Last updated: August 12, 2021

Originally, the bomber jacket was part of the military uniform, but in the meantime it has definitely become a must-have in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious lady. The women's bomber jacket impresses above all with its diverse designs. Both in terms of colour and cut, there is a suitable women's bomber jacket for every woman.

While the standard version of the women's bomber jacket is more of a transitional jacket made of nylon fabric, there are now even versions on leather, with imitation fur, lined and even with hoods. What's more, the loose, wide cut of the women's bomber jacket even makes it super easy to combine for the onion look in winter. So the trend-conscious lady of today doesn't have to do without the It piece even in winter.

The best Women's Bomber Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying bomber jackets for women

Women's bomber jackets are available in various designs. Depending on what you need your it-piece for, you can consider various buying criteria when buying.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Cut
  • Weatherproof

Below we go into a little more detail about the individual criteria you can consider when buying your women's bomber jacket.


While the classic was mainly made of nylon, women's bomber jackets are available in many different materials nowadays. However, the classic loose fit remains the same even with versions made of other materials.

For a neutral everyday look, women's bomber jackets made of denim or denim fabric are ideal. Models made of jersey, cotton and viscose are also ideal for spicing up an everyday look. Recently, corduroy fabric has also become increasingly popular again. Therefore, the women's bomber jacket made of corduroy should not go unmentioned.

For a more elegant look, the women's bomber jacket is available in a leather look. Suede or suede models are also becoming more and more popular. If you prefer something more extravagant, you can go for a model made of satin or chiffon, and for those ladies who generally like to stand out, there are also models of women's bomber jackets that are trimmed with sequins.

So that the modern lady doesn't have to do without her bomber jacket on colder days, there are also models made from materials that keep you warm, such as wool. Women's bomber jackets made of teddy fur are also very popular at the moment.


When it comes to colour, women's bomber jackets leave nothing to be desired. There is a suitable model for every colour type and every occasion.

The classic colours for the cult jacket are black, grey, navy blue or khaki green. In the meantime, however, there are also numerous versions in eye-catching colours. For example, in yellow, orange, pink or petrol. The trendy piece is also available in colourful patterns.

For those ladies who prefer a neutral look, there are also versions in less flashy colours, such as old pink, bordeaux, dark blue or dark green. Various shades of brown are also becoming increasingly popular, such as beige or cognac.

For trendsetters who like to stand out, the women's bomber jacket also has a lot to offer: Metallic. A jacket in metallic gold, metallic silver or copper is sure to attract attention.
Models in several colours are no less eye-catching. For example, there are ladies' bomber jackets with floral patterns, animal prints or even camouflage looks.


An essential feature of the women's bomber jacket is its loose cut. For this reason, bomber jackets for women are also often offered in an oversized look. Nevertheless, there are several other versions of this trendy piece.

If you attach importance to a certain body accentuation, a model in cropped cut is recommended. With this cut, the women's bomber jacket ends at about hip height, which makes it a good combination with dresses and skirts, as well as high-cut jeans.

Especially in winter, we are all happy when our jacket covers our backside. And the women's bomber jacket also offers suitable models for this. When choosing a long bomber jacket for women or even a coat, there is no need to do without it even in winter or when it is windy.


A jacket has one main purpose: to protect you from the weather. Of course, this function should also apply to women's bomber jackets.

For winter weather, quilted women's bomber jackets or those with down are now available. For those ladies who like it fluffy, there are also models with fur trim. These are available with real fur as well as with faux fur.

If the women's bomber jacket is to be worn primarily as a transitional jacket, it should, among other things, be waterproof and, if necessary, be equipped with a hood.

But you don't have to do without the bomber jacket in the warmer seasons either, because it is also available in sleeveless form.

Bomber jackets for women: The most important questions answered

In the following, we explain what is important about a bomber jacket for women.

In which styles are bomber jackets for women available?

Basically, bomber jackets for women are a casual garment, but there are also more elegant styles. Below we describe the different styles and finishes of women's bomber jackets so you can find the perfect piece for your needs.

  • Classic look: The classic bomber jacket for women is probably the model made of cotton, jersey or viscose. The timeless and modest style of these materials makes this style particularly suitable for everyday wear and universal use.
  • Retro chic: For those ladies who like to wear their bomber jacket in vintage style, a model made of either leather or denim is a good choice. In these designs, the women's bomber jacket is strongly reminiscent of those models from past decades.
  • Extravagant style: The motto here is to stand out at all costs. Embroidered with sequins or in an extravagant animal print. With a women's bomber jacket in one of these styles you are guaranteed to stand out at any party.

This listing shows that there is a bomber jacket style to suit every lady. Which one suits you best is, of course, up to you to decide.

How can I combine my women's bomber jacket for winter?

If you don't have a women's bomber jacket with fur lining, it might get a bit cold in winter. However, with our tips, you will also come through the cold season in top style with your unlined women's bomber jacket!

  • Onion look: Layer by layer, you can adapt your outfit to your needs with this look. Long-sleeved shirt and jumper underneath and the bomber jacket is also suitable for the cold season. The loose cut of the bomber jacket for women makes it ideal for the onion look.
  • Scarf: We love to hide under XXL scarves in winter. Of course, a scarf is therefore also ideal for combining the women's bomber jacket in a winter-suitable way.
    Lined women's bomber jacket: When it comes to winter suitability, a lined model is of course the obvious choice.
  • Women's waterproof bomber jacket: To be able to call a jacket winter-ready, it should not only keep you warm but also be water-repellent. A model made of leather, for example, is particularly suitable for this.

These were our tips on how to wear your women's bomber jacket even in winter or when it's cold.

How do I know if my women's bomber jacket fits properly?

Depending on which style of women's bomber jacket you have chosen, the piece should fit differently. Basically, however, the bomber jacket sits loosely.

While a bomber jacket should never be too tight, there is no such thing as "too big". Especially if you want to combine your "it" piece with an onion look for winter, it is a good idea to buy the jacket in an oversized look.

Styling tips for bomber jackets for women: How to achieve the perfect look

A bomber jacket for women can be styled in many different ways, depending on the cut and style. Below we have some tips on how you can integrate the trendy piece into your look in a cool way.

  • Combined with skinny jeans, a loose T-shirt and sneakers, the bomber jacket for women creates a super simple basic look. This can be easily pimped and styled with the help of accessories.
  • For a rocking look, the women's bomber jacket can also be combined with leather-look leggings and ankle boots.
  • For a feminine look, the women's bomber jacket can also be combined with a skirt. Here, too, there is the casual version with a denim skirt and sneakers and the slightly more elegant version with a fabric skirt and stylish ankle boots.


Either as a basic piece in normal everyday life or in rock chic, the bomber jacket for women leaves nothing to be desired in terms of styling. In addition to a wide variety of fabrics and cuts, the broad colour palette of women's bomber jackets on offer makes them universal garments.

But their jacket function is not neglected in addition to the style elements: in addition to the classic models made of cotton or viscose fabric, quilted and lined women's bomber jackets are also offered, so that even in the cold season you don't have to do without the comfort of this trendy piece. Moreover, the bomber jacket for women is THE perfect piece for fans of the onion look. Thanks to its loose cut, you can wear as many layers underneath as you like and thus also combine unlined models suitable for cold weather.

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