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If you are plagued by muscle and joint inflammations, if you want to get your immune system back under control, or if you want to get a new start in sports, an enzyme therapy with Wobenzym is recommended. These enzyme preparations from the company Mucos have an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and immune-strengthening effect.

In our big Wobenzym test 2021 we took a closer look at the different products of the Wobenzym brand. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages for you and compared criteria with which you can find the right product for you so that your decision is as easy as possible.

The most important

  • Enzymes are micro-proteins that take over vital functions in our body. They support digestive processes, optimise blood flow and help with self-healing.
  • Wobenzym works with a unique combination of plant and animal enzymes as well as the herbal active ingredient rutoside. Due to the enteric coating, the enzymes are only absorbed by the body in the small intestine and can thus optimally unfold their effect.
  • There are five different Wobenzym brand products that target different areas of application. Some of them are also vegan, or enriched with vitamins and special active ingredients.

The Best Wobenzym: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Wobenzym

What is Wobenzym used for?

Wobenzym, formerly also known as Wobenzym Plus, is an enzyme preparation manufactured and sold by the pharmaceutical company Mucos. The enzymes it contains help heal muscle and joint pain caused by inflammation or arthritis.

Injuries and arthrosis can cause painful muscle and joint inflammation. Enzymes not only relieve pain, but also activate the body's natural processes of self-healing. As a result, movement restrictions can be lifted and movement in everyday life becomes easier again.

What ingredients are contained in Wobenzym?

The various Wobenzym products essentially contain four ingredients:

  • Bromelain is a plant enzyme that is extracted from the pineapple plant. It has an anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing effect, and also strengthens blood circulation and the immune system. Bromelain is used for (mucosal) swelling, bruising and rheumatic diseases such as arthritis.


The effective enzyme bromelain is extracted from the pineapple plant.
(Image source: / Avrielle Suleiman)
  • Trypsin is an animal enzyme that is produced in the human intestine and pancreas. It breaks down larger protein compounds into smaller components and helps against muscle and joint inflammation, pain, bruises and minor wounds.
  • Rutoside is not an enzyme, but a plant-derived active ingredient extracted from the Japanese pagoda tree. Rutoside is also found in other plants, and it protects them against UV radiation. It has an anti-inflammatory and weak antimicrobial effect on the human body.
  • Papain is a plant enzyme that is found, among other things, in unripe papayas. It is a real miracle cure: it not only has digestive and anti-inflammatory effects, but also helps with arthritis, oedema, sports injuries, insect bites, burns, skin damage, acne and as an anti-ageing agent against skin ageing.

What distinguishes Wobenzym from other manufacturers?

Comparing different enzyme supplements is difficult because each manufacturer relies on a different enzyme composition. A reference value that is suitable for comparing different products is the proteolytic activity, which indicates how strongly an enzyme preparation can break down protein.

In order for the enzymes to develop their effect at all, they must be absorbed intact by the body. Therefore, the preparation also needs protection from stomach acid so that it does not attack the enzymes.

Unlike other enzyme preparations, Wobenzym's proteolytic activity is particularly high due to the combination of animal and plant enzymes. In addition, tablets from other manufacturers are often very large and therefore difficult to swallow. Compared to other enzyme preparations, Wobenzym only contains three different enzymes in large concentrations.

This ensures quality in the long term.

Sportschule Fürstenfeldbruck-PuchStudienautorInnen
Wobenzym before and after demanding training sessions helps to maintain strength and reduce pain. The effect is particularly high on less resistant endurance athletes. Significant benefits in inflammation levels, metabolic and immunological bio-markers were also seen in all participants when taking Wobenzym before and after exercise. (Source:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wobenzym?

Of course, just like any enzyme supplement, Wobenzym has pros and cons. We have provided you with a short summary here. You can find more detailed explanations below.
  • High enzyme activity
  • enteric-coated
  • long-term use
  • Higher priced
  • Not vegan
  • Frequent use

Wobenzym is definitely a well-known product if you have problems with painful muscle and joint inflammation. The benefits are obvious - it relieves your pain and also helps you in the long term to move well and freely again in everyday life. The enteric-coated capsule protects the enzymes from the pH-acidic environment in the stomach and is therefore optimally absorbed and utilised by the body.

However, the good quality of Wobenzym has its price, even taken literally.

It costs a little more than enzyme preparations from other manufacturers. In addition, the effectiveness comes from the combination of plant and animal manufacturers. Conversely, this means that Wobenzym is not a vegan product. Since the enzymes are absorbed by the body quite quickly, Wobenzym should also be taken frequently (three times a day is recommended).

What alternatives are there to Wobenzym?

There are several manufacturers who also offer enzyme preparations. Volopharm, Avitale, Garden of Life and World Nutrition are some of the manufacturers of comparable products. It is best to check the price-performance ratio, ingredients and tolerability at your pharmacy.


A large number of manufacturers offer enzyme preparations. The decision is often not easy!
(Image source: / Matvevna)

Decision: What types of Wobenzym are there and which is right for you?

Wobenzym offers five different products:

  • Wobenzym
  • Wobenzym immune
  • Wobenzym sport
  • Wobe-Mucos
  • Phlogenzym mono

Wobe-Mucos and Phlogenzym mono are niche products from Wobenzym. For cancer patients, Wobe-Mucos is an enzyme therapy that can be used to accompany chemotherapy or radiotherapy. After white tooth surgery or other dental inflammations, therapy with Phlogenzym mono is recommended. Since these two products were designed for special cases, in this article we will specialise in the more general products, i.e. Wobenzym, Wobenzym immune and Wobenzym sport.

Wobenzym: These are its advantages and disadvantages

Wear and tear and overuse of muscles and joints often lead to severe pain. These can develop into chronic disease processes that have a significant influence on the quality of life. For this reason, Wobenzym was developed to combat inflammatory injuries and diseases as well as chronic complaints. The advantages of Wobenzym are on the one hand the high enzyme activity, as Wobenzym has a strong proteolytic activity.

The enzymes fight swelling as well as inflammation and therefore have a pain-relieving effect. The long-term intake of Wobenzym is also possible. Disadvantages are partly the side effects, as Wobenzym has a strong digestive effect. At the same time, compared to conventional painkillers, it naturally takes longer for the enzymes to take effect, as they are absorbed through the digestive system. As already mentioned, Wobenzym is also not vegan, and also has its price.

  • High enzyme activity
  • Pain-relieving
  • Decongestant
  • Long-term use
  • Higher price
  • Not vegan
  • Delayed effect

What is Wobenzym immune?

Wobenzym immune is an alternative enzyme preparation to Wobenzym and has been specially developed for the winter season. It contains vitamin C and D, selenium and zinc in addition to the ingredients also contained in Wobenzym to strengthen the immune system.

Apart from the added vitamins, Wobenzym immune hardly differs from its alternative product. In principle, the same advantages and disadvantages apply as with Wobenzym.

What is Wobenzym sport and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Wobenzym sport is also manufactured by Mucos. Its main aim is to optimise the regeneration phases after sport, during which the body adjusts its performance and resistance. This happens optimally under the influence of certain enzymes and vitamins. As in the other Wobenzym products, bromelain is used as the main enzyme. In addition, Wobenzym sport uses vitamins as well as extracts from the Montmorency sour cherry, frankincense and turmeric. Unlike the classic Wobenzym, no animal trypsin is used in Wobenzym sport, making it a vegan product.

Did you know that turmeric is not only good for flatulence? The spice extracted from turmeric is considered a food (not a food supplement) and has anti-inflammatory, digestive and - so far poorly tested - possibly even anti-cancer properties.

Another advantage is that Wobenzym sport does not have to be taken in such large doses and still has its effect. Wobenzym sport is therefore suitable for sports enthusiasts of all levels who want to start (again) with intensive training. In comparison to Wobenzym and Wobenzym immune, Wobenzym sport is not intended for permanent consumption, but as a starter product to optimally prepare the muscles and joints for unaccustomed, increased stress. It is therefore available in smaller quantities.

You also have to dig deep into your pocket for it. Here we have briefly listed the advantages and disadvantages of Wobenzym sport:

  • Optimises the body's regeneration phases after sport
  • vegan
  • Strengthens the immune system with vitamins
  • Quite expensive
  • Not intended for long-term use
  • Proteolytic activity not so high

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Wobenzym

We have already mentioned the main points in the advice section above. Here we would like to show you once again what you can look out for if you have decided to try Wobenzym (or an alternative product). And these are the categories that will help you:

In the following sections, we explain the different criteria in more detail.

Product type

As described above, there are five different types of Wobenzym preparations, which essentially depend on what complaints you have or why you want to take enzyme preparations. If you have sporadic or chronic joint or muscle problems, arthritis, swelling or pain, Wobenzym is for you. If you work with children or sick people and therefore want to strengthen your immune system and keep it strong, you should take a closer look at Wobenzym immune. For a better recovery time after sports, especially when (re)starting, Wobenzym sport is suitable. After painful dental surgery, Phlogenzym mono is recommended, and during or after chemotherapy, Wobe-Muco is an enzyme preparation that feeds the body again, so to speak.


Most Wobenzym products use the enzyme bromelain. This enzyme, which is derived from the pineapple plant, is known for its high proteolytic activity, i.e. its ability to break down a lot of protein in a short time. Wobenzym, Wobenzym immune and Wobe-Mucos also contain the enzymes papain and trypsid or chymotrypsin. While papain comes from the papaya plant, trypsid, which is used in the enzyme preparations, is often obtained from beef.

The combination of animal and plant enzymes has the disadvantage that the preparation is thus no longer vegan, but it is the prerequisite for its great proteolytic activity.

Wobenzym also contains rutoside, which is found in the Japanese pagoda tree. This is the active ingredient that makes Wobenzym so unique, because it has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Did you know that the fruits of the Japanese pagoda tree are poisonous? The tree, also known as the string tree, contains particularly high levels of rutoside, which gives it notoriety. It bears fruit for the first time when it is 15-30 years old, which look like oversized pea pods - but these are poisonous.

Products like Wobenzym immune and Wobenzym sport also contain vitamins and trace elements like zinc and selenium. These ingredients strengthen the immune system in addition to the decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect of the enzymes.

Package size

The quantities in which Wobenzym can be purchased depend on the type of product. For better clarity, we have created a table showing the pack sizes and the approximate length of time you can take the recommended daily dose:

Product Package sizes Time period
Wobenzym 100/200/360/800 pieces up to 2/5/8/19 weeks
Wobenzym immune 120/240 pieces up to 3/6 weeks
Wobenzym sport 30/90 pieces up to 2/6 weeks
Wobe-Mucos 120/360 pieces up to 3/9 weeks
Phlogenzym mono 20/40/100 pieces up to 3/6/14 weeks

Trivia: Facts worth knowing about Wobenzym

How do I take Wobenzym?

For enzymes to work best, they must not be taken at the same time as food, but at a certain distance from it. It is therefore recommended to take them at least 30 minutes before, or 90 minutes after eating. The recommended daily dose depends on the choice of product and varies from 2x6 to 1x1 tablets daily.

How quickly does Wobenzym work?

There is no rule of thumb for how quickly Wobenzym works.

Since enzymes are absorbed through the digestive system and are only then digested by the body, more time naturally elapses between ingestion and effect than with classic painkillers. How long it actually takes depends on the inflammation and individual body characteristics. However, it is recommended in any case to take Wobenzym until the symptoms have completely disappeared.


The enzymes are absorbed through the small intestine and transported in the blood to where they are needed.
(Image source: / Jirasukhanont)

Is Wobenzym suitable for long-term use?

This varies from product type to product type. Wobenzym and Wobenzym immune are suitable for long-term use, for example as a cure for chronic complaints over several weeks. Wobenzym sport, Wobe-Mucos and Phlogenzym mono are not intended for long-term use. You can find out how long you should take your Wobenzym product from the package leaflet or ask your pharmacy in person.

When should I not take Wobenzym?

Wobenzym can be taken safely with many other medicines. If severe acute pain occurs despite Wobenzym treatment, painkillers can be used as a concomitant medication without any problems. Caution is advised when taking Wobenzym under the following circumstances:

  • During pregnancy and breast-feeding: little experience is known about this, so it is generally not recommended
  • While taking antibiotics: the concentration of antibiotics in the blood may increase
  • While taking immunosuppressants after transplantation: to prevent the immunological effect of Wobenzym from mixing with the immunosuppressants, Wobenzym should not be taken

What is the difference between Wobenzym and Wobenzym Plus?

Until February 2018, Wobenzym was sold as Wobenzym Plus. With the name change, the Plus was dropped and the products are now available in a new design. So if you find Wobenzym Plus for sale somewhere, it is the remaining stock that may be sold off.

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