Last updated: August 19, 2021

Are you looking for a classic women's shoe with that certain something? Then opt for a pair of women's brogues. These shoes are not only extremely comfortable and very versatile, they are also totally in vogue again for the 2021 summer season.

Find out what makes women's brogues so special and how to combine them in our article. Have fun reading!

The Best Women's Brogues: Our Picks

Brogues for ladies: The most important questions answered

Before we tell you how best to combine your ladies brogues, we have summarised and answered some important questions about ladies brogues for you in the following section.

What are brogues for ladies?

Ladies' brogues can look back on a very long history. The tradition of this type of shoe goes back to the shepherds in Ireland and Scotland, who drilled holes in their shoes to drain water from the marshy ground back out of the shoe. Some time later, the Scottish aristocracy recognised the style factor of brogues and popularised the shoes throughout the population.

Today, brogues are a staple in the fashion industry. Every season, the androgynous shoe model is reinterpreted especially for women by star designers such as Stella McCartney, Chloé or Gabriela Hearst.

Is there a difference between women's brogues and women's Budapester?

The word "Budapester" is often used as a synonym for all shoes with so-called "brogueings", a classic hole pattern. In reality, however, the Budapester is not a shoe type in its own right, but a special last shape. It is characterised by straight lines, a comfortable overall width and a high, round toe.

Are women's brogues currently in fashion?

Even though summer is still a few months away, it has long since arrived in the fashion industry. Alongside ultra-short miniskirts, lingerie details and fishnet looks, women's brogues are also enjoying a comeback. Women's brogues are not only available in colourful or glittery versions in the coming 2021 summer season, but often also feature a platform heel or a colour blocking sole.

How do I clean and care for my ladies brogues?

To ensure that you enjoy your new ladies' brogues for a long time, it is important to clean and care for them properly. Depending on the material, we have summarised some do's and don'ts for you in the following section:

  • Smooth leather: Before you wear your ladies' brogues made of smooth leather for the first time, you should definitely waterproof the shoes. Ideally, you should use some beeswax or vegetable-based shoe wax. This not only protects the material from moisture, but also cares for it. Furthermore, smooth leather should be cleaned regularly with a soft natural hair brush, a damp cotton cloth or a special leather cleaning foam. After cleaning, it is best to leave the shoes to dry in a sun-protected but well-ventilated place.
  • Suede leather: Ladies' brogues made of suede leather should also be impregnated before wearing them for the first time. The best product for this is a special suede impregnation spray, which protects the shoes from moisture and dirt. However, since suede is very open-pored, water, dust or dirt can still settle in the pores over time. For this reason, the shoes should be brushed thoroughly with a gentle brush on a regular basis. Heavier dirt can also be wiped off with a little curd soap and clean water. To dry, it is best to place ladies' suede brogues in a well-ventilated but not too warm room.

If you follow our cleaning and care tips, you will enjoy your ladies brogues for many years.

Styling tips for women's brogues: how to achieve the perfect brogues look

Whether smart for the office or casual for everyday wear: women's brogues can be combined and styled in many different ways. We reveal two of the most popular syling variations in the following section:

The chic office outfit: Your office outfit should look modern but still elegant? Then combine your ladies brogues with a nice trouser suit, a silk blouse and some gold accessories. The shoes also turn into a real eye-catcher in combination with a long pleated skirt. Tone-on-tone looks look particularly chic and elegant.

The casual everyday outfit: For a casual leisure look, you can combine your women's brogues with slim-fit jeans, a print jumper and a camel-coloured trench coat. For trousers, go for a cropped version to keep your ankles visible. Red lips add an extra accent.

Finally, a little tip: Women's brogues are often combined with coloured glitter socks in the 2021 summer season. Fishnet stockings are also particularly popular with influencers and bloggers.



Whether casual or chic: women's brogues are very flexible and work with a wide variety of outfits. In the coming 2021 summer season, the classic women's shoe is celebrating a comeback.

What do you need to style ladies' brogues properly? Nothing special really, because the lace-up shoes go well with a dress or skirt as well as a trouser suit or jeans.

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