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The bag on the back of a woman's hand can also be charming. As we all know, the most important fashion accessory is the handbag. However, the classic models have a strong competitor: the backpack for ladies. For a long time now, the comfortable carrying option has not only been popular with students and backpackers, but is also the perfect companion for all other activities.

Whether large ladies' backpack or mini backpack, fabric or leather backpack, with colourful patterns or monochrome: the ladies' backpack combines practicality, style and comfort in a unique way. The practical backpack is also a real must-have for ladies in terms of fashion!

The Best Women's Backpack: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's backpacks

From simple all-rounders to fancy designer pieces: backpacks are no longer just a practical alternative to handbags, but go with every outfit. When buying a backpack, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The following buying criteria will help you find the right backpack for every day:

  • Size and weight
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Style
  • Features

In the following sections you will learn how to choose the perfect backpack.

Size and weight

Backpacks come in a wide variety of sizes. From mini backpacks to large backpacking backpacks, you can find everything on the market.

For each activity, you will need a different number of items. A volume of up to 20 litres, for example, offers enough storage space for shopping, clothing or your personal belongings. These models are also suitable for work and university.

A small backpack with 5 litres, on the other hand, will only fit a bottle and small items such as a mobile phone and wallet. These models are particularly suitable for skiing, hiking or jogging.

The size also determines the weight. The bigger the backpack, the heavier it usually is. However, there are also some models that are made of ultra-light materials.


Dark women's backpacks in black, brown or grey are simple and look elegant. They are the all-rounders among backpacks.

But colours such as strong red, bright blue or rich purple can also be found in many collections. These colours look great and enhance the outfit. Especially in summer, a colourful backpack makes you want to go on adventures and travel.

Besides colours, patterns determine the effect of a women's backpack. They also look great with ethnic patterns or colourful Aztec prints.

There is a women's backpack for every taste!


Women's backpacks are made of many different materials. The material determines not only the aesthetic components but also the weight and water resistance.

Most outdoor backpacks are made of nylon or polyester. The frame is usually made of either light metal or plastic.

Backpacks that additionally need to look nice are also often made of fabrics such as linen, cotton or (synthetic) leather. Women's backpacks with these looks have become a trend because as a classy accessory they are also suitable for evenings out.

Whether leather, jeans, nylon or corduroy - coated fabrics are generally the best choice. Depending on the purpose and look, the spectrum ranges from super sturdy and very robust to ultra-light, more delicate fabrics.

It is important that you adapt the care to the material: You can impregnate leather with special sprays, while women's backpacks made of fabric can also tolerate water and mild detergent.


Elegant, minimalist, chic or simply practical, waterproof and robust? There is a perfect backpack for every occasion.

Its effect is determined not only by colour and pattern but also by its shape. From round to oval to square women's backpacks - each shape has its own charm.

A ladies' backpack in the shape of a duffel bag with a carabiner closure, for example, brings a fresh fashion breeze. On the other hand, a backpack with studs is a real eye-catcher and serves as an exciting accessory.

But models with a vintage or retro look also have a special charm. They also look great with plain, monochrome outfits.


In addition to their looks, women's backpacks can also score points with many practical functions. The following additional functions are very practical:

  • Padded straps: These guarantee you maximum wearing comfort, making the backpack for women a back-friendly accessory.
  • Chest and/or waist strap: These allow you to carry even heavy backpacks comfortably on your back.
  • Rollers on the bottom: These allow the backpack to roll on the ground like a suitcase. This makes it easy to transport heavy items.
  • Laptop pocket: Such a pocket inside the women's backpack protects the laptop. The padding allows the laptop to be transported safely without a sleeve.
  • Theft-proof: Some backpacks are even theft-proof. They are designed so that zips are hidden as much as possible and can be fitted with a lock.
  • Mesh back: This prevents the backpack from resting directly against your back. This makes it comfortable to wear and prevents perspiration.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof models protect your backpack contents from water. They are made of waterproof materials and have closures that do not allow water to get inside.

If you are looking for a backpack for a trip or you carry the backpack for long distances, you had better spend a little more money. Reinforced straps, mesh back and fit are especially important then.

Women's backpacks: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right backpack is not always easy. That's why we have answered the most important questions about women's backpacks for you.

What types of women's backpacks are there?

Depending on the intended use, a women's backpack should have different functions and features. In the following, we have compiled the most important types of backpacks and their special features.

  • Daypack: Models with a capacity of around 5 to 8 litres are ideal as daypacks. They can go with classic styles or complement casual outfits. They offer space for your wallet, some cosmetics and your smartphone.
  • Outdoor and leisure backpack: A backpack is very practical for hiking or a day trip. It offers a lot of space and still leaves your hands free. Outdoor and leisure backpacks usually have padded straps so that they do not pinch even after many hours of carrying. These backpacks should have a capacity of about 20 to 30 litres.
  • Sport: Are you sporty or do you like to spend time in the great outdoors? Then a sports backpack for women is the ideal companion. It is usually made of polyester and is resistant to dirt and moisture. The wide straps should distribute the load evenly on your shoulders.
  • Backpack for travelling / backpacking backpack: On a mountain tour or when travelling, the ideal companion is a backpack that is made of synthetic material and offers plenty of storage space. The backpack should be tailored to the wearer's needs and be extremely durable. With the help of a good backpack, women are also able to cover longer distances with heavy travel goods in rough terrain.
  • Work and business: In the office and at important meetings, you should always have all your important things with you. That's why the backpack is a great companion here, too. The backpack relieves the strain on your back and offers maximum carrying comfort. There is even room for large folders or a laptop. According to the business dress code, you should choose an elegant ladies' backpack. For example, a trendy leather backpack with a lace-up closure is a good choice.
  • University and school: Backpacks for school or university should have a volume of around 16 to 26 litres. This way, they offer space for everything important: in a large main compartment, you can stow a personal organizer, a lunch box and a folder. A reinforced bottom gives the backpack additional stability and protects the contents.

When is the ladies' backpack used?

In the past, the focus was on the functionality of the women's backpack, so the style factor was rather low. Nowadays, however, backpacks have become a popular companion in everyday life, in the office or for leisure activities.

Due to the different shapes, materials, colours and functions, they are considered real all-rounders. Thanks to the combination of functionality, comfort and style, they have become an indispensable part of everyday fashion life and put the icing on the cake of any style. That's why women's backpacks can be worn to any occasion: to school, university, work, a party or even to a classy dinner.

Which backpack size is suitable for my women's backpack?

In view of the huge range on offer, it is not easy to find the right women's backpack. The volume of backpacks ranges from a few litres to more than 100 litres for very large trekking and travel backpacks. There are countless gradations in between. But don't worry, we'll shed some light on the backpack jungle.

Here is a brief overview:

  • For children, a backpack with up to 10 litres is sufficient.
  • Women's backpacks with 10 to 19 litres are suitable for sports and everyday use.
  • For a weekend trip, a backpack with 20 to 29 litres is recommended.
  • A backpack with 30 to 39 litres is the perfect companion for ski tours or climbing.
  • The classic hiking and trekking backpack has a capacity of between 40 and 69 litres.
  • For a long trip or even a world tour, there are women's backpacks with 70 litres and more. Some models even hold more than 100 litres.

First, think about the purpose for which you want to use the backpack. What items do you want to take with you and how big are they?

Then you should also consider which functions and which appearance the backpack should have.


The backpack can be worn with anything - even evening wear! Especially for women, this means a real upgrade in everyday life. Have the courage to combine a stylish backpack with your evening dress or party outfit next time.

Whether sporty, peppy or elegant: women's backpacks are both means of transport and fashion accessories. They are practical companions for school, university and leisure and are also used in offices.

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