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Along with women's handbags, shoes are one of a woman's absolute styling favourites. In contrast to many other accessories, shoes are also an indispensable element of clothing. So if we have to have some, why not get a pair that we also find appealing?

A characteristic feature of women's ankle boots is the ankle-high shaft. If low shoes don't convince you and boots don't suit your style of dress, then ankle boots are the perfect choice. The range supports every style and every occasion. Whether casual or modern for leisure, chic and elegant for everyday work or a cross-seasonal all-rounder for your shoe wardrobe, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

The Best Women's Ankle Boot: Our Picks

Buying Criteria: What to look for when buying Women's Ankle Boots

The selection of women's ankle boots is huge. There is a suitable model for every outfit. To give you some initial guidance, here is a list of buying criteria.

These are the following buying criteria:

The different options included in the listed items are named in detail in the following section.


The easiest way to get into your ankle boots is to slip them on. Simply pull the ankle boots over your foot in a straightforward manner. The upper of this type of fastening usually has a stretch insert. Women's slip-on ankle boots are ideal for pregnant women who can easily put on their ankle boots while standing.

Another option is ankle boots with a zip. The zip can be on the side, back or fashionably on the front of the shoe. The zip can be opened and closed with one hand and is quick and easy even with longer fingernails.

A more elaborate closure method is used for lace-up ankle boots. Some ankle boots are decoratively equipped with laces and have a zip to put them on. However, if this is not the case, putting them on is more time-consuming and complicated. The same effort is required for women's ankle boots with a buckle fastening.


There is a wide range of women's ankle boots, especially in leather. You can choose between genuine leather ankle boots made of smooth or suede leather or an imitation leather made of vegan leather. The advantage of women's leather ankle boots is that the material can stretch over the course of the day and thus adapt to the narrow foot in the morning and the wider foot in the evening.

Suede ankle boots include shoes made of suede and nubuck leather. Often grouped together in the suede category. Suede has a rough and open-pored surface, while nubuck has a soft and velvety surface. Suede shoes are very breathable and are suitable for women who tend to have sweaty feet. The disadvantage of suede ankle boots is that they are sensitive to UV radiation and rub off on other clothing.

In addition to the leather versions, women's ankle boots are also available in textile, patent or rubber. For example, you can also get the rubber boot in the rubber ankle boot variant for ladies.


There are almost no limits to the heel height. The selection starts with no heel to low heel of 0 to 3 cm, medium 4 to 7 cm, high 7 to 10 cm and ends with a heel height of over 10 cm.

The type of heel can be decisive for wearing comfort. A block heel has a large surface area to absorb weight from the foot due to the width of the heel. The wedge heel, which differs from the block heel only in its shape, in that it extends in a wedge shape from the middle to the heel of the foot, also has the same comfortable characteristics as a block heel.

In contrast to this is the spiked heel. Thin, narrow and the diameter of a penny coin, the heel adorns the ladies' shoe. It should be noted that the weight is transferred to the ball of the foot. Under these conditions, wearing comfort can suffer. Test yourself with low heights and short wearing times on this heel model.


Women's ankle boots can have a flat sole or a platform sole. The platform sole is a thicker sole that runs the entire length of the shoe. Full-length platform soles are suitable for small women who do without a heel but still want to gain some height.

In addition to the thickness of the sole, some women's models are equipped with a smooth sole or a sole profile. Depending on the occasion, the choice of sole should be included in the purchase decision.

A tread is particularly suitable for women's ankle boots that you would like to wear in autumn and winter and therefore in wet and slippery weather conditions. A treaded sole ensures more grip than smooth soles and thus a safer wearing experience.


Women's ankle boots are also available in different widths. Women with wide feet in particular can wear tight-fitting ankle boots without sacrificing comfort.

To determine the shoe width, the circumference of the ball of the foot is measured. The width also depends on the shoe size. Measure your foot while standing, when weight is on the foot. Then compare the circumference with the shoe manufacturer's size chart to determine your width. Shoe widths start at C and go up to M in the size chart.

The circumference can vary from the left to the right foot. Therefore, always measure both feet and use the larger measurement as a guide.

Women's Ankle Boots: The most important Questions answered

The world of women's ankle boots is diverse, and so are the questions that arise when making a purchase. Here we answer the most important ones.

What styles of women's ankle boots are available?

The huge range of women's ankle boots also includes a large selection of different styles.

  • Classic ankle boots: Simple design with a shaft height just above the ankle and slip-on entry.
  • Lace-up ankle boots: Ankle boots with laces. Either as a fastening option or as a decorative application next to a functional zip.
  • Chelsea Boots: Elastic insert in the shaft of the ankle boot.
  • Ankle Boots: "Ankle" means "ankle" and refers to a shaft height up to the ankle.
  • Cowboy ankle boots: Pointed toe cap and slanted heel a few centimetres high. Also typical, American western pattern on the surface of the shoe.
  • Biker ankle boots: Predominantly black ankle boots trimmed with studs and/or buckles and a low block heel.

Depending on the current trend, the different models regularly make a comeback. With your selection, you will therefore always be a trendsetter.

How can I tell if my ladies' ankle boots fit well?

Your feet swell during the course of the day. Therefore, the best way to judge the fit of your women's ankle boots is after an active day. When trying them on, you can consider the following points:

  • There should be a thumb's width of space between the big toe and the toe of the shoe. When walking, roll your foot from the heel over the ball of your foot. This causes the toes to slide forward.
  • Always try on both shoes. It is not unusual for feet to be different sizes.
  • If you wear orthopaedic insoles, check whether the shoe fits with the insole or whether you can remove the insole.
  • If you have hallux valgus, try shoes with different widths.

Do not generally transfer your shoe size to different manufacturers. Sizes can always vary slightly.

How can I widen my ladies' ankle boots?

You can have your shoes professionally adjusted by a cobbler. This is especially recommended for expensive models. Alternatively, you can use shoe trees to widen your women's ankle boots.

Another option is to use home remedies. You can use a hairdryer to heat up your shoes and thus widen them. Put on thick socks and hold the hairdryer on the areas that are too tight. Move your foot inside the shoe. Be careful not to hold the hairdryer on certain areas for too long so as not to loosen adhesive joints.

Another option is to use a freezer. Fill a freezer bag with water and seal it tightly. Place the bag in your shoe and then put it in the freezer overnight. The iced water in the freezer bag thus takes over the function of a shoe tree.

How do I care for and clean my ladies' ankle boots?

Smooth leather shoes should be cared for with a coloured or neutral leather cream. Work the cream in from the heel to the toe. A shoe tree helps to maintain the shoe's shape and allows the cream to be absorbed into the creases.

For ankle boots made of suede or nubuck, first brush the fibre structure with a rubber brush. Then dab the care in from the heel to the toe. After the care products have dried, brush the fibres back into their original structure.

Always treat your ankle boots with a waterproofing spray as well. The impregnation protects your ladies' ankle boots from water penetration and at the same time reduces dirt absorption. When using any care product, make sure you know which material it is suitable for.

Styling tips for Women's Ankle Boots: How to achieve the perfect Ankle Boot Look

The different styles of ankle boots for women lead to a variety of styling ideas. Below you will find a few suggestions and inspirations for your next ankle boot look.

  1. Coloured ankle boots look particularly good with plain, monotonous outfits.
  2. Combined with ⅞ trousers, ankle-high ankle boots can add an eye-catcher to colourful or patterned socks.
  3. Ankle boots are great with a skirt or dress. With tights and thick socks, they can also be worn as a cosy autumn or winter look.
  4. Classic ankle boots with a spiked heel look elegant with a business outfit.
  5. Studded ankle boots combined with cut-out jeans create a rocky used look.

Whether you want to catch the eye with eye-catchers or prefer a simple look, women's ankle boots can be combined in many ways.


A wide selection of different materials, fits and styles means you can have a pair of women's ankle boots in your wardrobe for every season. Whether it's a pair of suede ankle boots to go with ⅞ trousers for warm summer days or a pair of lined ankle boots with a treaded sole for winter outfits, the range leaves nothing to be desired.

You will therefore find the right women's ankle boots for every style of dress and every taste. Whether for work, leisure or a special occasion, you can't go wrong with a pair of ankle boots

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