Last updated: August 11, 2021

Although cargo pants were originally developed for military use in World War II, they have become a huge trend in women's fashion in recent years. Today, you will find a wide variety of cargo trousers for women in a wide range of sizes, lengths and colours on the market. You will find a suitable model for every taste and every figure.

For this very reason, it might sometimes be difficult to find the right cargo pants without help or advice. To help you with this, in this article we will go into the most important criteria for buying cargo trousers for women, as well as answer the most popular questions on the subject.

The Best Womens Cargo Pants in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying cargo trousers for women

More and more new women's models of cargo trousers are being introduced on the market. Therefore, it is not surprising that it can be difficult for you to make the right purchase decision. To help you, we have selected 4 buying criteria to guide your choice.

These are the following characteristics:

  • Width of the waist or body height
  • Material
  • Cut
  • Length

In further sections you will find out in detail what is important in each aspect.

Width of the waist or body height

As with many other trouser models for women, the waist height plays an important role when choosing cargo trousers. Basically, a distinction is made between high waist and low waist models. The decision here depends on the one hand on how they feel to wear and on the other hand on visual preference.

High waist cargo pants for women have a higher cut and go down to the waist. This usually also covers the belly button. Such models are very popular with women, because the legs can be stretched by a high cut. Furthermore, the high waist cargo trousers emphasise the body's centre, which can be advantageous for women with a small waist.

In contrast, if you opt for low waist models, where the waistband sits directly on the hips, there is a risk that short legs can look even shorter, which is why these cargo pants are more suitable for taller women.


Cargo trousers for women can be made of different materials. You will find many models on the market that are made of 100% polyester, viscose or nylon or a mixture of these three materials.

In addition, elastane is often added, which can be described as a stretch content and allows you a comfortable freedom of movement as well as easier putting on and taking off of the trousers. Cargo trousers made of nylon or fur are less common.

When choosing a material, there are basically 3 things to consider. The first is how they feel against the skin. Decide on cargo pants that you feel comfortable in - you could, for example, walk around the shop in your new trousers. Furthermore, the desired look should of course be considered - do the selected cargo pants fit well and correctly?

Lastly, the time of year may also have an impact on your decision.


You will find cargo trousers for women in different cuts. Basically, they are offered in 4 types:

  • Skinny fit: These cargo pants fit very close to the body and therefore emphasise your legs. Nevertheless, skinny fit cargo pants contain enough stretch so that your mobility is not hindered despite the tightness.
  • Slim fit: Slim fit cargo pants for women are similar to skinny fit, but are looser from the calves up. However, the hips and thighs remain close to the body. The advantage of this cut is the visual effect on the legs, which will look nice and straight with slim fit.
  • Regular Fit: Regular fit cargo trousers are mostly suitable for men and are becoming increasingly rare as women's trousers.
  • Loose Fit: Loose fit cargo pants for women are cut quite wide and loose. Such cargo pants look very casual and are increasingly worn by young women these days. These models are very comfortable and cosy and give you plenty of room to move.

When choosing a suitable cut, you should not only select a model based on your taste, but also definitely consider your figure type.


Like almost all women's trousers, cargo trousers come in different lengths. These vary from knee-length shorts models to extra-long trousers that can go all the way to the floor.

Transitional styles include 3/4 or 7/8 cargo pants. With such models, however, you should consider your figure type as well as your leg length.

Cargo pants are also categorised as petite and tall. Petite models are suitable for women who are generally smaller or have short legs. Tall models, on the other hand, are cargo pants for tall women with long legs.

To make the right purchase decision, it is best to look at the manufacturer's size guide before buying.

Cargo pants for women: The most important questions answered

A large number of cargo trousers for women are offered on the offline and online market. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable model without help. To help you with your choice, we have summarised the most important questions and answers on the subject.

What styles of cargo pants are available for women?

The original cargo pants were olive green, made of cotton and had a regular or loose fit cut. Over time, several new styles have evolved from this - today you can already buy cargo - sweatpants as well as cargo - jeans. Here we have summarised the features of different cargo trouser styles for women.

  • Casual cargo pants: the classic cargo pants are often made of cotton, polyester or viscose combined with stretch. These are offered in various lengths, sizes and cuts on the market. However, the most modern cargo pants for women are almost always middle or high waist and have a 7/8 length or are overlong. Furthermore, cargo pants are also offered with different prints, e.g. stylised as jeans.
  • Business casual cargo pants: Cargo pants can now also be used as a bottom part of business suits. Such models are usually made of silky fabrics, nylon or viscose and are cut particularly high. To promote elegance, business casual cargo pants are often complemented by a fabric or metal belt.
  • Sports cargo trousers: Sports or jogging cargo trousers are usually made of cotton or polyester. Some models can very well be used for hiking or mountaineering. Sport cargo pants often have an elastic waistband with button closure or drawstring.

If you have decided to buy cargo trousers but are not yet sure in which style they should be, just try out different models to find the best one for you!

How do I choose the right cargo pants cut for me?

When choosing cargo trousers, the cut plays a very important role. With a properly chosen cut, you will not only emphasise the assets of your figure, but also conceal the possible problem areas. When considering which cut will suit you best, be sure to consider your figure type or leg length.

There are basically 5 figure types: the A-, H-, O-, V- and X-type.

  • The A-type: This type is women with strong hips and narrower shoulders. Pear-shaped women often have a slim waist and strong thigh area, so skinny fit cargo pants with a high waist will be a perfect model for you.
  • The H-type: As an H-type you embody what is often seen as a model's body: narrow hips and shoulders of equal width, straight waist and almost no curves - this often makes your body look sporty. In this case, slim or regular fit cargo trousers with a medium or low waist will suit you well.
  • The O-type: Ladies with this figure type can be described by a pronounced midsection and a large bust. In addition, O-types often have slender legs, which can be beautifully emphasised by skinny fit cargo trousers with a high waist.
  • The V-type: As a V-type you have a strong or athletic upper body and broad shoulders. Furthermore, as with the O-type, you also have slender legs that can be emphasised with either skinny or slim cargo trousers with a middle waist.
  • The X-type: Ladies with the X-type can be described as curvy and very feminine. As an X type, you have roughly equally wide shoulders and hips with a narrow waist. With this body shape, loose fit cargo pants will fit you very well, with high waists that will accentuate your waist.

The last thing to mention is the effect of the side pockets that cargo pants are known for. You can remember the following: the more plainly the pockets are sewn on, the narrower the figure will appear.

How do I choose matching shoes for my women's cargo pants?

After you have chosen the right cargo pants, the question of styling the whole outfit arises. But you should start with the shoes.

Here, the length of the trousers plays almost the most important role in the selection process. However, white sneakers are almost always a good choice. If you opt for short or knee-length cargo pants, you can also consider sporty loafers as an alternative.

There are several shoe combinations for the 7/8 length cargo pants. If you want a casual look, low sneakers will work well for that. If you want to go more in the "sport" direction with your outfit, consider the sneakers with a high sole. For an elegant look, the boot shoes are perfect, both with an open toe and a closed toe. In cold seasons, booties or ankle boots will complement your look with 7/8 cargo pants very well.

If you have chosen a long or even extra-long cargo pant model, you should be a fan of high boot shoes or platform shoes of all types and shapes. You will find everything from comfortable high sneakers to heavy Dr. Martens boots.

Styling tips for cargo pants for women: How to create the perfect look

In this section we summarise our styling tips for you:

  • To complete the cargo trousers look, you should choose a top that matches the style of the trousers. Cargo pants made of silky fabrics can be complemented with a leather jacket or an elegant blazer, for example.
  • Shoes should not only match the length of selected cargo trousers, but should also be colour-coordinated with the bag.
  • A belt can also enhance your outfit. It is more for looks than for support and can be adapted to selected cargo trousers by using different materials.
  • In general, the accessories refine your outfit and enhance it even more.

With the tips listed, we only want to inspire you and support you in your choice. How you finally combine your cargo pants is of course up to you.


When choosing cargo trousers for women, you should consider 4 important features: Body height, cut, length and material. The first three criteria are strongly related to your figure type. To choose a perfectly fitting model of cargo trousers, you should consider both your leg length and your size.

Basically, cargo pants are available in different styles (casual, business, sport). A top that matches the style can complete your outfit. When choosing shoes, be sure to consider the length and cut of your cargo trousers.

Sources: unsplash & 123rf