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Because the days are getting colder again, we dig out the stored winter jackets, scarves and gloves like every year. They protect us from the uncomfortable cold. Because we lose a large part of our body heat through our heads when we freeze, winter hats fulfil an important function.

They are more than just fashion accessories, which is why winter hats are also a basic winter outfit for men. Whether coarse knitted caps, cool beanies or ultra-warm ear hats: Winter hats are the icing on the cake of a trendy men's outfit in the cold season.

In our buying guide, you can find out what types of men's winter hats there are and what you should look out for when buying. We also answer the most frequently asked questions about winter hats for men.

The Best Winter Hat For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying winter hats for men

We have listed the criteria you should consider when buying a men's winter hat here:

  • Material
  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Details
  • Lining

We will give you a more detailed explanation of these buying criteria in the following paragraphs.


Important buying criteria are, of course, the material and the material quality. All fabrics have certain characteristics and are suitable for different situations and needs. Here we explain the advantages of the different fabrics:

  • Wool blend: Most men's winter hats are made of blended fabrics. These are usually made up of wool and synthetic materials. Natural wool is joined by other fabrics such as nylon or polyester. These give the hat water- and wind-repellent properties as well as extra durability.
  • Wool: Winter hats for men made of wool are popular because they keep you particularly warm and are breathable. The wool usually comes from sheep, but wool from rabbits or alpaca is also popular.
  • Cashmere: Cashmere wool offers a particularly luxurious feel. This high-quality material comes from the cashmere goat. Cashmere caps offer very good insulating properties with a low weight.
  • Fleece: Fleece caps are not only pleasantly soft, they also keep you warm. The fabric is durable and breathable, which makes it suitable for outdoor sports or everyday wear outside. Fleece caps can be worn well under helmets, for example. Should your fleece cap ever get wet, it will dry again quickly.
  • Cotton: Cotton caps for men are rather thin and are therefore particularly suitable for autumn and the transitional period. Cotton caps are usually also among the fashionable caps and add a casual touch to any outfit.
  • Polyester: Polyester is often used as an outer material for winter caps to make the headwear waterproof and windproof. There are also thin polyester caps that can be worn under a bicycle helmet, for example, to protect the ears from the wind.

So which type of cap is perfect for your needs depends on the outside temperature and your planned activities. There is a suitable cap for every situation!


Long winter caps are the most common. They mainly keep the head warm. Some models can be worn low to partially cover the ears. Short winter hats do not cover the ears, which is why they are especially suitable for sunny winter days and the transitional season. Slouchy caps add a casual vintage touch to men's outfits.

Thanks to the peak, they protect the wearer's face from light drizzle. They also protect the eyes from the low winter sun. Ear hats for men have an extension on the sides to protect the wearer's ears. These caps are usually additionally water-repellent and windproof.

To protect the head and ears, this type of cap is the best. The ear flaps of many models can be folded up if necessary. It is especially suitable for windy or particularly frosty days.


Muted, classic colours like black, grey or beige are always the right choice. They can be combined with many outfits and are not considered timeless without reason. For fashionable, eye-catching men's outfits, winter caps in striking bright colours are suitable.

A winter hat in azure blue, crimson red or mustard yellow gives your look a special, modern touch. If you want to be particularly trendy, choose a model with a logo or pattern. Especially beanies with logos are extremely trendy again this season.


Small details not only make life more beautiful, but also your winter beanie! A wintery pom-pom or a classy fur trim on your men's beanie is a special eye-catcher.

The options are numerous and the choice depends on taste and occasion. If you want something more practical, choose a model with a peak or ear flaps. Caps with ear flaps offer protection and warmth for head and ears even in adverse conditions.


In the autumn season, men wear thin, unlined caps. The lighter caps can be made of jersey, cotton or fine knit. The really cold days call for particularly warm winter caps with insulating linings. This can be down, for example.

Real fur, faux fur or sherpa lining can also be used. These linings lie directly on the head and ensure great wearing comfort.

Winter hats for men: The most important questions answered

We have answered key questions about winter hats for men for you in the following paragraphs.

What types of winter hats are there for men?

Regardless of whether you are more concerned with the material or the appearance of a winter hat, there are numerous models and a large selection of high-quality, functional materials for headwear for the cold days.

  • Classic winter hat for men: The classic knitted wool hat is one of the most popular winter hats. It is available in countless colours and shapes. You can choose between different knitted patterns as well as between coarse and fine knit.
  • Beanie: Beanies can also be worn in spring and autumn. They are plain caps without a pom-pom. Due to their simplicity and the light material, they especially enhance sporty-casual outfits. Simple models in black or grey are particularly popular. With a logo on the beanie cap, you are right on trend.
  • Peaked cap: Peaked caps are not only practical, they are also a sign of style. As classic headwear for men, peaked caps protect against sunlight and light rain. In addition, visor caps are a key element for a men's outfit with a vintage look.
  • Cap with pom-pom: If you are looking for a winter cap that is always an eye-catcher, then a pom-pom cap is a good choice. They exude winter flair and enhance any winter outfit. Pom-pom hats are available in neutral or bright colours. They go best with a casual look or an eye-catching ski outfit.
  • Ear hat: Ear hats are suitable for extremely cold or windy winter days. The sensitive ears in particular cool down quickly and should therefore be kept warm. The special feature of the ear cap is the extended side sections. These are placed over the ears and closed with a band or clip fastener under the chin. Frostbite doesn't stand a chance!

The choices in winter hats for men are wonderfully versatile. Whatever you choose, great headwear makes every winter outfit perfect.

Which winter hats for men are suitable for sports?

There are winter-proof sports caps for men that are suitable for frosty skiing and snowboarding days. The outer material is often made of polyester or a similar synthetic blend. These give the winter hat waterproof and windproof properties.

Sports caps often have ear flaps to protect against freezing wind. Fleece caps are also popular sports caps because they are breathable and dry quickly.

How do I clean and care for my men's winter hat?

When caring for your winter hat, it depends on the material. Pay attention to the washing label on the cap. Caps made of cotton or synthetic material can usually be washed in the washing machine.

Wool hats can be washed either in the gentle cycle or the wool cycle of the machine. Use a laundry bag for this to prevent unnecessary friction and to protect the fibres. If you want to be on the safe side, give your winter hat a lukewarm hand wash.

Which winter hats for men keep you particularly warm?

Fleece caps are weatherproof and are therefore particularly suitable for men who are active in sports. Wool hats also keep you very warm. Cashmere, angora and alpaca wool have particularly warming properties. Alpaca wool keeps you up to five times warmer than conventional sheep's wool and is also gentler on the skin.

What size do I need for my winter hat for men?

You can usually find winter hats for men in one size fits all head shapes and sizes. If you find a hat with a size indication, you can use a measuring tape to determine the circumference of your head. Place the tape measure where the cap will sit.

The tape measure should be about one centimetre above the ears. You can use the following guidelines for sizing:

  • XS: Size XS has a circumference of 52 to 53 cm and a height of 17.5 cm.
  • S: You need size S if you need a hat with a circumference of 54 to 55 cm and a height of 18.5 cm.
  • M: Winter hats in size M have a circumference of 56 to 57 cm and a height of 19.5 cm.
  • L: Size L caps have a circumference of 58 to 59 cm and a height of 20.5 cm.
  • XL: XL caps have a circumference of 60 to 61 cm and a height of 21.5 cm.
  • XXL: You need size XXL if your head has a circumference of 62 to 63 cm and you want the cap height to be 22.5 cm.

These sizing guidelines are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. If you have the opportunity to try on the cap to check the fit, take the opportunity!


You have a wonderfully wide choice when it comes to winter hats for men. The winter hat can be a stylish accessory or a functional companion in the winter months. There are weatherproof models made of fleece for sports, ultra-warm ear hats for icy days and sliding caps for gentlemanly style. There is a suitable model for every activity and every taste.

You can distinguish between light caps for the transitional season and warm models made of wool or with lining. When buying, you should pay attention to the material and the design.

That way you will be able to enjoy the item for the longest time. In any case, winter hats are an indispensable part of every man's wardrobe in the transitional season and in winter.

Photo source: Laurence Cruz / unsplash

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