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Welcome to Sweetest Home! Enjoying a good wine is a hobby of many people and those who are passionate about this drink know that some wine accessories are necessary to make the moment even better.

Wine cellars, glasses and corkscrews are just some of them and if you want to know more about these products just stay with us because in this article we bring all the information of this universe and by the end of the reading you will be ace in the subject.


  • There are several wine accessories and they are great for those who want to ensure the correct tasting and packaging of the drink.
  • The most common accessories are the glasses, the corkscrew and the climatized wine cellar.
  • The price of each one is very variable, but there are options that start at 10 and can be easily purchased.

The best Wine Accessories: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Just a little research on Google to find out that wines have an extensive list of accessories that go beyond the glass and corkscrew. There are decanters, thermometers, drop cutters and many other products that can make a real mess in the heads of those who are not very close to this area.

But there is no need to despair! In this Buying Guide you will find all the information about each one of them and at the end of the reading you will be able to choose which ones are essential in your daily life.

Na foto um casal sentado em uma mesa de restaurante se olhando.

Wine is a drink that pleases different people and goes with different occasions. (Source: bruce mars / Pexels)

What are wine accessories?

Wines are appreciated worldwide and the more time passes the reign of this drink is strengthened. Those who admire it know that packaging, temperature and many other factors are important to ensure that the product remains with the best possible quality.

With this in mind, some wine accessories have emerged which, with the most diverse functions, guarantee a better use of the drink. Glasses, corkscrews, wine cellars, thermometers and lids are just some of the accessories that make the habit of enjoying wine easier, more practical and tasty.

What are the different types of wine accessories?

A good wine lover is also equipped with the right accessories. Each of the items we will describe below has its own characteristics. Understand better the function of each one of them to make your wine corner even more complete:


Perhaps this is the most basic accessory of all. Glasses are designed so that their wide, oval bulb has the ideal diameter so that when the wine is swirled around it is oxygenated and expresses all its aromas, and the stem allows you to hold it without heating the drink or leaving fingerprints. There are different models of glass for this drink and the Bordeaux type is one of the most versatile.


Indispensable, the corkscrew promotes an easier removal of the cork from the bottle and there are four basic models. The two-stage model removes the cork in two stages by adjusting its two support points on the bottle's spout. The lever has two arms that are raised as the spiral pierces the cork and removal occurs when they are lowered. There are also electric ones in which it is not necessary to make any effort to open the wine, and clamp styles, which are placed on the sides of the cork and prevent it from breaking.

Na foto um homem abrindo uma garrafa de vinho com saca-rolhas.

The lever corkscrew is one of the most practical. (Source: Skitterphoto/ Pexels)

Other wine accessories

  • Capsule cutter. Used to remove the capsule that surrounds the bottle spout and cork and make a precise and regular cut.
  • Decanter. This is a jar in which the wine is deposited, helping it to aerate. It is used to dissipate more closed aromas of young drinks and to separate sediments from older wines.
  • Wine aerator. It is a substitute for the decanter and is useful for aerating wine while it is served in the glass. It is very simple to use and is just attached to the mouth of the bottle and served normally.
  • Thermometer. Each type of wine has an adequate temperature at which it should be served and to guarantee it, the thermometer is a great accessory.
  • Drop cutter or drop saver. This accessory was created to prevent the wine from splashing or dripping into the glass after being served and avoid possible stains on clothes and towels.
  • Bottle cap. Ideal for occasions when you do not consume the whole bottle of wine, this product prevents the oxygen from circulating and prevents odors from impregnating the wine when it is stored.
  • Vacuum pump. Also thinking about the wine that remains in the bottle, this pump is used to close it and remove all the air from its interior, being an evolution of the simpler cap.
  • Cooler, thermal blanket and ice bucket. All these accessories are used to freeze the wine faster and keep it cool outside the refrigerator or cellar. All of them are effective, but the cooler is the most precise as it is possible to select the desired temperature.
  • Thermal bag. This is ideal for moments in which the wine will be taken to other places and the objective is to keep it cooled until its destination.
  • Climatized cellar. This is the best way to keep the wines at the correct temperature. They have an adequate door closure and can be adjusted according to the type of wine that is inside, not allowing it to spoil due to poor conservation.

Na foto um decanter com vinho branco e um saca-rolhas e uma rolha ao lado.

The decanter serves for both young and older wines. (Source: Security / Pixabay)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wine accessories?

There are numerous advantages in acquiring adequate wine accessories. One of them is related to the fact of ensuring a better tasting of the drink. We can also highlight that the temperature is something very important for each type of wine and the accessories can help achieve this.

Another advantage is the fact of being able to keep the wine with the correct closure even after opening, avoiding that its taste is modified, and the ease of opening the bottle without needing great efforts. The biggest disadvantage is the price of all this, since some accessories are very expensive. Not to mention that some, for routine use, are not so essential.

  • Keeps the wine at the right temperature
  • Improves tasting
  • Correctly conditions the drink
  • Opens the bottle more easily
  • There are expensive products
  • Not all of them are essential for day-to-day use

Na foto uma taça de vinho com o pôr do sol ao fundo.

The cups exist in different sizes and values, there are always more affordable options. (Source: qimono / Pixabay)

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare wine accessories

There are so many options for wine accessories that it ends up being a difficult task to decide which one is ideal for you or not. To help you with this we have separated below some points that, if taken into consideration, may remove this doubt:

  • Wine consumption
  • Type of accessory
  • Price
  • Kit

Now check out the importance of reflecting on each of these points before choosing your wine accessories.

Wine consumption

How much wine you usually consume is a way of defining which accessories you will purchase. Glasses are an example of this; they are essential for good tasting, but many times it is not necessary to have one of each type if your preference is for red wine, for example. The question of a wine cellar also comes into play.

Not everyone needs one of these at home and it is only worth making this investment if you have many bottles in the refrigerator or at home that could be stored in a better way. Reflect on your real needs with each of the wine accessories mentioned in this text and invest in those that will meet your needs.

Na foto duas pessoas segurando taças de vinho com uma garrafa e uma mesa na frente.

It is worth investing in different accessories if your wine consumption is higher. (Source: Burst / Pexels)

Type of accessory

There are some accessories that are more and less essential for those who do not work with wine. Although many people like to make the wine space more complete, some accessories are dispensable. The indispensable ones for any wine lover are the corkscrew, the glasses and the bottle caps. The rest depends on your will - and condition - or not to acquire them.

Did you know that the material in which the glass is made also influences the perception of aromas and flavors of the drink? Crystal glasses are usually preferred because they contain small pores which break the wine molecules as it is swirled around, releasing the aromas more easily


The price of all these products may be high, but there are always ways of fitting it into the budget. In the case of the wine cellar, it is not necessary to buy such a big one if you do not have so many bottles. An electric corkscrew is more expensive than the traditional one, and so on. It is possible to have all the accessories without spending more than desired by thinking carefully. The options are possible for all the pockets. Do not stop buying a simpler accessory because you cannot afford the most modern and complete one.


It is often possible to find excellent deals on wine accessory kits. It is common to buy a set with 3, 4, 5 or even more pieces that are sold in a box. Besides being generally cheaper to buy the accessories in a kit, it is a great way to decorate the space you have for your wines, since these kits usually have a differentiated packaging.

(Source of the highlighted image: fichte7 / Pixabay)