Last updated: August 19, 2021

Boots for women are a must-have in the cold season. The boots not only provide warmth, but are also a real eye-catcher for all autumn and winter outfits. Only when the boots are well coordinated with the look, the whole outfit looks harmonious.

Whether elegant leather boots or rather rough riding boots - we love them all. Depending on the occasion, style and look, we show you the best combinations and give you the right styling tips.

The Best Women's Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's boots

When buying women's boots, there are several aspects to consider so that the boots not only match the look perfectly, but also fit well and offer optimal wearing comfort.

These are buying criteria such as:

  • Size
  • Heel height
  • Height of the shaft
  • Width of the shaft
  • Material

The following criteria will help you find the perfect boots.

Boot size

If you are unsure of your own boot size, 3D scanners in any good shoe shop will offer help. It is also possible to measure the inside of new shoe models. The upper material determines whether a shoe will widen a little immediately or only over time.

Shoe width F is for narrow feet. Widths G and H, on the other hand, are for wide feet. The values of a pressure measurement of a foot in the respective shoe model are of decisive importance.

Heel height

There are many different heel types for women's boots: block heels, stiletto heels, funnel heels, wedge heels or platform heels. In terms of height, they also vary from minimal to 10 cm and higher heels.

It is important to consider how long you are on your feet every day. If you are expected to stand or walk for 8 or 10 hours at a stretch, you should choose flat shoes or at least take them as a substitute.

Shaft height

The height of the shaft indicates the length from the heel to the connection of the boot. Normally it is 31 to 49 cm. From a length of 50 cm, one speaks of over-the-knee boots.

If you want more options, choose slip-on boots in variable shaft height by folding the shaft over.

Width of the shaft

The best way to measure the width of the shaft is with a tape measure. Women's boots with shaft widths from XS to XL are available in the shops. Boots with a 40 cm shaft width are suitable for strong calves.

Women's boots with a variable shaft offer optimal wearing comfort. With the help of elastic inserts, adjustable buckles or laces, the shaft can be individually adjusted.


The boots are made from a wide variety of materials: Leather, nubuck, suede, imitation leather, rubber, fabrics and many more. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, the decision is entirely up to you.

To help you navigate the variety of materials, each manufacturer is required to label their shoes in terms of materials. Follow the instructions on the label.

Women's boots: The most important questions answered

A woman's shoe cupboard is always too small. With the variety of boots, it is almost impossible to choose one. There is a suitable boot for every occasion and look, for sure. In the following, we answer the most important questions about women's boots.

What styles of ladies' boots are available?

Good women's boots are stylish companions for a woman for every season. We show you the most beautiful variants.

  • Warm boots / winter boots: When the temperatures drop, we make completely different demands on boots: they should be warm, sturdy, non-slip, easy to clean and beautiful. Warm lined boots are the ideal companions for the cold season.
  • Biker boots: are the coolest of all boots. They are by no means just for motorcyclists, but are also suitable for the street. The rough leather boots go especially well with a feminine skirt or dress, as a style break and provocation. But also as a true-to-style combination with a leather jacket.
  • Riding boots: These are an absolute classic. They either have a flat sole or a block heel. Riding boots are usually made of smooth leather and come in black, brown or grey. Discreet decoration such as buckles and straps are also included.
  • Wellingtons / waterproof boots: These are not necessarily the most beautiful, but they are very functional. A must on the countryside or festival grounds. These boots keep the feet dry and can be quite beautiful.
  • Outdoor boots: are a must for mountain and hiking enthusiasts. Highest functional properties and optimal wearing comfort characterise these boots. Outdoor boots meet all safety standards and give the feet the best possible support.
  • Cowboy boots: For a long time, you only saw them at country festivals, but now they are totally hip again. Cowboy boots are pointed at the front and have a medium heel and wide shaft. They are often beautifully decorated and go wonderfully with jeans.
  • Summer boots: These are no longer a rarity. Summer boots are made of thin perforated leather or cotton fabrics. They provide much better stability than sandals and are ideal for longer walks or outdoor activities.
  • Lace-up boots: can be either quite rough or quite the opposite: made of velvet, leather or satin, with a high heel, laced with ribbons- feminine and seductive.

Of course you will see the other variants in the shops, we have only mentioned the most important styles of ladies' boots here.

How do I know if my ladies' boots fit well?

Even the most beautiful boots are no fun if they pinch. Here are the important tips for trying them on:

  • If the little toe is squeezed or the big toe bumps against the front, then the boots are too small. There should still be a finger-wide space between the toes and the boot.
  • The new leather boots can be tight. The leather will widen due to the warmth and adapt to the foot. Good boots should feel "like a nice firm handshake".
  • The ball of the foot should fit snugly at the widest part of the boots so that the foot does not slip forward.
  • The heel should sit firmly in the boot. Especially in outdoor boots, the heel should find a firm place. The heel play should be as minimal as possible.

So always try the boots on. Stand in them, walk a few steps back and forth, roll your foot. Does the foot have enough space? Are the toes not squeezed in? Does the whole foot not slide forward? You should be able to move well in your boots.

How do I care for and clean my ladies' boots?

Ladies' boots are attacked by dirt and moisture. Depending on the material, you should care for your boots properly. Boots made of smooth leather should be wiped with a soft cloth and rubbed with leather grease. The grease penetrates into the depths of the leather and keeps them soft, and it also protects them from moisture. Afterwards, you should treat the surface of the boots with shoe polish and polish them.

However, the same care products are not at all suitable for patent leather. Patent leather boots need special care that does not penetrate deep into the leather.

For ladies' boots made of suede, you need a brush. Always clean the boots in one direction. The brush removes all dirt particles and preserves the fibre structure of the leather. Afterwards, you should treat the boots with care spray, not shoe polish.

For textile you need a textile brush or a soft cloth. Foam cleaner is good for stubborn stains.

How do I store my ladies' boots properly?

If you are not going to use your boots for a longer period of time, you should store them well cleaned and cared for. A shoe tree not only gives the boots shape, but also absorbs moisture.

It is best to store the clean boots in a shoe box in the wardrobe, please do not wrap them in foil. With good air circulation, you can avoid the formation of mould, unsightly stains on the leather and the smell.

Styling tips for women's boots: How to achieve the perfect look

The most important thing in advance: the boots should be well cared for and the heels should not look worn. You should also be able to walk well and safely in the boots.

Riding boots go best with jeans. But you can't go wrong with cowboy boots with jeans either.

Classic leather boots go best with a dress. For a feminine outfit, high-heeled boots with a narrow shaft are a good choice. Or, as a style break, biker boots combined with a romantic long skirt.

Overknee boots with a mini skirt are guaranteed to attract attention.

Whether overknee boots, riding boots or biker boots - we think they are all beautiful.


Especially on cold days, our feet need the right companion. Women's boots come in different variations and materials. With our tips and tricks you are now well prepared for your next shoe purchase.

Whether for a business outfit, leisure time, hiking or a party - there are suitable boots for every occasion. Find the right ones, feel comfortable and attract attention. They are worth it!

Image source: Unsplash / Jordan Nix