Last updated: October 26, 2021

The women's blazer is the must-have piece in every wardrobe. Whether sporty, casual, classic or elegant - no other garment can be combined and used in as many ways as the blazer. Casual with skinny jeans and a T-shirt, chic with a sheath dress or very feminine as a dress with a waist belt, the blazer is an essential item in every wardrobe.

The blazer is therefore a real fashion all-rounder. Combined correctly, the blazer for women visually enhances your outfit and you will definitely attract all eyes. In the following sections, we will show you why every woman should have at least one blazer in her wardrobe and why you should not do without this it-piece.

The best womens Blazer: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying women's blazers

From classic business blazers to everyday all-rounders - there are many different blazers to choose from. This can quickly lead to uncertainty when making a purchase decision. That's why you should consider a few things before buying. To find the best blazer for you, you should pay attention to the following buying criteria

  • Colour
  • Material
  • Length

In the following sections you will learn how to choose the perfect women's blazer.


Ladies' blazers come in many different colours and patterns. The choice is almost endless. Depending on the effect you want to achieve with your new blazer, you should choose the colour of your ladies' blazer. If you want the blazer to match any outfit, you can choose plain colours.

Colours such as black, beige, camel, cognac, brown, grey or dark blue are popular. A career blazer also goes with almost any outfit. If you're looking for something a little more striking, you can go for colours like lilac, mint, orange, royal blue, pink or even red.

Prints make your blazer a real eye-catcher. Women's striped blazers, blazers with a floral pattern or even blazers in the trendy animal or leo print are very popular.


Just as with the colour, you can also expect a wide range of different options when it comes to the choice of material. Wool, tweed or jersey are among the more classic materials. These materials can be skilfully combined with a variety of other materials and make your blazer suitable for both everyday and business wear.

If you prefer something a little more unusual, you can choose materials such as satin, velour, leather, linen or corduroy. Blazers made of satin, velour and leather really pimp your outfit and are also great for a chic evening look. If you want to buy a sustainable blazer, go for an ecru blazer.


Apart from whether you want your new blazer to be fitted or oversized, you can also choose between short and long. The short blazer is more of a classic choice. It is also called a short blazer. If you want to score points with your outfit in the office or at a job interview, you can go for this version.

But this model will also brighten up your outfit in everyday life. The so-called long blazer is the other variant for the ladies' blazer. This blazer is cut longer and reaches over the bottom. If you want the blazer to be the focal point of your look, choose this variant. You will definitely attract attention.

Ladies' blazers: The most important questions answered

Since choosing the right blazer is not always easy, we will answer the most important questions in the next sections.

In which styles are ladies' blazers available?

Just like in material and colour, ladies' blazers can also differ in style.

  • Classic business blazer: If you are looking for the perfect blazer for the office and meetings, you should prefer the classic business blazer. This women's blazer captivates with a simple elegance. These blazers are usually monochrome in black, grey or beige. In addition to the plain blazer, houndstooth patterns, check patterns or pinstripes are also very much in vogue.
  • Casual blazer for everyday wear: If you are looking for a faithful companion for all situations, then you should opt for the casual blazer. Whether sporty or casual, a visit to the café or a meeting with friends - this blazer can be combined with jeans, a T-shirt or a dress. The large selection of materials and colours makes it easy to find the right blazer for every outfit and should therefore not be missing from any wardrobe.
  • Elegant blazers for festive occasions: You can also wear your blazer on an evening at the opera, to a charity event or to a stylish date in a restaurant. Materials like velour or satin give you a very special look. Gold buttons or a double row also make your outfit look very extravagant. You can expect to attract all eyes.

Blazers come in a wide variety of styles. This guarantees that the right blazer is ready for every occasion.

How can I tell if my women's blazer fits well?

To perfect your look, the blazer should also fit properly. You can use the following points as a guide

  • The shoulder seam should rest exactly on your shoulders.
  • The sleeve should end at the wrist when you bend your arm 30 degrees.
  • You should be able to cross your arms in front without your blazer tightening at the back.
  • The lapel should lie flat at the neck.
  • Your women's blazer should not stretch when closed, nor should it be cut too wide.
  • The long blazer should reach at least over the buttocks. The short blazer, on the other hand, ends just above the buttocks.

If you keep the following points in mind when choosing your new blazer, you will shine everywhere with your new favourite piece.

Which ladies' blazer suits my figure?

When choosing your women's blazer, you should of course also make sure that it fits your figure. There are a few rules of thumb that you should follow. Small women should rather choose a model that is cut shorter. If you are short and wear a long-cut blazer or an oversized blazer, you will be completely lost in your blazer.

This will make you look even shorter. However, you don't have to give up the long blazer, just combine it with shorts or a skirt to make you look taller. Tall women, on the other hand, should opt for longer blazers. If you wear a blazer that is too short, it will quickly look as if you bought it in the children's department. Chubby women should choose a blazer that is slightly wider and longer.

This helps to conceal problem areas. A blazer in the trendy oversize look is recommended. Another rule of thumb concerns shoulder width. If you have broad shoulders, you should buy a blazer with a wide lapel. If you have narrow shoulders, you should buy a women's blazer with a narrow lapel.

How do I care for and clean my women's blazer?

To make sure you don't do anything wrong when it comes to cleaning, the first thing you should do is take a look at the washing label. Some blazers can only be professionally cleaned at the dry cleaners. If there is a P on the label, for example, only dry cleaning is possible.

Of course, it is easier if the blazer can be cleaned in the washing machine. Blazers can often be hand-washed at 30 degrees. You can also find this on the washing label inside the blazer. To dry, lay the blazer flat on a towel and roll it up a few times with a little pressure. Repeat this until it stops dripping. You can then pull the blazer back into shape and hang it on a hanger to dry further.

When the blazer is dry, you can iron it again. If your blazer only has a few stains, you can also remove them with a damp cloth. The important thing is to blot the stain away. Try not to rub the stain or even scrub it with a brush.

Styling tips for women's blazers: How to achieve the perfect blazer look

To find the right look for you and your new favourite piece, we have a few styling tips for you

  • Buttons can easily be removed and sewn on again. Horn buttons, gold or fabric-covered buttons give your blazer an extravagant and expensive look.
  • Styled with skinny jeans and striking pumps in red or black, you create a chic business look. Of course, you can't do without a matching handbag, even an oversized shopper.
  • Combine the blazer with a simple T-shirt, sneakers and mom jeans to create a casual everyday look. Destroyed jeans will make your outfit even more casual.
  • Wear your blazer with a waist belt or fanny pack as a dress with sneakers or pumps for a very feminine look. This turns even a boring double-breasted blazer into an eye-catching it-piece.
  • You can also create a super blazer look in combination as a two-piece. Simply wear your blazer with the matching suit trousers and pumps. It's guaranteed to make you stand out.
  • If you prefer something more extravagant, you can go for colours like pink, neon green, purple or an animal print blazer. Combine it with boots, shorts or skinny jeans for a wild and eye-catching look.
  • The blazer can also be worn classically with a sheath dress or an evening gown. Add a matching handbag or clutch and you have a simple and elegant blazer look.

Whether you're going for a classic look or something a little more edgy, you're guaranteed to find the perfect look with our styling tips.


No garment is as timeless as the blazer and is definitely worth investing in over the long term. Of course, when buying, you should make sure to choose a blazer that suits your proportions. Thanks to the large selection of different models, there is also the right blazer for every figure and every taste.

The women's blazer is simply the ultimate fashion item. It can be combined and used in so many different ways. Whether classic, casual or elegant - the ladies' blazer enhances every outfit. This makes it a real must-have piece and should not be missing from your wardrobe.

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