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Welcome! For many years the doorbells are used to announce that some visitor has arrived in houses, flats and even businesses and trades. Precisely because of this, this product is produced in numerous models and today we will talk about the wireless doorbell.

Very practical, versatile and easy to install, the wireless doorbell is a small device and full of differentials, which make it an excellent choice for those who want a product of this type. It can be used in countless places and if you want to know everything about this item, just keep reading.


  • The wireless doorbell can be used in a variety of ways, being good for installation in homes, flats, offices, shops and many other places.
  • This product exists in a variety of models, and there are options that emit audible warnings, lights, vibrate and even have built-in cameras to increase security.
  • The installation of the wireless doorbell is one of its main differentials, being very easy to place it in places. In addition, there are options that are powered by the socket or batteries.

The Best Wireless Doorbell: Our Picks

The wireless doorbell exists in numerous models, which present very similar functioning, but quite different characteristics. Therefore, below we have made a selection with the best options available for purchase, check them out.

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the wireless doorbell

The wireless doorbell is a very practical product which can be used in many places. However, it is common for consumers to have some doubts about it. With that in mind, we have created this buying guide, in which we will answer the most recurring questions about this device.

Na foto uma mulher olhando para a foto tocando uma campainha em uma porta de vidro.

The wireless doorbell can be installed in several places and is very easy to use. (Source: Auremar / 123RF)

How does the wireless doorbell work?

The wireless doorbell is a product that offers high practicality and efficiency and still has a very simple operation.

It is composed of two main parts, being an external module and an internal module. The external module is installed outside the premises and it is through it that the visitor will ring the bell. The internal module, on the other hand, reproduces the ringing inside the environment.

Thus, when the doorbell is triggered, it triggers a sound in the internal module, and this can occur via WI-FI or radio frequency. Thus, whoever is inside the residence or company knows that a visitor has arrived.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the wireless doorbell?

It is no wonder that the wireless doorbell has been around for so many years and is so widely used. This is because the product has a number of advantages.

In addition to being very useful, it is easy to install and can be placed in numerous places, which proves its versatility.

The cordless doorbell is practical and very easy to install

The device also offers a good range and has several different ringtones and volumes, so that it can be personalised according to your tastes and needs.

It is also worth highlighting that this type of doorbell presents as other advantages its great price and high practicality.

Including, the only disadvantage that we can mention about the wireless doorbell is that some models have a more fragile structure, which affects its durability.

  • It is easy to install
  • It has high practicality
  • It can be placed in several places
  • It offers many different ring tones and volumes
  • It has good range
  • It has great cost-benefit
  • Some models have a more fragile structure

Where to install the wireless doorbell?

The wireless doorbell can be installed in several places, which guarantees its wide possibility of use.

Therefore, it is quite common to see this product being used in homes, shops, businesses and offices.

However, it can also be placed near sick people in case they need help and anywhere else the device can be useful.

Na foto uma campainha sem fio com câmera instalada em uma porta de metal.

The wireless doorbell can be installed in numerous places, being present mainly near the door of the homes. (Source: brandonkleinvideo / 123RF)

What are the types of wireless doorbell?

All wireless doorbells have the same function and function, however there are different models of this product which can offer different features.

In this way, it is common to divide this device into three types, they are:

  • Wireless doorbellwith sound signal: This is the most traditional and simple model of wireless doorbell. When it is triggered it plays a melody to let the person know that someone has arrived on site.
  • Wireless ringing bellwith light signal: A little more different, this option emits a light signal when it is rung. Some doorbells only offer the light, but others can play both audible and visual warnings at the same time.
  • Wireless doorbell with vibration: Ideal for people who are always on the move, this type of wireless doorbell has a moving receiver that vibrates when it is triggered. This receiver can be carried in the pocket and is very practical.
Type of wireless doorbell What it does
Wireless doorbell with sound signal It emits an audible alarm when it is rung
Wireless doorbell with light signal It lights up when it is triggered
Wireless doorbell with vibration Its receiver vibrates whenever it is rung

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when comparing wireless doorbell models

To choose the ideal cordless doorbell for you, you need to pay attention to some features that make all the difference in this product. We explain more about them below.


The range of the wireless doorbell refers to the distance at which its modules can be located without compromising its operation.

With this, there are models with a range starting at 30 meters and others that can reach up to 100 meters. However, it is worth noting that this distance is counted without obstacles, ie walls, furniture and the like.

Thus, the ideal is to check the distance at which the two parts of this device will be placed to not have problems with its operation after installation.

Power supply

The wireless doorbell can work through batteries or have one of its modules connected to the outlet. This should be a point of attention about this product because it makes all the difference in its installation.

The models that are fed into the socket have the advantage of usually being bivolt, are more robust and resistant and offer greater power and sound quality. However, if the power goes out, they will not work.

Already the wireless bells powered by battery or battery are a great choice for places without sockets nearby. They can be installed in any environment and height and are very practical.

The disadvantage is that these options are usually more fragile and do not have a power so good. In addition, it is necessary to always have batteries nearby in case the charge of the one being used runs out.

Na foto uma campainha sem fio cinza.

Battery powered cordless doorbells are the most practical and can be installed even away from the socket. (Source: Klootwijk / 123RF)

Volume and melodies

Above we told you that wireless doorbells offer various volumes and melodies that allow you to customise them according to your taste and need.

However, there are variations in these two features according to the model you choose.

The more volumes and melodies the wireless doorbell has, the better

Speaking of volume, be aware that there are options that offer up to five different levels, and you can adjust them for both noisier and quieter locations.

In the case of melodies, you will find a wide variety, there are softer ringtones and others that are quite striking.

In this respect, the more ringtones available, the better.

With or without camera

Finally, it is interesting to know that there are wireless doorbells that have an integrated camera, being quite similar to video intercoms.

These offer a greater security feature, because when someone arrives on site, in addition to sending an audible alarm, they still show on the receiver or mobile phones and tablets the image of who is at the door or gate.

Although these models cost more, they can be very interesting if you want to feel even more secure in your home or business.


The wireless doorbell is an extremely practical product that can be used in numerous locations.

In this article we explain everything about it and give you all the tips you need to choose the best one.

Thanks for your visit and see you next time!

(Source of the highlighted image: Nandeenopparit / 123RF)