Last updated: October 26, 2021

The bathrobe for women has long since made its way from the saunas into the showers at home. The fluffy coats provide the desired feeling of well-being directly after an extensive bath. Once you've had the pleasure of snuggling up in the soft fabric, you won't be able to imagine everyday life without it.

Meanwhile, the women's bathrobe is also becoming a fashionable designer piece. Available in many designs, colours and shapes, there is now far more than just the plain white robe. But it is still a classic in the sauna. In any case, no household should be without a ladies' bathrobe, no matter which one. It's worth buying, and it's best to see for yourself.

The best womens bathrobe: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying ladies' bathrobes

With a multitude of purchase options, it is easy to lose your bearings. In this section, we explain what really matters when buying a women's bathrobe. These are the following buying criteria

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Length
  • Design

With these criteria, the purchase decision can be made directly easier. You can find out exactly what the individual points mean in the next section.


There are a variety of materials in which you can buy your bathrobe. Each material has its own advantages and fulfils different functions. Terrycloth (or the slightly higher quality version: terry towelling) is very absorbent and cosy. The fabric feels particularly pleasant and fluffy on the skin and provides lasting cosy warmth after a shower.

The jersey fabric is made of viscose or cotton for a flexible adaptable shape. Added to this is the fact that these bathrobes are particularly breathable and stretchy. A waffle pique design is made from a special fabric of cotton yarns. The beautiful patterns are eye-catching and the manufacturing method makes the bathrobe light, thin and pleasantly cool. Due to the thin fabric, the robe fits in every pocket.

Silk is used for high-quality luxury models. This king of fabrics gives your bathrobe lightness, freshness and feels particularly good on the skin. The shine of the bathrobe makes it an elegant stylish fashion piece.


When it comes to colour, you get a wide range of choices. Basically, no colour is impossible. The fabric can come in a wide variety of shades and also be available in colour combinations. The classic for women's bathrobes is of course the white dressing gown. It is associated with purity, cleanliness and well-being.

Practically, dirt can be quickly detected and gives you the option of owning a permanently hygienic bathrobe. For all other colours, you can simply go with your taste and favourite colour. There is bound to be a bathrobe that suits you exactly.


The decision on the length of the women's bathrobe should not be disregarded. On the one hand, it is a question of what length you feel best in. On the other hand, certain models fit certain figures better than others. Short bathrobes for women are especially suitable for warmer hours and work against the feeling of being slain by fabric.

For smaller figures, a short robe is also visually advantageous because it looks dainty. Long models provide a complete feeling of security. With a hood, your entire body will be covered by warm fabric. For tall people, a long bathrobe looks particularly chic and elegant.


This purchase category is made up of the others. The design depends on the material used, the colour chosen and the specific length. A few extras may also be added. Many bathrobes have patterns sewn in or prints integrated. These techniques give your women's bathrobe extra individuality and personality.

Of course, you can also keep your robe quite plain. Many designers and well-known brands add their own touch to your bathrobes and turn them into true designer pieces. The bathrobe for women can be found in a wide variety of shapes and we are sure that you will also find your perfect coat.

Bathrobes for women: The most important questions answered

In this section we have collected all the important and relevant questions about bathrobes for women and answered them for you.

In which styles are ladies' bathrobes available?

To give you a good overview of the different types available, we have created a small compilation for you here.

  • With a cosy hood: With this type of bathrobe, your head is also nestled in a soft cushion. Ideal for wet hair and an all-round feel-good experience.
  • Kimono Style: For thekimono lovers. Here, Japanese design is paired with comfortable bathrobe style. Not only does it look super fashionable, it's also very cosy.
  • Bathrobe with shawl collar: With an extra pleat in the neck area that adds another thick layer around your neck and shoulders.
  • Practical with zip: A women's bathrobe with a zipper can be very practical. It can be perfectly integrated into your everyday life.
  • With buttons: Similar to the zipper, this model almost goes in the style direction of everyday clothes. Takes a little longer to put on and take off than a conventional bathrobe.

The various styles differ mainly in shape and design. They all have one thing in common: the bathrobes for ladies warm and dry you and make you feel good.

When can I wear a ladies' bathrobe?

In principle, a ladies' bathrobe is more for indoor use. It feels best against the skin, because then the fluffy fabric can be enjoyed particularly well.

  • After a long shower or a soothing bath: slipping into a cosy bathrobe is an indescribably nice feeling. It warms directly and can also be used as an alternative to a towel for drying off.
  • Outside the bathroom: There are basically no bad places to keep the robe on here. As long as you feel comfortable, the bathrobe will put you in a cosy soft world within your own four walls. In the summer, a thin bathrobe can also be very practical, completely independent of a shower, for sunbathing in the garden or on the terrace.
  • The most classic area of use is, of course, the sauna. This is where the bathrobe is most often seen and has its self-explanatory presence in these wellness oases.

These suggestions are also certainly not designed as rules. They only serve as a small insight into the areas of application for women's bathrobes.

Which bathrobes for women dry best?

If you would prefer not to dry off with a towel and just get straight into your robe, there are models to suit you. Bathrobes made of cotton usually have good absorbency. Thanks to their naturalness and air permeability, the fabric can dry well.

These versions are particularly suitable as a towel substitute. The thicker a robe, the longer it takes to dry. This rule of thumb might also help you when choosing your ladies' bathrobe.

Which ladies' bathrobe is suitable for the sauna?

You want to buy a bathrobe for your sauna visit? There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right bathrobe for your sauna visit. If you usually take a cold shower after going to the sauna, then a very warm, cosy bathrobe made of terry towelling, for example, is recommended.

This can warm you up again directly and also covers you comfortably in the outdoor areas. It should be noted, however, that the thick fabric takes up a lot of space in a bag. If you don't freeze easily or if you generally take a warm shower after a sauna, a waffle pique women's bathrobe is also sufficient. A hood on your garment also makes you feel comfortable. It is also practical if your robe has pockets. This way you have a permanent place for your personal belongings.

How do I clean and wash my bathrobe?

In principle, the hygienically correct cleaning of a women's bathrobe is similar to that of towels. The following steps should be followed

  1. Wash before first use: It is important to put new bathrobes in the wash first. This will wash away any impurities from the factory.
  2. Choose the right detergent: Use coloured detergent for coloured coats and full strength detergent for white models.
  3. Prevent lint formation: As long as you keep the washing machine at the correct load, there will be less lint-forming rubbing of the fabric.
  4. Avoid fabric softener: This product is not suitable for bathrobes.

With these steps, your women's bathrobe should come out of the wash like new every time.


The ladies' bathrobe is a practical item of clothing for going to the sauna but also for your own four walls. Depending on your personal requirements for a robe, you can choose from a wide variety of materials, designs and extensions.

The combination of these categories produces your perfect bathrobe. Consider what matters to you when making your purchase. Now also considered a stylish fashion piece, there is a wide range of brands and models for you to browse through. For the cosy, enveloping well-being of a comfortable bathrobe for women, it is definitely worth the purchase. When buying, pay attention to the product descriptions and fulfil your dream of a robe that will carry you like on clouds.