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Fashionable and casual canvas shoes for women are not only trendy in spring and summer and inspire young and old alike. Various canvas shoes for women are a dime a dozen. Whether they are cult sneakers with a retro look, ankle-high canvas shoes or slip-on shoes with elastic - canvas shoes for women are just as versatile as their wearers. From sporty-casual to feminine-elegant, there are women's canvas shoes to suit every taste. They are an absolute all-rounder and have long had a standard place in every wardrobe.

The Best Women's Canvas Shoes: Our Picks

Canvas shoes for ladies: The most important questions answered

Due to the large selection of different canvas shoes for ladies, it is difficult to make a decision for one model. To help you as much as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions on the topic of canvas shoes for women.

What are the characteristics of women's canvas shoes?

Women's canvas shoes are made of the airy yet robust canvas fabric that gives your feet enough air to breathe. Especially when it is very warm or you are out and about a lot, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a breathable shoe that still completely encloses the foot and thus provides plenty of support. What's more, you can ditch the socks on warm days and just let the wind blow around your ankles.

In what types are canvas shoes for women available?

Basically, canvas shoes for women can be divided into two types or canvas lace-up shoes and slippers. Both variations offer some advantages and disadvantages. Below you can have a look at the features of the two types of canvas shoes for women.

To lace up and with a lot of support or to slip in for those who love it fast and comfortable - you can buy canvas shoes for ladies in the classic way as lace-up shoes in sneaker style or order them as espadrilles.

  • Linen lace-up shoes: Linen lace-up shoes for women are some of the most comfortable shoes and are always tied with the help of laces. They also come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from sporty to comfortable. These include cult sneakers with riveted eyelets as well as canvas in retro design, for example. Those who like to wear canvas loafers in high temperatures should also not miss lined ankle-high canvas shoes for women in winter.
  • Linen loafers: Linen loafers or espadrilles are classic summer shoes that do not have to be laced up. They stand out in every respect due to their lightness and high wearing comfort. The biggest advantage of canvas loafers is that you can simply slip into these shoes. This means that the foot is not constricted and can literally breathe a sigh of relief. If you prefer closed shoes in high summer, then linen espadrilles for women are an ideal choice.

How do I clean my women's canvas shoes?

Due to their textile upper material, women's canvas shoes, especially the white canvas shoes, are sometimes a little sensitive. Therefore, it is very important to properly care for and clean your women's canvas shoes to keep them in mint condition for as long as possible.

Regular impregnation is always recommended to protect your linen shoes from dirt. However, if there are stains or coarse dirt on your shoes, you should apply a cleaning agent that is suitable for textiles. After a short soak, use a microfibre cloth to remove the foam and then wait until the women's canvas shoes are completely dry. However, it is not advisable to clean the canvas shoes in the washing machine, as this will damage the rubber sole.

Styling tips for women's canvas shoes: how to achieve the perfect look

  • Whether it's a classic business outfit, a basic outfit or a brightly coloured outfit - canvas shoes can be combined in many ways.
  • Ladies' linen lace-up shoes in natural colours are considered real all-rounders.
  • Ladies' linen slip-ons go perfectly with summer dresses.

Whether with beach dresses, jeans or shorts - women's canvas shoes are easy to combine in a variety of ways. The basic rule is: whatever you like is allowed.

Above all, linen lace-up shoes in natural colours are true all-rounders, as they can be incorporated into really any look. You can combine linen espadrilles for women in natural shades such as brown and beige very well with jeans shorts, summer dresses, linen trousers and other summery natural materials. It is very important that the colours of your women's linen shoes and the rest of your look match.


Women's linen shoes are no longer just for casual leisure outfits; they also make every business outfit modern. Moreover, the linen fibre supports natural air circulation. Linen lace-up shoes for women in natural colours are considered real all-round talents, as they can be incorporated into almost any look. In addition to the linen lace-up shoes, there are also linen espadrilles, which go particularly well with many different summer clothes.

Linen shoes for women are distinguished above all by their special wearing comfort. If you want to wear closed shoes even in high summer, linen shoes for ladies are an ideal choice. There are simply countless possibilities for combining linen shoes for women. Therefore, it is worthwhile for you to have several practical canvas shoes for women on your shoe shelf.

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