is suitable for almost every car. Most models have UV protection and can also be equipped with a spoiler for an additional charge.

However, this type has the drawback that strong wind noise can be heard at higher speeds and that they can usually only be fitted on one side.

  • Suitable for almost every car
  • UV protection
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Can also be fitted with a spoiler if required
  • Wind noise
  • Metal parts freeze and rust
  • Comparatively short mileage

Due to regular weather conditions, it is possible for the metal joints to suffer severe damage, such as reduced movement due to frost or also rust, which significantly reduces the general service life.

The bow wiper works with the help of dual-material technology. This means that hard and soft rubber work together and are perfectly matched to each other.

The hard wiper lip rests on the windscreen and removes coarse dirt and insect residue thanks to its stability. The soft wiper lip, on the other hand, forms the back of the windscreen wiper and its flexibility ensures smooth running without squeaking.

How does a flat bar wiper work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The flat bar wiper has the particular advantage that it can be used at high speeds due to its aerodynamic design. This type of wiper lies flat on the windscreen and is characterised by the fact that it has spoilers on both sides.

Spoilers on both sides have the advantage that they catch the wind while driving in such a way that the wipers are pressed tightly against the windscreen even at a high speed. In this way, they can guarantee thorough cleaning and additionally reduce wind noise to a minimum.

  • Long service life
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal wiping noise
  • No risk of frost or rust
  • High purchase price
  • Not suitable for every car

Furthermore, installation is easy if the matching adapter is already attached to the car. Otherwise, installation could be a little more complicated. If you are inexperienced in this kind of work, you should get help from friends or professionals.

The flat bar wiper, also called an aero wiper, also has dual-material technology. This enables the cleaning of the windows through a successful interplay between the stability and flexibility of the different types of rubber.

The resulting contact pressure has an additional positive effect on the durability of the wipers: the wipers wear evenly and more slowly. This controlled wear (in combination with proper use and UV protection) usually ensures longer usability.

How does a hybrid wiper work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Hybrid windscreen wipers combine the advantages of two technologies: The aerodynamic design of the flat bank wiper and a metal bracket of the bow wiper, which can adapt perfectly to the curvature of the windscreen.

The hybrid design makes it both streamlined and stable, which is also reflected in the cleaning performance. The wipers are also characterised by the fact that they are built flat and have integrated spoilers that support the aerodynamics.

  • Suitable for almost every car
  • Good wiping performance
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Flexible adaptability
  • Complicated mounting
  • Adapter must be attached to the wiper
  • Metal parts freeze and rust

The hybrid blades fit on any car due to their metal frame. However, different types of windscreen wipers must also be attached with different adapters. The attachment of these could possibly prove difficult.

The aforementioned features enable the wipers to perform even at high speeds and in extreme weather conditions. Most wipers on hybrid models have a nano-coating.

The coating causes water and moisture to roll off the wipers themselves. This has a positive effect on durability, wiping performance and the influence of weather conditions.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate windscreen wipers

In the following, we will show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate windscreen wipers. In doing so, we explain them and give advice. This will make it easier for you to decide for or against a product.

In summary, these are:

  • Material
  • Length
  • Wiping result
  • Quiet wiping (noise level)
  • High-speed resistant

In the following paragraphs you can read what is behind the individual purchase criteria.


The material is important in connection with the service life and the wiping performance at high driving speeds.

Most windscreen wipers are made of metal, with the wiper blades being made of rubber. Metal is excellent for surviving bad weather conditions. Rubber has the advantage that it is easily deformable and can therefore adapt well to any windscreen.


The length specification is the most important specification to find the right windscreen wipers for your car. It is the length of the wiper blades.

Usually two values are given, for example 600/450 mm. The first value is the length of the wiper on the driver's side. The second value is the length of the wiper on the passenger side. Which length fits your car depends on your car model.

Due to the different lengths of the wiper on the driver's side and the passenger's side, we recommend buying a set and not individual wiper blades.

Wiper result

The wiper result is an evaluation of the wiping quality, i.e. how well a windscreen wiper does its job.

Different weather conditions are taken into account. The following questions are included in the evaluation:

  • Does a smear film remain on the windscreen?
  • How clear is the view?

Quiet wiping (noise level)

Everyone knows the unpleasant noise of outdated windscreen wipers. But the windscreen wiper motor can also have an unpleasant noise level. At best, the windscreen wipers are pleasantly quiet when the windscreen is wet and dry.

Did you know that a squeaking windscreen wiper does not directly mean that the windscreen wiper is broken?

Before you decide to change the windscreen wiper, you should first clean the windscreen thoroughly. Often the wiper only squeaks because the windscreen is covered with a film of grease.


The key question here is whether the windscreen wipers still work as they should at very high driving speeds.

  • Does the wiping performance remain high quality even under strong wind pressure?
  • Is the view still clear?

Due to strong wind pressure, the windscreen wipers could vibrate and negatively influence the wiping performance.

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