Last updated: August 23, 2021

The ladies' flight jacket is a windproof blouson jacket, mostly made of leather or nylon, with its origins in the field of aviation. The women's flight jacket is a garment that is often seen in men's fashion. However, models for women also seem to be conquering the fashion world. Whether with fur, fur or hood - it's all there.

But not only branded flight jackets for women are common, originals from different countries like USA, Japan, Canada, Russia or England are also available. Women can also combine jackets from the men's department with other pieces to create the perfect outfit for themselves.

The Best Women's Aviator Jacket: Our Picks

Women's Aviator Jacket: The most important questions answered

In the next sections we will answer the most important questions for you and thereby help you with your purchase decision.

In which styles are ladies' flight jackets available?

The following ladies' flight jackets are available:

  • Ladies' flight jacket with fur: You can also choose your ladies' flight jacket with fur, whether fully lined from the inside or only on the collar is your decision. The lining can also have different colours - either in contrast to the outside or in unison.
  • Ladies' aviator jacket with fur: If you want it even more elegant and are not an opponent of fur, these variants are also possible. Or you can go for a faux fur.
  • Ladies' aviator jacket with hood: Even if this style doesn't seem possible at first because it doesn't correspond to the classic image of an aviator jacket, this style is also available. It keeps you protected even in wet weather and adds coolness and casualness to your look.
  • Flyers jackets for women from different countries: If you are looking for flight jacket originals from aviation of different countries, you will also find plenty here. From Russia to the USA and Japan.

What materials are there in ladies' flight jackets?

Ladies' flight jackets are available in different materials. Mostly they are made of leather or nylon. However, there are also more specific types of leather such as horsehide or goatskin. But for those who don't like leather, there is also the option of faux leather or recycled leather.

But also as mentioned earlier with styles of flight jacket for women, you can also get the jacket with patches, fur, hood or lambskin. You can choose the women's flight jacket according to your preferences.

How do I care for my ladies aviator jacket?

You can clean your women's flight jacket dry with a soft brush or wet with leather cleaner. Before you do this, however, you should make sure what type of leather you are using. Depending on the type, the cleaning will be different.

To be on the safe side, you can also clean only a small area of the flight jacket at first and observe how it develops. If you are too unsure, you can also have the ladies' flight jacket professionally cleaned. However, this also involves more costs.

Styling tips for women's aviator jackets: How to achieve the perfect aviator jacket look

  1. Best worn with jeans: The look that is most often observed with ladies' flight jackets is the combination with jeans. Light or dark doesn't matter, but high waisted is best.
  2. Hood or cap in wet weather: In cold and wet weather, you can wear a cap with it if your flight jacket does not include a hood.
  3. If possible, wear the flight jacket open: To make the look cooler, we recommend wearing your flight jacket open. However, make sure that the top goes with it - a shirt, blouse or simple t-shirt without a print and matching in colour.
  4. Add sneakers or boots: Since jeans go best with this jacket, we recommend wearing sneakers or short boots - Chelsea boots, for example.
  5. Short tops or tucked into trousers: Because the women's aviator jacket is short, be careful not to wear long tops. You can also tuck your top into your trousers to spice up your outfit.


Flyers jackets for women are becoming increasingly popular types of jackets. Not only men wear them, but women can also find different models for themselves. Available in different materials and combinations - from lambskin, to fur, to models with a hood. No matter what you are looking for, you will succeed.

Depending on the type of leather or synthetic material, you will succeed in perfect care with wet or dry cleaning. If you are unsure, we recommend professional cleaning. You can achieve the perfect look with a pair of jeans and boots or sneakers. In wet weather, the hood or a cap completes your outfit.

Image source: Eduardo Pastor