Last updated: August 25, 2021

Women's bangles come in an infinite number of variations, sizes and materials. Narrow ladies' bangles are best suited to petite wrists, while wider ladies' bangles suit stronger and very long forearms. You can wear the ladies' bangle on the wrist or forearm as is generally the case. However, there are also models that can be worn very well on the upper arm.

A woman's bangle is a piece of jewellery that you can wear as an alternative or in addition to a wristwatch. As a woman, you probably dress more often in shirts or off-the-shoulder blouses and tank tops in summer. You show a lot of skin on your arms, which you can adorn wonderfully with beautiful bangles for women.


The best Women's Bangle: Our Picks

Women's Bangles: The most important questions answered

Below you will find a few interesting general and somewhat more specific questions about bangles for ladies.

What types of bangles are available for women?

There are very classic and somewhat more exotic types in ladies' bangles. These are what we found during our research:

  • Elegant: Narrow women's bangles made of silver, gold and rose gold, optionally also with different coloured embedded gemstones radiate grace. In addition to simple women's bangles made of one piece, there are also filigree models that are twisted in on themselves and those whose ends are open a bit and set with gemstones or motifs.
  • Wild/Rocky: For fashionistas who love fashion trends and find the classic and understated look boring, there are unusual ladies' bangles that will make you stand out. Wide ladies' bangles with animal prints such as leopard fur, giraffe fur and gaudy retro bangles in yellow and orange make a fashion statement.
  • Ethno/Boho: Ladies' bangles with colourful beads, small bells and symbols of Buddhism and Hinduism, for example, show that you are interested in other countries and cultures. By wearing these ladies' bracelets, you can show that you are open and cosmopolitan. However, only wear symbols whose meaning you know.
  • Antique: A special type of ladies' bracelets are the antique-looking or genuinely antique models. Egyptian-style bangles for women are often worn on the upper arm, the most famous motif being the golden snake coiled around the arm. The silver wide ladies' bangle with turquoise gemstones is also popular. In addition, the ladies' bangle in Art Nouveau style (also Art Deco) is coveted by antique lovers. This style can be recognised by the curved shapes and waves as well as the plant motifs in the ladies' bangle.

The most frequently purchased bangles are probably elegant ladies' bangles made of silver or gold with precious stones and, more recently, also with engraving. Antique ladies' bangles are special pieces of jewellery, but only meet the taste of very special target groups.

What materials are women's bangles made of?

Ladies' bangles are mainly made of metal, i.e. silver, gold or rose gold in various alloys. The real jewellery contains a high percentage of gold or silver, which you can recognise by an engraved number (e.g. 333 gold, 925 silver). Accordingly, the price of ladies' bracelets with a high gold or silver content is expensive.

Ladies' bangles as costume jewellery are much cheaper to buy, these pieces of jewellery are only silver-plated or gold-plated with a low proportion of the precious metal. Away from precious metals, ladies' bangles made of plastic and wood are also available as costume jewellery. Unfortunately, you must assume that costume jewellery will discolour after some time or that parts may break off and gemstones may be lost.

Can I have women's bangles individually engraved?

A nice idea for a unique piece of jewellery is to have your ladies' bangle individually engraved. Whether you have it engraved for yourself with a personal mantra, or if you want the ladies bangle to be a gift for someone special. Many jewellery retailers have recognised the trend and offer you a variety of philosophical text ideas for engraving your ladies' bangle.

Likewise, you can specify your desired text, which is only limited by the space on the ladies' bangle. According to our research, engraving is only possible on ladies bangles made of metal, as it is the most stable material.

What is the best way to clean women's bangles?

The best way to clean a ladies' bangle made of silver or gold is to use a special polishing cloth, which is available from jewellers or jewellers. Filigree ladies' bangles with small gemstones and cavities can be carefully cleaned with a toothbrush to remove dust and debris.

If the ladies' bangle is really dirty and stuck together, you can also rinse it under water with a little mild detergent. Please make sure that it is not an aggressive cleaning agent that could attack metal.

Styling tips for women's bangles: How to achieve the perfect look

  • Elegant look: Combine a plain e.g. black blouse with an elegant gold ladies' bangle. Colour contrasts react well with each other, so choose dark colours such as blue, green or black with gold ladies' bangles. A festive dress looks even more sophisticated when you wear elegant ladies bangles with it.
  • Statement look: Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Go for wide ladies' bangles in bright colours and wear them with casual clothes or, for example, leather jackets or other leather garments. You can also combine dresses with cheerful patterns and colours with ladies' bangles, e.g. in animal prints. The main thing is to stand out, but the patterns should not interfere with each other. Good example: An orange dress combined with a ladies' bangle with a giraffe fur pattern. Bad example: A striped dress and you wear a ladies' bangle with a leopard-skin pattern.
  • Boho look: Do you like to express yourself fashionably and love the boho look? Go for wooden bangles or colourful women's bangles in orange, for example, and combine the look with wide, floral dresses or cotton tunics. Paisley patterns are also popular for the boho look, in the retro style of the 70s. Let yourself be inspired by images from the hippie era.

There are many sub-types of styles and unfortunately we cannot list them all. Our styling tips should have given you an insight into how to incorporate women's bangles into your look.


Women's bangles are a pretty jewellery accessory that charmingly adorn your arms and complete the entire outfit. You can find ladies' bangles as discreet jewellery for everyday wear or extravagant models if you like to make a striking statement. The variety of materials and designs of women's bangles is abundant, be it a narrow or wide bangle.

There are also multi-row ladies' bangles with gemstones, pearls and everything your heart desires. Find your style in our styling tips and get ideas on how you want to express yourself in your fashion. The right ladies' bangle is guaranteed to be there for you too.

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