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The jeans are an everyday favourite in women's fashion, the all-rounder for all occasions - casual, chic, elegant, workerstyle. They are comfortable and versatile and the selection is terrific. But time and again, a classic appears on the fashion scene: bootcut jeans for women.

The special thing about this jeans style is the tight-fitting thighs with the tapered leg. Translated from English, "bootcut" simply means "boot cut". The hem of the trousers is wide enough to allow boots or other shoes to fit under the trouser legs without disappearing. Women's bootcut jeans can be combined in a variety of ways to create a special look for the occasion.

The Best Women´s Bootcut Jeans: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying ladies bootcut jeans

Women's bootcut jeans emphasise the female figure and look particularly advantageous. To make your buying decision easier, there are certain features that you can use as a guide.

The following criteria will show you how to use women's bootcut jeans as figure flatterers and how to wear them comfortably.

  • Style
  • Body height
  • Size
  • Upper

You can tell how to find the ideal bootcut jeans for women by looking at the following features:


The characteristic feature of a pair of women's bootcut jeans is the narrow thigh and the leg that tapers out in the lower part - slightly tapered to the wide leg in a bell shape - of the flared jeans.

Originally, these styles were worn by cowboys with western boots or in the hippie era with platform shoes. But this classic is a recurring fashion wonder - a perennial favourite. Different designs, shapes and colours make bootcut jeans an all-rounder

Ideal for festivals, you'll find the models plain or with embroidery, washed out or with holes. Do you attach importance to something special at work? Then choose the darker colour. Are you looking for the casual version for an evening out with friends or even elegant? The subtle colour of the women's bootcut jeans defines the outfit combined with an elegant top.

The all-rounder turns you into a fashionista and offers you creative options for an individual appearance or classic elegance for great effect.

Body height

Women's bootcut jeans are particularly flattering on the figure. Available in different body heights, a distinction is made between:

  • High Rise: The hemline ends above the hips. The high waistband conceals small pockets and visually lengthens the legs.
  • Mid Rise or normal waistband: The trousers sit slightly below the navel with a medium waistband height. This cut is more comfortable, especially when sitting, and balances the body proportions.
  • Low Rise: These styles sit slightly below the hips and do not draw the waistband under tops. The focus is on the top. This body height is not suitable for plumper ladies.


With different sizes and figure types, the proportions are also not always the same. Not all women fit the standard ready-to-wear sizes. It is optimal if the standard clothing sizes between 28 and 38 are also offered in different lengths from 30 to 34.

But smaller people can also find this all-rounder in short sizes - also often called K - size. Cut and length are adapted for the smaller lady. The inseam is 72 cm and is suitable for women who are less than 1.70 m tall.

Bootcut jeans in long sizes, on the other hand, are suitable for particularly tall women, as the legs are usually also longer than for the average figure. The long sizes start at length 36 with a crotch length of 93 cm.

Here too, ladies' bootcut jeans are an absolute all-rounder for both small and large ladies.

Upper material

The basic material of all jeans is denim, a particularly tear-resistant and durable cotton fabric that makes the jeans robust. The cotton fabric is woven particularly tightly, which gives it its unique and even structure.

Due to the increasing figure consciousness of women, since 2010 there have been more and more bootcut jeans for women with an elastic component. Special weaving techniques have made the fabric stretchable in all directions.

This kind of improvement means that the jeans adapt to the body even better due to the elasticity. The cuts can thus be tighter and even more figure-hugging and offer even more legroom due to the leg becoming wider below the knee.

The material and processing technique make the women's bootcut jeans a figure wonder and improve the wearing comfort for every lady. If you value sustainability, then buy a model made from organic cotton. This is an indispensable piece of clothing that no wardrobe should be without.

Women's Bootcut Jeans: The most important questions answered

We have pointed out the most important buying criteria so far and would like to make your choice even easier by answering the most important questions.

In which styles are ladies bootcut jeans available?

The cut designations of bootcut jeans indicate the cut of the legs. In the following illustration, these cuts are highlighted individually.

  • Women's Bootcut Jeans with Flared Leg: This refers to the jeans with a narrow thigh and extremely wide leg, the so-called "flared jeans". The narrow knee and wide legs make the silhouette long and slim and conceal the calves.
  • Women's bootcut jeans with cropped leg: These jeans are often called ankle jeans. It gives the jeans a special styling. Ideally, the trouser leg stops just above the ankle, making the garment look lighter and airier.
  • Women's bootcut jeans with wide leg: In this model, the waist is adapted to the body shape and from the waist the leg widens down to the ankle. This makes the bootcut jeans particularly comfortable and casual.

We advise you to be inspired by the different options and try on different models. In this way, you can see for yourself which model suits you best.

How do I know if my ladies bootcut jeans fit well?

The perfect pair of jeans depends on various factors. First of all, your own size and body shape are decisive. Then, to find out if the jeans fit perfectly, please pay attention to the following.

The cut of women's bootcut jeans is tighter at the thighs and becomes wider towards the bottom. If you prefer a more elastic material, you should make sure that the jeans do not have extreme creases, which would have an unfavourable effect on the silhouette. At the waistband, even with elasticated trousers, the trousers should neither be too tight nor give the feeling that the jeans are stifling. On the other hand, you should also not have the feeling that the trousers are slipping away. Individual comfort is crucial here.

If you prefer a model with back pockets, they can help flatter your figure. If you have a narrower bottom, look for back pockets that are further apart, if pockets are desired. This will give your bottom the ideal shape. On the other hand, if you have a larger buttocks, it is recommended to have the back pockets closer together, which will give you a visually crisp buttocks.

An ill-fitting pair of jeans will also make itself felt by constricting or wrinkling at the crotch. On the one hand it feels uncomfortable and on the other it looks unflattering. Therefore, make sure your bootcut jeans fit well for a great look.

Which shoes go with a pair of women's bootcut jeans?

Do you prefer casual or elegant? You can style the bootcut jeans for women according to your mood. In its original form, this sub-category of jeans was made for cowboys. They served as work trousers under which cowboy boots could fit. This is not the case with skinny jeans. The models have been developed so that the trousers can follow every trend and still be comfortable to wear. With matching footwear, they become an all-rounder again

Bootcut jeans for women are still suitable with boots - classic high boots, ankle boots, boots or even cowboy boots worn under the trousers. The higher the heel, the more of the shoe will be visible, as the trousers are actually cut to cover the shoe.

On the other hand, if you like it comfortable, combine women's bootcut jeans with trainers for a sporty casual look. This way you can create the ideal casual look for yourself - alternatively with flip flops or flat sandals. If you only wear the trousers with flat shoes, you should have them shortened accordingly.

The sex appeal is of course underlined with high heels. The fit of the jeans makes the legs appear longer and is further emphasised by the high heels. Pointed stilettos or sandals provide the absolute style break and make the trousers an eye-catcher.

Go with the original hippie era and wear the bootcut jeans with platform shoes. A continuous style is thereby perfected and you can dance the nights away comfortably.

Who do women's bootcut jeans suit?

If you don't know whether you can wear the ladies bootcut jeans, then try on the all-rounder. The advantage of these jeans: they suit (almost) everyone if you find the right size and fit for you. On the contrary: the figure is underlined and the silhouette is advantageously emphasised.

Women with strong thighs look slimmer with the ideal cut, the legs longer and the bottom smaller. You can wear them to the office or to a disco. Especially women with thicker calves can conceal them wonderfully if the trousers are not bought too tight.

The cut of the trousers makes women look taller. Combine them with the right shoes and you can visually add a few centimetres.

Once you have found a pair of women's bootcut jeans that you like and that fits well, you can complete your look with the appropriate styling and dress for the occasion. We will give you some more tips on how to do this.

Styling tips for women's bootcut jeans: how to achieve the perfect look

We love our wardrobe, but isn't it nice when a few basics can serve as quick-change artists and take you from morning to night?

You can wear bootcut jeans for women during the day with high-heeled pumps and an elegant blouse or a plain shirt and blazer to the office. In the evening, change into stiletto heels and wear a sexy top. This way, nothing stands in the way of heading out into the nightlife.

Do you prefer to be outdoors and love comfort and want to move around - be it hiking, going to concerts or just walking in the fresh air? The all-rounder bootcut jeans for women are also ideal for this. Combine the trousers with a thick jumper, a T-shirt and jacket as well as trainers, hiking boots or rough biker boots and you are properly dressed.

If you want to dress rocky, then the matching leather jacket or glitter jacket should not be missing with pre-washed jeans with almost white spots or small tears and a plain T-shirt. High heels complete the casual cool look.

You also look dressed up in dark bootcut jeans at the theatre or when dining in a classy restaurant. The elegant look is underlined by shimmering tops, jewellery and high heels. You can present yourself in a very ladylike way and underline your femininity.


Almost everyone has jeans in their wardrobe. In this article we have presented an all-rounder that no wardrobe should be without because of its versatile use. Women's bootcut jeans are a figure enhancer thanks to their robustness and versatility.

Provided the jeans fit well, you have the right garment from morning to night. Spiced up with shoes and matching tops, you can create your own personal look and go comfortably through the day.

Sources: Unsplash & 123rf

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