Last updated: August 26, 2021

The light and airy eye-catcher for warm days: the ladies' ankle sandal. The special thing about sandals is that they combine a feminine appearance with the heel, while the cut-outs or thin straps provide optimal ventilation. So you can enjoy a great appearance for any occasion. Wide straps or just cut-outs at the toes and heel also ensure a secure hold.

With this women's all-rounder, you are prepared for all everyday requirements, because women's ankle sandals are the stylish solution if you don't want to turn up at the summer party with the boss in flip-flops.

The Best Women's Ankle Sandals: Our Picks

Women's Ankle Sandals: The most important questions answered

You can read about what you should look out for before buying women's ankle sandals below. Whether you are looking for an everyday sandal or an exciting party shoe. Here you will find answers to your questions.

What's the difference between women's ankle sandals and ankle sandals?

Women's ankle sandals are a popular sub-type of ankle sandals. Women's sandals are the narrower heeled version of the sandal and are therefore more suited to party dress and formal outfits. The upper describes wide straps that embrace the foot in the area of the ankle. They combine the support of a women's ankle boot with the airiness of a women's sandal. How suitable the women's ankle sandal is for everyday wear is mainly determined by the heel and what you feel comfortable with.

Which models of women's ankle sandals are available?

In summer, airy ankle sandal models with straps or laces are especially popular with ladies, because this way you always keep a firm footing. Even when your feet start to sweat. For those who like it exciting, there are ankle sandals that lace up almost to the knee. These models are also called Roman sandals because they are reminiscent of the shoes from ancient Rome.

In spring and autumn, you don't have to do without your women's ankle sandals altogether. In these seasons, closed models with cut-outs at the toes and heel are more suitable. This way you show some skin but don't freeze your feet off.

What types of heels are available for women's ankle sandals?

The heel is decisive for wearing comfort and suitability for everyday wear. Basically, you can choose from the following heel types.

  • Flat heels: An ankle sandal with a heel of a few millimetres still creates an elegant and feminine look. However, they remain sporty and more suitable for everyday wear.
  • Block heels: The block heel offers a secure step thanks to its wide tread. The heel can be higher and still be comfortable to wear. A heel in contrasting colour to the ankle sandal makes the women's shoe a real eye-catcher.
  • Wedge heels: Only the wedge heel offers even more safety and wearing comfort. They rise continuously and form a continuous sole. The wedge heel often has a cork look or is made of raffia. This forms a beautiful contrast to the coloured sandal for women.
  • Platform soles: Platforms are located on the front of the foot and increase the wearing comfort of high heels because they usually add a few centimetres. The heel can be as much as 12 centimetres high and the shoes remain comfortable.
  • High heels: High heels are the little seducers. They are characterised by a high and narrow heel that visually lengthens the legs. A wish of many ladies

However, there are a few other small factors that are decisive for the right fit of women's ankle sandals.

How do I ensure the right fit?

Especially with shoes that you wear barefoot, it is enormously important to pay attention to the optimal fit. Shoes that are too big will quickly cause blisters due to the rubbing of the straps and laces. Too small ankle sandals make it difficult to roll and your foot sticks out a little at the sides.

  • Fitting: As your feet can swell during the day, it is advisable to try on women's sandals in the late afternoon.
  • The upper: The upper strap should fit snugly to provide enough support, but not pinch or even cut in. As an alternative to a fixed upper on your women's sandal, there are models with an elastic closure. This way, you can always adjust the closure to your needs and the condition of your feet.

Styling tips for women's ankle sandals: How to achieve the perfect ankle sandal look

Tip 1: Combine your favourite pair of flat-heeled ankle sandals with jeans shorts and a white blouse for an everyday look. You'll be perfectly equipped for a day of shopping with a friend.

Tip 2: Women's ankle sandals with block heels are super practical if you want to dress stylishly and practically for the next summer wedding. This way, despite the possible heat, they always have a stable hold and look good at the same time.

Tip 3: The classic for balmy summer nights on holiday are white ankle sandals with a raffia wedge heel. Add a white off-the-shoulder dress and a hat and you are the eye-catcher when walking along the beach promenade.

With these combinations, we have described some possible looks for you. Of course, there are no limits to your creativity. Sometimes you surprise yourself and everyone around you with a new combination.


As you can see, women's ankle sandals simply always go. You can style them just as well for special occasions, such as a wedding or an elegant dinner, as for a casual stroll through town with your best friend. But you don't have to sacrifice style for everyday office wear either. Choose a version with a medium-high block heel of 5 - 7 centimetres and amaze your colleagues.

These all-rounders come in a variety of styles, colours and embellishments. You can combine women's ankle sandals with almost any outfit. The right fit and heel height are crucial for a comfortable fit.

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