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Welcome to our big wine rack test 2022. Here we present all the wine racks that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best wine rack for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a wine rack.


  • A wine rack is the optimal storage place for your best and most expensive bottles. Only proper storage can ensure optimal maturation of your wines.
  • If you like to display your wines, you should opt for an open wine rack. To protect your bottles from dust, you should rather store them in a closed wine rack.
  • The material, size and design are the most important criteria you should consider before making your final purchase decision.

The Best Wine Rack: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a wine rack

What are the advantages of wine racks?

To ensure that your wine retains the aroma for which you have chosen it, the wine bottles should ideally be stored lying down. This also prevents the cork from drying out, as it is supplied with liquid all the time. That's why a wine rack in which the bottles lie, whether open or closed, is the perfect way to store your wine bottles properly.

In addition, you can also let your wine mature in a bottle rack. By the way: wines with screw caps, crown corks, plastic corks or glass caps can also be stored standing up. There are some wine racks in which bottles do not necessarily lie down, but stand up.

As a wine lover, you also want to present your wine in an attractive way. An appropriate shelf provides the solution to store the wine bottles decoratively.

And you can even decide whether they are seen directly by opting for an open shelf or whether they first appear through swinging or revolving doors.

How much does a wine rack cost?

Bottle racks come in all price ranges - from second-hand racks that only cost a few euros to wine racks made of natural materials, where you should expect to pay a few hundred euros. Depending on whether you are a wine lover and whether the rack is intended for constant consumption or for the prolonged ageing of the wine, the prices are reasonable and it is possible for everyone to purchase a rack.

Simply constructed racks made of plastic, plastic or metal start at around 10 euros, depending on the design of the rack, even for as little as 3 euros. These racks are therefore a very inexpensive way to store wine properly. Racks from 80 euros are usually made of natural wood or steel.

There are also different designs and especially racks in vintage style are often quite expensive. Nevertheless, you can assume that the price also means quality.

Where should a wine rack be placed?

When you buy a wine rack, you must of course also consider where it is best to place it. It may surprise you, but the temperature of the room plays a major role here. An average temperature of ten to twelve degrees is usually ideal.

Often, the cellar is the perfect place to store it, as it has a cool atmosphere with high humidity. However, if you don't have a cellar, a cool place where the temperatures remain constant will suffice.

Which material is best for my bottle rack?

When choosing a bottle rack, the right material plays a decisive role. There are many different types. You can find shelves made of stone, various types of wood, metal, as well as frames made of bamboo, clay or iron. The choice is entirely up to you. To help you decide, we will list a few advantages of the individual materials below.

Racks made of stone or concrete are ideal if your bottle rack is located in a room with high humidity. Wooden racks, on the other hand, are best placed in dry areas, such as your living room. Here, you should preferably opt for solid wood or precious woods. With metal frames, the focus is mainly on functionality and practicality.

Shelves made of these materials are often found in the gastronomy sector. Ultimately, wine racks, regardless of the raw material, are subject to the personal taste of the buyer.

Decision: What types of wine racks are there and which one is right for you?

A basic question that many buyers ask themselves when buying a bottle rack is which type is best for you. An understandable question, as the overview is quickly lost with the variety of products. In general, you can distinguish between an open and a closed bottle rack.

  • Open wine rack
  • Closed wine rack

These can be differentiated from each other, for example, by hanging them, using them as corner shelves or placing them on the wall. Both the open bottle rack and the closed bottle rack have individual advantages and disadvantages, which you will recognise in the course of this article. By introducing you to the individual forms, you will quickly find out which type suits you best.

Open wine rack - Is it right for me? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Surely you will first decide whether your perfect rack should be open or closed. In the following section, we'll take you a little closer to the open rack so you can take a step closer to making your decision. A great advantage is the quick accessibility of your wine. Whether it's a relaxed evening on the sofa or a lively get-together with friends, your favourite bottle is at hand with a flick of the wrist.

  • Quick accessibility of the bottles
  • Inexpensive
  • Space-saving
  • Not ideal for children
  • Quick dusting

However, there is one disadvantage if you have small children. There is always the risk that the bottles will quickly fall into the wrong hands. Nevertheless, open models are often much cheaper, as less material is needed to make them and they are much easier to assemble.

One disadvantage is that an open rack quickly generates dust and both the rack and the bottles have to be cleaned regularly. Nevertheless, much less space is taken up than with closed racks, as there are no doors. You can place your rack much more flexibly and creatively, as you see fit.

Closed wine rack - Is it right for me? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

After we have told you about the advantages and disadvantages of an open wine rack, we would now like to introduce you to closed wine racks. Closed shelves often look neater. This is also the case with wine racks. The bottles are stored behind doors.

  • Neat effect
  • Longer cleanliness
  • Protection for children
  • Difficult to reach
  • Takes up space

However, one disadvantage is that you will spend more time looking for the bottle that suits you. In addition, you will have to reckon with more space than with open shelves, as swinging or revolving doors will be used. Nevertheless, cleaning up will be easier because the bottles and the inside of the shelf will not get dusty so quickly. A big advantage is that children cannot come into contact with the bottles as quickly because your wine rack is closed.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate wine racks

In the following, we want to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate wine racks. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular rack is suitable for you or not. In summary, these are:

  • The material
  • The size / dimensions of the rack
  • The amount of space for the bottles
  • Wall mounting
  • Stackable
  • Design

In the following paragraphs you can read about the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them.

The material

We have already gone into detail about the different types of material above. However, before you buy your shelving unit, you should know that the choice of material is one of the most important criteria in your decision.

So ask yourself beforehand where you are going to place your bottle rack. It is important that you are aware that humidity, temperature and light conditions play a very decisive role.

Size / dimensions of the rack

We have already explained that there are different types of wine racks and that they can vary in size, width etc.. So when it comes to comparing different racks, it is of course also interesting to examine what dimensions the individual racks have. Here you decide whether you want your shelf to be the centre of attention and therefore the dimensions are large, or whether you prefer something simple with small dimensions. It is therefore ideal to see the compared dimensions in one compact comparison.

The number of bottles

Each wine rack can only hold a certain number of wine bottles. That's why it's important to check how many bottles you can actually store in your rack before you buy. If you are more inclined to store wine, it is important to have as much capacity as possible. However, if you are more of a pleasure drinker and mainly want to have bottles in your rack that don't need to age, then the amount of space doesn't need to be that high.

Wall mounting

We also compare for you whether the various wine racks are designed for wall mounting or not. Because here, too, you should definitely consider before you buy whether your rack should hang or stand, or whether you should take the liberty and buy one that you can convert.

When mounting on the wall, it is important that the instructions are accurate and that you can be sure that the mounting has worked well, as you will later have bottles standing in this rack.

Stackable - Yes or No?

Although it may not seem relevant to you at first, it is interesting to also compare whether the various racks are meant to be stackable or not. For example, if you dream of a wine cellar or simply want to stack several small shelves on top of each other. Because not every shelf can simply support another rack and the weight of your wine bottles. So it is extremely important to know before you buy whether stacking is possible or not.


Especially with wine racks, the design plays a very important role, as the rack should become part of your interior. The following aspects are probably the most important when it comes to preparing your rack:

  • Material (as mentioned before)
  • Colour
  • Style (country style, modern, etc.)
  • Hanging or standing

Facts worth knowing about wine racks

What does ideal wine storage look like?

In the course of this article, you may have become curious about what you should consider when it comes to storing your wine. We will give you a few tips that will make things easier for you.

  • Tip 1: As mentioned before, the temperature plays the most important role in wine storage. Permanent temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius are definitely unfavourable.
  • Tip 2: If possible, avoid strong odours or exposure to light.
  • Tip 3: If you have high-quality wines and want to store them for a particularly long time, sealing the corks with special sealing wax is a good idea. Wines that are intended for quick consumption can be stored for 2 years without sealing.
  • Tip 4: If you have been wondering how long you can age and/or store your wine, this tip will help you. How long a wine can be stored and whether it will taste better after ageing depends on various factors. Wines from old vines are usually suitable for longer storage than wines that come from young vines. Another factor is that the more acid, the longer the shelf life, as acid prevents the growth of bacteria. And, the more tannin the wine contains, the more storable it is.

Nevertheless, nowadays the majority of wines on offer do not keep for too long. Most wines today are grown in such a way that they are already good to drink within a few weeks of being bottled. Only 5 to 10 percent of wines would benefit from a long storage.

Can I build a wine rack myself?

If after all the searching and information you haven't come to a decision, the internet offers you a perfect solution - build it yourself. Various websites provide you with several ideas on how you can creatively assemble your individual rack. Here you are free to decide which style suits you best, as the internet offers traditional wine racks as well as playful or unusual racks. Detailed instructions help even the inexperienced craftsman.

Are there different designs/styles of wine racks?

In the course of your search for a bottle rack, you have surely come across different styles of a rack. The variety is confusing at first, but you can basically distinguish between these designs:

  • Retro wine rack
  • Vintage wine rack
  • Modern wine rack
  • Designer wine rack
  • Country style wine rack
  • Colonial style wine rack

Here, of course, it is up to your personal preferences. You decide to what extent your bottle rack should stand out through its design.

Can I integrate the bottle rack into other household objects?

You can integrate your bottle rack into your home according to your taste and the space you have available. You can even distance yourself from a traditional wine rack and integrate the rack into other elements. In the kitchen, you can integrate a small wine rack into the fridge.

Or you can invest in a rack that is equipped with a table or a pull-out. In this way, the wine rack remains in focus, but at the same time it is a functional object in the kitchen. You save space. A wine rack that also functions as a large cabinet with showcases for crockery or the like fits perfectly in the living room.

Various elements function as storage space and ideal wine storage. You can even install a wine rack in the bedroom by using shelving modules under your bed, for example. These are variable and do not have to serve permanently as a rack for wine bottles, but can also be used differently as needed.

Room Art
Kitchen Integrated in the refrigerator, connected to a table / pull-out
Living room Cupboard with display cabinets for storage
Bedroom Shelf modules under the bed

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