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Many young women don't even know about the women's bodysuit. But they can become the perfect tool or fashion statement if you use them right. Elastic materials shape a beautiful silhouette and conceal small problem zones.

Many people still associate them with unattractiveness, but these figure-huggers are also available in sexy models. For example, in fine materials with sexy suspenders. But the multi-talents can also serve as fashionable shirt, top and blouse bodysuits that look like normal tops when combined with skirts or trousers.

The Best Womens Body: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's bodysuits

Deciding which women's bodysuit is right for you can be quite difficult, so here are the most important buying criteria listed and described for you.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Occasion
  • Cut
  • Size

The criteria are described in more detail below.


The ladies' bodysuit is available in a wide variety of materials, such as cotton, ribbed fabric, velvet, chiffon, crocheted, jersey, cashmere or even imitation leather. Depending on the type of material, there is special care to be taken. Especially velvet, chiffon, cashmere or leather can be very sensitive and should rather be washed by hand. However, if you want to use the bodysuit for women primarily as an aid to tightening and concealing, you should make sure that they have a high spandex content. This is because the spandex provides the tightening effect.

However, if you want to use bodysuits as sexy lingerie, you should choose ladies' bodysuits with lace transparency inserts. These look particularly attractive.

Shirt bodysuits are particularly suitable for your everyday life and are very comfortable to wear. Here you can very happily look for a comfortable, breathable cotton content.

Soft and flat closing seams do not show under tight clothing and the ladies' bodysuit remains invisible.


To find the perfect bodysuit for you, it is of course important where your ladies bodysuit will be used. If it is to be used as a top, you can look out for pretty patterns with a beautiful neckline.

Nude-coloured women's bodysuits are often suitable as figure-huggers. They are inconspicuous and serve their purpose.

If they are to be used as sexy underwear, you can look for leather, mesh, lace inserts and beautiful cut-outs.


Choosing the right shapewear for you is crucial to achieving what you want.

  • For lower abdomen, bottom: panty girdle to waist without leg
  • For lower abdomen with thighs: Panty girdle to waist with leg
  • For belly without bottom: panty girdle to under bust with thong
  • For belly with bottom: panty girdle to under bust without leg
  • For tummy & bottom & thighs: Panty girdle to under bust with leg
  • For belly, bottom, thighs & back: Bodysuit with leg
  • Back, stomach, chest: bodysuit without leg

The cut can then vary to suit the intended use. As lingerie, there can be lots of incisions and lace fabric that may not necessarily be firming but can be aesthetically very appealing. Women's bodysuits for tightening are fully lined. Shirt-bodysuits are also less provocative and rather plain in design, looking like a very tight-fitting top.


Your ladies bodysuit should fit comfortably against your skin, be snug but not constricting, constricting or leave pressure marks. To test whether the ladies' bodysuit fits properly, you should squat down once, stretch and sit down. If nothing slips, constricts or rolls up, the women's bodysuit fits perfectly.

To find the right size, you should take your waist circumference once and your hip circumference once, then you can find the right size according to your measurements in a size chart.

Ladies' bodysuits: The most important questions answered

With so many different bodysuits for women, it can be difficult to choose. To be as helpful as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about women's bodysuits.

What styles of bodysuits are available?

Depending on the occasion, there are different ladies' bodysuits and different features. They are listed and described below.

  • Shaping bodysuit: The classic ladies' bodysuit is the shaping bodysuit. It is simple. Usually black, white or in nude shades. It usually has spaghetti straps and is made of at least 9 % spandex. There are string or panty bodysuits, depending on whether you want to shape your bottom
  • Shirt bodysuits: These bodysuits are firming and can be used as a top. They are available with mesh inserts, with a V-neck. The more playful, feminine look can be achieved with floral lace and ruffles as collars. They are either shoulder or long sleeved. Combined with a skirt, they create a beautiful outfit.
  • Lace bodysuits: These can also be used as a top in more modest variations, but they are mainly used in lingerie. They come as very skimpy, see-through lace bodysuits or in long-sleeved versions. These are also available with shiny material, which can then also be combined well as a party outfit.
  • Cut-out bodysuits: Here there are one-shoulder versions, with a lot of back cut-out, as halternecks, with belly cut-outs or also with different lacing, which look very elegant and provocative. These also include body-uvert versions that leave very little fabric. There is also the string body, which leaves the bottom area free.
  • Thermo body: This body is for cool days. It is wonderfully soft and warm and nestles perfectly against your skin. These are long-sleeved bodysuits that will take you through the year in fashion. It is made of durable stretch material and is also good for jogging, figure skating or for those who freeze quite quickly. The cotton part creates a high wearing comfort.

Why not try out the different ladies' bodysuits? Each of them can give you pleasure. Try different patterns and colours and see what you like.

How do I clean certain fabrics?

Primarily, you should pay attention to the care label of your ladies' bodysuit. Usually a gentle cycle with mild detergent at 30° C will be fine. Some bodysuits, especially those with lots of embellishments, lace, chiffon or similar, should be hand washed with mild detergent and left to air dry so as not to stress the fabric.

What cup shapes are there?

Ladies' bodysuits have cup shapes built into them, as they usually also replace their bra. However, there are also ladies' bodysuits that leave out the bra so that you can wear your bra.

The different cup shapes are standard, bustier, minimizer, cup and t-shirt bra. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from these.

Styling tips for women's bodysuits: How to achieve the perfect bodysuit look

As shapewear, women's bodysuits can be used under any garment. Especially under tight-fitting dresses and skirts, their curves appear tightened.

Extravagant shirt-bodysuits with lace inserts and beautiful necklines can be used as tops for your party look. Combined with such a black ladies' bodysuit, they look especially good with jeans or a waist skirt. Combined with her favourite heels and jewellery, the party can get started.

In everyday life, you can use ladies' bodysuits as tight-fitting tops. These look particularly good with high-waisted jeans. Add simple jewellery such as a simple necklace, earrings and a ring and the look is perfect.

Printed and statement bodysuits can be combined with a denim mini skirt and sneakers for a casual look. Or a floral printed women's bodysuit with a pleated skirt. The women's bodysuit can also be used in the office. With blue stripes and a pencil skirt rounded off with pumps. A tight cut accentuates your curves, whereas a loose style is comfortable to wear.

Asymmetrically cut women's bodysuits add an extravagant touch to any outfit.

In combination with denim jackets, blazers, the perhaps too provocative ladies' bodysuits already look more modest and yet your outfit sparkles with sex appeal.


Ladies' bodysuits are true all-round talents. They are little helpers in everyday life when they conceal unwanted rolls or when they show off as a top. Not only that, they are also provocatively dangerous as lingerie and bring all kinds of gimmicks with them.

When buying them, you should only pay attention to the right size, material, cut and occasion, depending on your needs, and you will have another fashion accessory in your wardrobe that you won't want to do without.

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